Monday, March 11, 2013

The end of these two years has knocked on the door…


Well the time has finally come. The end of these two years has knocked on the door and in 2 days I will be heading home. I attached the most recent copy of my flight stuff but it looks like nothing has changed. My next Sunday will be in Utah! How strange... I have many stories for you all and I am excited to see you all. I have been so nervous and each day I grow more anxious about the things that will now have to happen. I will have to show you my scar from my operation! That last time I was there I didn´t have it. Everyone here wants my number and email and stuff to be able to talk to them. Hermana Rappleye called me the other day for tech support and jokingly said, "You´ll have to leave your number and address for when we need tech support". My companion was on edge yesterday and he said, "Elder I don´t want you to go." It’s not hard to say goodbye, but yet it’s sad. So many memories here in Chile and so many friends have I made. I hope to stay in touch with many of them.

That's so cool that he has his test the same day I get back! I have been sent on a mission for a family of investigators here. They asked me if I could take some stuff home for me for their sister that lives in Utah. She is in Eagle Mountain. I talked to her by Skype yesterday. I will be driving down to their place to drop off the stuff. I will probably go Saturday or something like that. We can take a trip down there maybe to meet a Chilean lady!

The biggest fear I have about coming home is stopping all the good things I now do. Like for example...getting up early, reading my scriptures, praying lots, and other things. I am making plans on how to keep myself going on this stuff. Like, buying the institute study guide for the Book of Mormon and other stuff like that. It’s funny how now, I don´t worry about giving a talk or going to church. I worry about the stuff like what to study in the scriptures when I get home, or what to pray for. As for Kayleigh and Silas, you should tell them not to worry. Unlike most missionaries, I won´t judge any of you for the stuff you do. I have learned that judging and criticizing is the worst way to help people progress. The way to help people is by inviting them to come up to the good things. Like putting together a family home evening, or inviting them to read with me. Haha, just relax! I love you all so much. We are going to have a blast!!! I will speak all day in Spanish to you all and you won´t understand anything! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I am going to leave lots of clothing here because most of it is old and too big for me. I lost a lot of weight...I have to just keep the weight off! I am thinking about buying some small gifts and then buying some Chilean candy so you can try it.  It should be cool.
See you in a few days.


Elder Burge

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