Monday, November 28, 2011

Things go up and down here in Puerto Natales

(Note: In each successive letter he sounds more like a Spanish speaker trying to speak in English. We hope that this means his Spanish is getting better. His letters sound more and more like the movie Nacho Libre. We think it's cute.)


Thanks, it's been really good...and really bad at the same time. Things go up and down here in Puerto Natales. One day is really good and the other isn´t. Haha, it becoming a very humbling experience for me. I learn and grow so much here. Haha, the Lord like to put the fire to you at times.

Thanks...I think for the brown and black thing...haha (We told him he is getting browner skin and blonder hair in each picture). I am really changing? I am working out a bit more these days haha...maybe as well as starting to diet myself with some really good food. Its really easy to eat well when you don´t have a lot of money. Ha, I forgot my pin number for the debit card the Mission give you. And the machines here will take it after 4 times...I didn´t remember that part. And so, now I don´t have my debit card of the mission for another 1 or 2. So, I will be taking out like 40 mil Peso, or 80 bucks, to buy some food and something to send home for Christmas. Get ready!!!

Those color balls (in the baptism party picture) are like fruit flavored Cheetos. They are really, really sweet. The kids here love them! I don´t as much...I am more of a cake, cookie kinda guy these days...maybe even some flan...maybe...

We visited in one week...70 members. And only about 35 or so answered the door. It was really hard.

As for the problems with misioneros in the past...let me start by saying they lied a bit. We have been using the teaching records of the people who were taught by past misioneros. Well, turns out many of the houses don't exist, nor the people. We found records of progress, and they say like 35 lessons taught in a week without a member and yet the records show only 4 different people taught during the week. As well, many of the members have stolen stuff from the church, sold things, and have taken money out of the accounts to pay themselves. Why...why...why? Not only that but, misioneros before where looking at people who had temple recommends in the office of the President...they broke in and looked. I can NOT believe the people here!!! I am ashamed to be here at times...

As misioneros we see it all...ALL...but at the same time it changes us to be better, and act the right way. It's a blessing for me.

Being the bishop sounds like it would be a hard job to do...not including 300 members to deal with. If we would just be truthful and honest...we would be so much better off. All people...not just members of the church. For example, instead of lying about our numbers we just tell the truth. We lost all of the people we were teaching and have really hardly any lessons. For reasons unseen, we lost it all. Now, we have to build it all back up. Yet, as long as we are truthful and do what we should...we will be ok.

So much to do, and so little time to do it....

All I know, it's the truth is church and that the mission is the really one of the best things I have ever done.

I love you all very much...

¡Vos amo!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Baptism of Francisca

Your very welcome, it had been a while since the last set of pictures.

Its been really crazy again...we had interviews with President Rappleye. I got to tell him all about my fun times I´ve had. He laughed and we talked about 10 minutes, which is a long time with the President. I love talking with's good to have a President like him. And, well he told me something I didn´t want to hear. He told me I will be a trainer in the future. NOOOOO!!!! Why me? I am not sure when....but he told me it will happen.

As well, we lost the 1st consejero in the Rama (1st counselor of the branch). So, now I am the 1st consejero AGAIN! Haha, its really interesting here. I am sure I will get sent back north here pretty soon. I was a bit bumbed I never got to see the Penguins here...but maybe I can hit them up near the end of the combio.

The baptism went off with out a hitch! Her name is Francisca. She is about 10 (really 9, but she is close to the birthday). She is a very cute little girl and super smart! I am serious! She is soooo smart. She was so happy to be part of the church. I can´t tell you the peace I felt there. It was great and we had like 39 members at the church the next day. WHICH IS A TON FOR HERE. I was pretty happy with all of that. We have to just keep working to get this place thriving again. Its hard, because of the past with missionaries and the branch. But, nothing is impossible with the Lord right.

I GOT THE PACKAGE...the day after I sent the last email. Haha, it was sitting in the house of Momita when we went for lunch. We opened it and ate the candy together haha. It was really good. I gave one pack of gum to momita, because she likes that stuff. It will be hard to leave here...but I will start planning for my honeymoon back! That's a joke, more or less.

This is hard, I am trying to write in Spanish...I have to keep going back to write the words in English.

I love all the pictures you gave me. I am taking the one of the birds to the house of Momita.

This week we have the goal to visit as many of the 500 members in the branch!

It's been really companion just bought like 40 bucks worth of food...He eats a ton!!

I am really starting to hit the good part of the mission - when I can speak, teach, and work well. I finally don´t put P-days at the center of my life! I don´t mind leaving to work and to contact. And all of this is part of me now. I honestly could tell you that without my mission I wouldn´t be in a good spot in my life right now. This mission is really a need more than anything. Helps the change from boy to man go a bit easier.

I started doing excersises every day and really well. And, I am eating a lot healthier now...things change when your on your own.

I love this!

I love you all very much, and I am thankful for you all.

How is Chuck?

I love you all!

Bennie Boo

Monday, November 14, 2011

Boy did I have a weird week...


Its official, is starting to be really hot and summery. Haha, the wind blows, the flowers are growing, and not an ounce of snow. Things here are starting to get going. And boy did I have a weird week.

Lets start with Thursday, I got a call in the morning from Momita that one of the members had died in the night...and that Popito wasn´t going to be here to direct the funeral...and all the other priesthood holders were gone too, as well as most of the branch. So, guess who had to make all the plans. ME! I lead it, we sung, I gave a talk, and dedicated the grave. Haha, this is number 2 here in Puerto Natales. Then, the day after they wanted blessings of comfort for all their kids...and I was then again called to do the job. Then, Momita got really sick Sunday in the morning.

She was having problems with her heart. She went to the hospital. And of course the week before the 1st counselor left. So, again I was the presiding authority and ran the sacrament meeting. And now, Popito is asking if I can be his counselor. Haha, and of course Momita is a bit better and resting at home. And for that I am grateful.

Then, we got home in the night to our dueño (the guy who owns the house) and he told us we had a leak. And sure enough there was a huge thing of water next to the house. So, today he came to fix it...and told us he was going to paint our house next Sunday for us.

Then, we finally did it! WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A BAPTISM THIS SATURDAY! The last we have to do is try to go over the questions with her and she's good to go. I am so HAPPY! Her father got his priesthood and now he can baptize her.

All of this in 4 days...its been really interesting.

I haven´t got the vial yet. We have been waiting for it at her you have a way to check where it is at maybe?

I think all of that stuff you will send for Christmas is great! Haha, I know that they would love to have a lot of that kind of stuff from the states.

I really hope we get to use Skype for our Christmas call, so I can show you all the cool stuff I have here. Its really a lot better to use that type of thing. Plus, I know how to use it...haha and the church here has a Skype account too!

I KNEW I BOUGHT THE VIDEO GAME FOR THE BOYS BEFORE I LEFT! I KNEW IT! Haha, thats so funny...but yeah trade in the game for a different one. There isn´t any point in having 2 of the same game...but I am glad that you all got it! How is it? How are the graphics and gameplay?

Wooo....I hate ingrown toenails. That really sucks. I know your pain (Silas), but the truth is the surgery for that is really easy...and if you can watch them do it! It doesn´t really hurt because they numb you up really well. You should send me pictures. Haha

I am glad Fezz likes the food (He was eating a ham sandwich and chips). It's been a really long time since the last time I had something like that...with a Pepsi. OH! I want one so bad...

We have met so many tourists here, there is a guy from Israel here with us. He can´t speak Spanish so we were translating for him. Haha.

Well thats about all I have now...can´t wait to her from all of you again!

I love you all very much, and I am in shock that its been almost 7 months now. Time really flies.



Popito is the chess master.

I'm going to die!!

Oh, it's Gringo saying hi to us.

What did I do with that spare armadillo? Oh, here it is.

Monday, November 7, 2011

My new companion is Elder Ruettinger from Arizona


I first read this page and I thought oh no...what happened...haha. I can´t believe he (Brother Gibbons) is the new Bishop! That's so crazy. Brother Crain - I saw that one coming. Brother Stoker! Haha, that's so crazy. I wonder why the the old bishopric got released? I know that after some time, they need a change. Being in the bishopric is really hard work...which requires a lot of time and attention.

GO BROCK! I tried getting a freak´n job there (Game Stop), but they told me no. Wow, the manager there sounds like a jerk...I am lucky I never had a crappy boss like that. I didn´t know they work on sounds really hard.

Wow....Elder Muñoz's looks a little Michael Jackson in his pre-mission photo...Wow, Elder Munoz and Elder Lund died (ended their missions)...thats so weird.

My new companion is really, really tall.... 6´7. Haha, President Rappleye told me on the phone your new companion will be a stiffneck. I thought, oh no...I'm getting a bad companion. He then told me, because he is 6´7! He was laughing pretty good, and so was I...I think my laugh was more from relief. His name is Elder Chad Ruettinger, he is from Gilbert, Arizona and has 3 months in the field. He has a real knack for challenging people. President told me he wanted me to teach him all I knew and to learn the things he had learned from the new 12 week new missionary program they have. The fear I had really did a number on my Spanish. I got told by a person we are teaching, Lila, that my Spanish just got 100 times better. I have been really working hard to slow my Spanish down, so that I can speak more clearly, and I am learning new words really fast as well. We challenged 4 people to baptism and all of them accepted, but now we will see if they will make it to the water.

I am really trying my hardest to get better at teaching...and the fact that we have such little time between us, has caused us to use the Spirit more than ever. I can't tell you how much I have now gone from being a missionary to being an acutal servant of the Lord. He knows us best, and puts us in the place we don´t want to be, and stretches us in ways we don´t want to be stretched...all to bring us and mold us into our full potential.

It's now summer here and people from all over the world are here....we speak English, Spanish, and whatever other language we need to...even using signs to talk to people. There are tour chics from the US near me right now...oh no...their accent is more England...maybe not the US after all....

I don´t know if you can, but can you find me a really cool Libro de Mormon triple...with DC and PoGP. Mine got hammered at Lago Ranco and now its starting to have rained here and got completely wet! If you can´t thats cool, I would just get one from the Mission, but I don´t trust the Elder in the Office...because I wanted a new tag, and well, it's been about 4 months.

I love you all very much...I know this is the true church.