Monday, August 29, 2011

I know the branch can help me...and so can Heavenly Father, and Christ...

De Nada...haha its been really weird. Its just like Utah...always rain, snow, sun, and clouds all in the same day.  Its really, really weird. Momita cooks really well, and she made the ranch dressing from the packets for me haha. I told her you said, hi. She said, hola. Haha, she is a great person honestly. Things with the visa are good to go now. It was interesting not knowing if I could stay or needed to go to the US. 

Thats really cool about school, and the best class ever! Haha, its really good to know things are going well. Its weird to see so much green in the pictures you sent. I will be sending more pictures...I need to clean the house first before I can take pictures of the place. Its pretty be honest. Its a blessing.

Its going to be crazy, next combio. My first time leading the sector. Its a bit scary...and I can´t believe its this soon, and when I am so far away from all the other missionaries. But, I know that the branch can help me...and so can Heavenly Father, and Christ. They won´t abandon me, ever.

Its good to hear Sam and Silas are becoming really good buds. Haha, I am really happy to know Sam is taking good care Kayleigh and Silas. Its been really interesting, being so far away.  

Can you send a picture of the family, including Fezz, Muffin, and Ace?

Thank you for all your love and support...things here are good. Its been tough, with the companion and all. But I just do what is right and let him take the way he wants to go. I can´t force him to do anything...We suffer for it...It actually causes me to be sad. We could be so much better off, but he just won´t change. He says he will, but nothing. Just keep on praying...just gotta do it.

I love you all!

Ferry to Puerto Montt - a 4-5 day cruise - you have only two travel options - the ferry or airplane


Mountains & clouds 

Another view of mountains & clouds

Taking pictures down by the waterfront on P-day

More snow on the mountains

Monday, August 22, 2011

Momita has some my visa is done!!!!

Haha, I am glad that everything is going well for you all.

Poor Elder and my companion are having a few problems of our own...he has become so lazy and the other night he made me plan by myself. Its really hard, I am trying to not kill him...I don´t know its really really weird. He changed so much since the first week. I feel for Elder Lund and his new comp.

I haven´t gotten the package yet, its probably because I am here in Puerto Natales. We don´t get things for about another week after it gets to Punta Arenas. I am sending some pictures of the food, the town, my comp, and some other stuff. I will take more...I love the momita here. Haha the other day she told us if we put my hair and Elder Galarza's hair in a puddle of water they would bond we did it and we were watching when all the sudden her hand came down and slapped the puddle and water got all over us. Haha, she and popito were laughing so hard. And so was I... Haha they are good.

Yeah, its true over 500 members but 27 attended church last week. Its really sad...but they won´t come. We have tried talking to them and everything. I think the members need to work with them more than we do. Honestly, they stopped going for really dumb reasons. They forget is for God, and Jesus...not for the members or missionaries.

Yeah, hopefully my Spanish will improve...I just need to work harder at making it better. I know that its mostly my fault for it starting to slow down again. I need to keep studying...more and more! I make so many mistakes...I love talking and I try to talk too. So, that is good.

Time to tell you what happened with my visa. I am going back to the states...JUST KIDDING. Haha, no...Momita has some contacts...and had someone call the PDI and tell them that I was cool. Haha, its was freak´n crazy. We went into the PDI and he was're good to go. Just go to this place...and now your visa is done. Like...weird...right? So I am good to go and all!

Elder Galarza knows the Pink Panther theme song! I want to learn it so so bad. Momita, cooks very American like and gives us a ton of food. She made a pizza and first gave us each half of it. Then she had another, and gave me another 1/4 or the pizza because I could eat more. She you have room in your stomach to eat and I said yeah...and BOOM more food! Haha She cooks so well...I love it.

Haha, I love Fezz. It will be really cool to see him again in 19 weird is that? It feels like such a short time. I just hope I can do better than I have with my teaching and helping people progress...I have had 0 baptisms. Crappy...

Tell Silas, and Kayleigh Hi for me! And tell Fezz, Ace, and Muffin I love them very much! Haha

Things here are good...and I am glad I got to come to this place. Its been very cool to see the end of the World. Summer is coming really soon..this is something that I am really happy about!! Haha...

I love you all

Airline ticket to Punta Arenas

Elder Galarza & Elder Burge

Me down by the waterfront

Pilot boats & navy ships

Puerto Natales

Another view of Puerto Natales

Catholic church near center of town

Momita's awesome cooking!!!

Out on the town

Sunday, August 21, 2011

New mission president blog & last La Union Zone picture

The Rappleye's have started a mission blog.  Here is the link:

Here is the last La Union Zone picture taken before Ben's transfer to Puerto Natales:

Monday, August 15, 2011

We just challenged 3 people to baptism - 3 out of 3 accepted

Hey Family!

Haha, yeah we got snowed on this morning. We woke up at 6 to go to the church to play ping pong with Papito, who is the Branch President here. I love the momita, I was sick for 2 days and every single night she called to make sure I was ok, and has been giving me medicine to make me feel better. She actually cooks like a pro!

I finally made it Wednesday to Puerto Natales, but boy was it a long trip...I left in the afternoon of Tuesday and traveled to Puerto Montt and stayed there for the night. Then in the morning I got a bus and went to the airport and from there to Punta Arenas. After I got there, I met my new companion and found out the next bus was at 7 in the night. The bus ride took 3 hours to get to Puerto Natales. Its so pretty here, and my companion is a good guy. We worked hard on Friday and got 7 lessons in. Haha, that is a really, really high number. It was just pure luck....lesson after lesson.

The area is so huge! Today, I am going to ask President Rappleye to split it into 2 sectors. Its so big and we can´t cover nearly even a third of this place. So many people are willing to let us in to teach but we can´t go to everyone...its so huge!! I found out, that next combio I will be leading the sector. So I need to learn where to go very quickly!

My zone leader, who is a Chilean, has family who live in Tooele! The Jones...Mr. Jones  is a 2 counselor in the bishopric in his ward. My zone leader´s name is, Elder Cornoje. Tell Sam and ask if its the Jones in Stansbury.

Dad's nightmare is crazy...but it might have some truth to it. I am having major problems with my visa...which is crap. If we can´t get things worked out, I will be heading back to the states...haha weird right. I wasn´t anything I did, which is a good thing. So, maybe dad has a little bit of a vision haha. What crap...seriously.

My companion is awesome, he is super funny and we are pretty good friends already. He plays guitar and we borrowed the guitar from momita and we played it last night. He is super good with the thing. Its amazing...haha he doesn´t speak a lick of English...not a bit. He knows like a phrase of two like, you got beef dog? Stuff like that...haha.

The basket is for the trash...I think. Here they have the dudes go around and pick it in the old days.

Aww...yeah Area 51. It was a computer cafe idea he had a long time a go...I wonder why he changed it...and now its in his house again. Cool, cool.

OHHH a girly on your mind huh haha. Thats pretty cool. Where the heck are my Mp3s dude...freak´n crap...Haha

Oh starts really soon....crap. Time flies so quickly now...and I am so different. I actually cleaned the house without having anyone to tell me to do it...crazy huh? Haha

Giant sloth? Haha, in Sept. we are going to head up to the Torre de Paines. Freak´n awesome haha, the end of the world is beautiful. And there are so many things here to see and do.

We just challenged 3 people to baptism. 3 out of 3 accepted so, in one week, more maybe, we will have a baptism. Haha, its been crazy, and the success has been good. I am really happy...I talk a crap load more now because I need to get better with my sucks.

I wish you all luck in school and thank you for all your prayers. Tell Grandma and Grandpa thank you! Haha, it will be good to get some good American food. Although...Momita cooks like an American its crazy!

Love you all,


PS - the shower has ice in the bottom of it this morning...crazy crap.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm being transferred to Puerto Natales to be with Elder Galarza from Argentina

Awesome haha, I love the new school stuff. Sounds like it will be fun! Haha I am uploading pictures now...Finally. Sorry it took so long. Haha

So I found out where I am going next...and its different. I am going to Puerto Natales which is down by Punta Arenas...Haha and its so far down that its a 2 hour plane flight to Punta, and after that 3 hours on a bus to my town. Its so far that Elder Richardson, who also served there, told me that I will probably only go to like 2 meetings every month with the zone. Haha, its crazy! The town is a little bigger than here and it has a branch about the same size as well. Its so crazy, the president called us before everyone else to let Elder Muñoz know that his next companion would be the next president of this branch. He then decided to tell me where I was going! Haha, its amazing...everyone says my companion, Elder Galarza, is really good. He is from Argentina, and I am not sure if he speaks a little English like Elder Muñoz. Haha, everyone here in Lago is sad...and so am I. Its like leaving my family all over again. Its tough...I have started packing. I have to catch my plane in a few days. Elder Muñoz will be staying in Lago that will be good.

The other day an Elder who is a Chilean as well, who has the same amount of time I do in the mission, was here in Lago with me. Elder Muñoz was in San Pablo for an intercombio. So...I got to lead my sector which was so freakin hard. It was weird not being able to get help from Elder Muñoz. I struggled at first, but then we got ino the swing of things! haha

Honestly, its been many new things I have had to do...

I have had a lot of fun though...I am a bit nervous to go to my new sector. Its so far down...the furthest I can go. I really hope everything goes well...Its super snowing. Elder Muñoz told me, you have your sector...Tierra de Fuego...then Antártica. Haha, freak´n crazy.

 Oh man! You HAVE to teach Fezz to sing that song! I want to hear that song when I walk in the door haha. His little head bouncing around singing again. Thats one thing I miss...I have really gotten Trunky (Trunky Trunk-e Adj - The act of wishing and wanting to go home during an LDS mission). Getting transferred is a big blessing for me...

Did you ever find out what happened to Upgrades Etc.?

I´ve had fun on my mission so far...and I am glad that I get to spend time doing this. Honestly, I am growing more in love with our church. The way of living is amazing, and I feel happy and have peace in my life. I feel like Joseph Smith, I am starting to find peace in mine afflictions (DC 121). Honestly, this was the best thing I have done yet...

How is my writing...what changes have you noticed in my writing haha?

Its spanish is a lot better than my first few weeks here. But, I still have so much room to grow. Honestly, I can understand quite a bit now...every now and then I have a bad day...but they pass and good days follow.

I love you all so very very much. I am glad to hear everyone is doing well! 

Tell Fezz I love him too...and the other birds.

In my next letter, I will be sending it from the End of the World!!! Wow....


 Lago Ranco - I'm going to miss this place

Another shot looking down on Lago Ranco

 Me standing at the Lago Ranco overlook

 Lago Ranco Branch youth

 He's going commando at church!!!

 Elder Munoz trying to take a picture on P-day

 Me trying to collect moss on P-day

 Self Portrait

 Sheep skull

Me and Elder Epperson on P-day

 Chilean Titanic Scene

 River Shot

 Panoramic of River

 How did they know we aren't allowed to swim on our missions?

 Me by a gate - straight is the way, narrow is the gate

 I think this is about the size of their apartment

 Beastie Boyz?!! More like Beastie Broz!!! 

La Union Zone - P-Day Gangsta

La Union Zone  - In their working clothes

Monday, August 1, 2011

Its been really tough, but revelation is getting easier to hear

Here there,
Haha, yeah its been really tough...before I forget just like 10 minutes ago (while shopping for food) I met an old man who knows Spanish, English, French, and Italian. Haha, he randomly started talking to me, haha, he told me I should only speak the language of the country I am in. I think this is a revelation...along with that the way I get revelation now its getting easier to hear, and honestly I had a prayer that was like a conversation with instant replies. I could hear a voice, clear and strong, as I prayed with my whole heart for Lago Ranco to have success, and to ask how I was doing with the Sector. It was very strange, and this morning during study I had more revelation. Its been a good day.
Sorry, the email is super late...we had an activity, and now I don´t have much time to write. I wanted to write first, but Elder Muñoz wanted to go first to the activity. So we did, and now we are late...and I don´t have time (AGAIN) to send pictures... I have a lot of pictures, so next week for sure I will send a ton for you all. I will probably be transfered next week to a new area...scary! So I will have some more pictures the Monday after that, too.
Oh, I remember the trip to LA, that was so crazy. Haha, I am glad VZ navigator is here to help!
Wow, Dave is getting married already?! Haha, thats a good way to go about in about 3 months Elder Muñoz will be home and looking around for a wife, too! Haha, thats crazy, as for me I have some time - which I like. I am sure Dave will be good at the married life. I am glad to see that he´s getting right to living life! This is a really good thing.
The ash is crazy haha, its gone to all the cities around us. We have been lucky, and no ash for us since a few a weeks ago! However, I saw something really cool, and it happens a lot here in Lago Ranco. I saw the biggest shooting star in my life! It was HUGE! And it had a rainbow trail. This is the 3rd one in 2 weeks! Haha, Elder Muñoz thinks I will either go to Puntas Areas or Chiloé next...who knows what will happen.
Tell Fezz that I got to see some wild parrots here! They are all over the place and have a ton of sounds they can do. I met someone who has one and he told me Hello!! Crazy, English speaking parrot in Chile.
Yeah, my momita is still in the states, but she should be coming back soon...I think I will leave before she does. YAY, a package! Haha, no big deal...I am a lot better with my money than I thought I would be. Its good, I won´t go hungry. The Lord provides for his servants. As long as I put others before me, I will always have food.
The other day, I wanted to find a new person to teach because the Sector is dying!! And I looked at a house and said, either this house or the one next to it has a person who needs us. And sure enough, the house next to the house I pointed to had an old woman. She was quick to tell us to go away, but right before we left, the voice told me to ask if she needed help. She started to cry, and told us about how her husband is super sick and she is worried about him. I cried too...I understood each and every word she said. We told her we would come back and chop wood for her stove. And we gave her our number if she needed help. Elder Muñoz was amazed by that prompting...and so was I.
I am glad Sam loved the video haha, its good.
Thank you for your love and support. Just wanted to let you know your prayers are working. I seem to find the strength to get up every single day and work with all my heart. I love talking with people...which is strange, because before I couldn´t even go through a restaurant drive thru without a little bit a fear. I pray for all of you as well.
Thank you for being good parents to me...thank you Silas for forgiving me. I am excited...I have some music for us to listen to when I get home. Its so crazy weird...
Bennie Boo