Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lumberjacking for the Lord

What good it is to hear from you all! Oh...poor guitar. Oh, well...I never played it much. I am much more of a acoustic guitar guy. Maybe Sam will resurrect it, and if he does he will have all power! It is a small world after's really quite funny that I am here and everything. It has been really quite the adventure trying to learn a new sector and living where the houses look normal. It is very different here, and the way we teach is much different. It's really cool. Here we do a lot of chopping wood, and boy do we do it well. We have chopped word everyday for the last 4 or 5 days. And it's funny, because at first my back hurt and my arms and hands. But now, they don´t and I can chop a ton of wood really quick. I am sending pictures of chopping the wood at the stake president's house. We chopped wood for about 2 hours! Haha.
We live near the intersection of Dieciocho de Septiembre and Hernando de Magallanes. We live in the's a tiny house. I forgot the number of the house....but we work in the neighborhood called BellaVista. It's a little bit new...and they are still building houses there. The store Lider is close to there. My companion...he is from Honduras. He will be turning 20 on May 11. He is like a little kid...he always wants what other people have. Haha, he asks everyone to give him cookies, water...or something. He's very interesting. He asks lots of questions about everything...but he works hard. He talks to everyone...but he likes to fight a bit with the doctrine. Which, at times can cause problems. He is a Bible freak...he quotes scriptures from there and hardly touches the Book of Mormon. But, so far we get along well. He is funny at times. He is a good guy. As for the's really good. She made a tuna dish which was just amazing. It was really good...we don´t eat with her. She just brings it to the house and drops it off. She is really sweet. I am not sure why we don´t eat with her...but it's ok. That only means more time to read scriptures and Liahonas. In my district I have the assistants to the president, the head finance guy and his companion, and the two sisters from Ecuador 2. In total we have, 8 (including us). It's really good to have a district like this...but kind of hard too, because they work in the office. Sister Kitto is in the sector right next ours. It's crazy, but she isn´t in my district. In my sector there is a college. Its a technology place. I did know the momita was from here...from THIS WARD! It's so funny...I like it a lot here. It's a bit differen,t because the members don´t have such a family feel to them. This is what happens outside of a branch. It's a bit lame..but maybe I can change it. Aw...the good ol´ teaching calling. That is really cool. I am glad that mom gets to teach. I like it a bit...with enough preparation it really turns out quite well. What luck that she only has to prepare it for once a month. Haha.... Sounds like things are going well back at home. Haha, it's really cool to see how well your all doing. I am glad to see that the bird fits in well with the family. It will be weird to see him when I get to skype. Is he friendly with all people? I miss Fezz...the other night I had a dream about him. He was singing in my ear and talking up a storm. I starting to laugh and it woke me up...and I was laughing outloud! He was so funny in my dream. I am glad to see all is well. Until next Saturday...haha I love you all. Ben

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pictures from Mamita & Papito in Pucon

Mamita & Papito had a few pictures of Ben they posted on Facebook.

Papito, Mamita, Ben, Cristobal & Elder Guerra

Ben eating lamb

Elder Guerra, Ben, Gustavo & Cristobal

Elder Guerra & Ben eating even more lamb

Papito, Francisca, Cristobal, Elder Guerra, Ben, & Gustavo

Saturday, April 21, 2012

P-Day is now Saturday because I am the district leader for the Mission Office

Hey, so, I didn´t know that there was a change in P-Day in the new sector. The reason is that I am the district leader for the Mission Office, and the APs. So, they have their's on Saturday and so mine has to be, too. It's really a bit weird, but hey it's not too bad. It's been really kind of different living in a giant city. I am in a new sector called Ecuador. It's a ward, but it's really's about 50 active people. I have gone to visit all the members in my part of sector and it's really quite cool. They are all really nice, and have accepted us quite quickly. Where we work is the rich, new part of town...and everyone has a nanny and works all day long. It's kinda like being back at home. The cool part is that there aren´t a ton of dogs or anything like that in the streets.

My new companion Elder Vasquez is from Honduras. He's a bit strange...his mannerisms are very different. Haha, it's not easy to explain. But it's cool to be here with him and opening a sector. It was hard the first 2 days, because we didn´t know anyone really that well...and it's a bit small where we are at. But there is a Lider close to our house. Makes me feel like I am back at home shopping at Walmart.

As for me, nothing has really changed a whole lot. I feel pretty normal here. I am a bit nervous for district classes because it's with the office and the APs to the President. But, the Lord will strengthen me if I do my part and study hard. Who knows, it might be a bit hard to get used to, but maybe there is a bigger and better reason to be here.

I am sending some pictures of the food we ate from the Mamita. She lives right in front of our house. It's cool, because she is the wife of the Bishop. And, the Stake President lives in our sector. And...guess what....HE IS THE SON IN LAW OF THE MAMITA FROM PUERTO NATALES. He is the guy who helped me with my visa stuff. And, now I finally get to thank him in person. He has a great family and it makes me happy to see such a good family.

Well...that's about it...for now. It should be cool to be here.

All is well with me, and until we talk again, take care and keep praying and reading the scriptures. And, if you have anything you want to ask...let me know.



My new companion and our apartment

Eat your lunch Elder Vasquez

Someone likes the Logan Temple

Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm going to the Ecuador...the Osorno...


DON´T PANIC I AM OK! I GOT LOST ON A MOUNTAINSIDE WITH A MEMBER AND MY COMPANION! Haha, it was really fun...but we didn´t get back in time to write...sorry.

Getting ready for our P-day hike

Lost on the mountainside with our guide

A NEW BIRD!!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! I CAN´T BELIVE IT! Haha, because I have seen these birds all around!

Wild conure in Chile

Haha....He looks so cool....Things change so much...when time flies and you're lost on a mountainside. He is the weirdest bird ever...and he doesn´t bite? I want to see more pictures of him...and Fezz (more of Fezz because he is my best friend)! Haha, I miss them so much...

So cambio time....AND....I AM GOING TO GO TO THE ECUADOR!!! Haha, the ward...and it's found in Osorno...I will be OPENING A SECTOR...and I WILL BE DISTRICT LEADER AGAIN! My tough...haha but it's going to be so cool. It's a huge ward...and President told me my companion was a bit disobedient...oops. Haha, but it's all good!

Osorno stamp

I love it so much, and no one wants me to go...I cried my eyes out in front of all the branch in my last talk...they said the spirit was so strong that everyone else started to cry. Haha...and it was amazing. Now, as you guys hoped...I am going to a much bigger city this time...and oh how great will be the time there. I love it.

A Pepsi in Pucon

Nice joke...haha MUY clever....haha. That's my father... :D

I miss you all a's been good. We have strengthened the Priesthood here...we got an Elders Quorum President, 2 counselors for him, and more men than women at the church! HAHA, we do the good things.

I know the lord will bless us all here, and there. I know the birds will be ok with Mango...Good name by the way. Time will always go on, but for me...I will always be a servant of the Lord. I hope he will have me...

I got to baptize a little girl the other day! She isn´t from Pucon, but she wanted me to perform it for her. I gave her a CTR ring, and we had the funnest baptism ever! Her parents were really grateful for it. I was's amazing.

Getting ready to baptize with the elders

The little girl the sisters were working with

Baptismal harvest

The little girl with her family & the sisters

Hey Elder are you making do or making doo?

I am excited to talk to you all in May...I will be in Osorno at that time. From what I heard I will be in the same neighborhood as the President of the Mission. Oh no....

The joys of being an Elder.

I know that this is a good work, and it's the best thing someone can do. This is His church, I know that to be true. He is with us, on the left and on the right. He will never abandon us...never! I love my Godly Parents, and I am thankful they gave me my earthly parents. You, Mom and Dad, are the best. I am thankful for your help in guiding me to be the man I am today. It's your fault I am a good person...Haha.

I love you all.

And until we meet again...Peace be unto you (I AM SUCH A COPY CAT FROM THOSE APOSTLE GUYS).

Os Amo,


Monday, April 2, 2012

This week was a "Refining Fire" for me

Hey Family!

It's been the craziest week many things have happened. At times, I feel that the only thing that can keep me going is praying and looking for hope in the scriptures. The which, always works. Conference was the coolest one I have ever seen and I loved it!! As well, thank you for the package...I shared it with the others and I still feel a bit sick. I had to buy 3 liters of milk to get it all down. I am working on my teaching's getting there you know. Haha. I have had many problems to deal with here in the mission. Many within the district. I try so hard to do the right thing, but I slip and fall a lot. This week was a "Refining Fire" for me, and still continues to burn brighter and hotter every day. I can only pray and wait for deliverence. I love it...even when it hurts. Haha, I love the gospel. I have been reading the Book of Mormon. I have finished the New Testament, the Doctrine and Covenants, Book of Mormon (2 times in the mission), and the Pearl of Great Price. I will be heading to the dreaded Old Testament.

Conference was really cool, I learned so much! I loved the fact that I actually have favorite speakers now. I love hearing Elder Anderson, and Christofferson, but my favorite is Elder Richard G. Scott. He makes me so happy, and I love the way he talks. I hope to be like him, with all of the love he pours out. Haha, I feel like a gospel nerd at times...but maybe it's not a bad thing after all. I can still be me, and be of God. How did it go for you? Did you like the talks? Was it just me or does the prophet seem to have his spirit weighed down with sorrow and sadness? I think we might be losing someone...maybe it's just a thought. Either way, it's ok because it's not that bad to end the test of life.

So, here is what's going down with my life as a marked sick person. I have lost weight, while I am still healthy, but it's a lot of weight really 4 pounds every month for the past 3 months. I had a lot of headaches and weird sharp body pains going on. I have basically no appetite nor hunger except for in the beginning of the day. And, well...the doc of the mission said for me to take more Vitamin B(not the Beso kind of vitamin) to create more hunger. I have been taking it...but it hasn´t made me more hungry...haha. I have a ton of thirst though. It's the strangest thing ever. But I have to weigh myself Saturday to see if I am gaining or losing weight.

Wow, a call center, land of the nerds...home of the crazy email letters...and inside office jokes. Home to some of the meanest toughest mamas boys there's perfect for Sam....JUST crying or anything. That's the hard part, the jobs are always far away and really don´t do too much on the crazy adventure side of working. Plus, with the girlfriend and's kind of hard to balance to two out.

Haha, the jokes of the Grimshaw family! Gotta love them...and they are very well made I might add. The best part is that...when his real mission call really does come he won´t know what to think. Haha....that's really cool that they pulled such a good prank.

Oh yes, is said that he will be here in Osorno...but I don´t know if that's the crazy dream of some of the sisters in the mission or an actual good source of information. If he comes...that would be weird....but hey that's cool. I am all good for a good P-Day of listening to music. I just hope that he speaks really well...because I sometimes don´t. Haha I saw him in the choir of the missionaries from the MTC at conference. Everyone made comments.

The Elder in the picture is from Argentina. His name is, Elder Amato. He came to the mission with me...I don´t know if they sent you a picture of my group when I got here...but he is there. The sister is Hermana Chac√≥n, she is from Honduras. But in 2 weeks time, I will be leaving! Haha, what will the Lord do next...where will I go, do, and be? No one knows...well actually the President and the APs know. I have had a few hints from the APs...of the fact that I am leaving...but to where I do not know. I know the Lord has prepared the best cambio there because...this is the worst cambio of my life.

As for Silas, and the laziness to go to church. It's normal...I know it's hard at times and can be boring. But look, I know very well that the Lord will help him go if he prays for a desire to go. He will find some type of love for the church...Is he reading the scriptures every night? Is he praying? If not, I want to let him know to do it. Because, it's the way we feel good inside and it's the best way to find a like for the church.

The family McGuire...I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! I remember the fun time we had in scouts with GPS teasure hunting, and the cool valleys he took us to.

I am glad to hear the Chuck and Collete are doing well! Haha, I miss visiting first taste of the mission work. It was amazing, and they always taught me good things. I got to see how people really do change. They will always be special to me...take good care of them till I get back.

Tell all our family in our ward Hi for me. I love them all.

I very much love you...for all that you have done. You, my parents, have helped me more than I can ever express. I honestly am grateful and honored to be called your son. I know God will help you through the trials that come, and hold you up strongly.

Stay strong, keep progressing, and be happy!

I love you all


Elder Guerra has found a new way to tract

Watch out Elder, that's how earthquakes get started!!!

My Easter Treats!!!

Goal setting