Monday, October 29, 2012

Hermano, yo sé que soy un borracho, pero ¿puedes orar por nosotros?

Hey Family!

  Wow, it’s the end of October. Where did the month go...the cambio is almost over, too (2 weeks left). Tomorrow President Rappleye will start the cambios. It’s been going well for me...been a bit tough with the other two guys in the house. One is very prideful and has attitude problems. It’s hard on all of us...we always try to stay away from anything that could cause him to want to fight.

Mark from Upgrades ETC...sent me an email. HE STARTED HIS OWN BUSINESS! Haha, I was so happy to hear that it’s going well. He says it’s paying off and will probably open a shop in Tooele. It’s so funny! 

Sounds like Josh is pretty much gone! He looks good in a suit and tie. Hope he likes things humid and hot! He might try to do some "work" on the car. I am sure he can pull out another 5 miles to the gallon. Sounds like the soup was inspired. I bet it helped to have you all there to support them. Now, Sam will be heading out. When I get one will be there. It’s so strange. I still can´t get over that it’s been almost 2 years.

Rian looks a lot like her Mom and Sam´s looking pretty skinny in these pictures. He looks bigger, too. Has he grown? 

I am glad I never started drinking or drugs! Here in Chile, I have seen the lives of people completely DESTORYED by drinking. The other day...we were contacting people in the street. 5 or 6 drunks asked for Cien Pesos (less than a quarter) so they could buy something to "drink". I stopped and said I couldn’t give them any money, but I had a card they could call to get a Book of Mormon. As I walked away, one of them called me back and asked me, "Hermano, yo sé que soy un borracho, pero ¿puedes orar por nosotros? (Brother, I know I am a drunk but could you please pray for us?). This was in a very busy street...but I decided to sit down with them and pray. My companion was stunned. He couldn´t believe that I prayed there with them. After the prayer I shook each by the hand and told them to take care. They all looked at me with smiles... I couldn´t believe I had done that. Lets hope they remember. It seems that the "Better, more free life"...seems to end up being enslaved by some power (Drinking, Money, Drugs, Etc...) and just losing all hope.

Sunday, I had to lead the music again in church. I remember having to do it in Puerto Natales! I don´t know why I had to do a ward of 100 people. But, I did it. COOL HUH? We had 7 people come to church and a baptism this Saturday! It was THE WORST week I´ve had in a while.

Well...I sent some pictures of the house. I hope you enjoy them.

I love you all very much. Please, take care.



Welcome to our home!!!


The other White House


Elder Marcel, our study area, and my guitar


Our room and our window leak


My bed


Our view


Dear diary, my gringo companion is very strange!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Wooo Hoo!!!


THAT’S SO SWEET! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! THAT WAS SO QUICK! He is going to the MTC way sooner than I thought...and well...I won`t be able to see him. You’ll only have 2 kids in the house for 3 months. Oregon will be a great mission! I bet he’ll have a way cool mission. He will be able to speak the language and everything right off the bat! I can´t believe he’ll be able to go to the temple on his mission. I am so jealous...I haven´t been in a year and 6 months.

As for the mission stuff he will be buying...I would buy some good quality stuff. He will be in the states where things can be washed normally and he’ll have nice places to live. You should have 2 light towels, and plenty of garments and socks. Make sure to buy shirts for about a week and 3 days just in case. But basically everything I have is holding up well.

Things here this last week were very crazy. As you know I have been district leader for almost an entire year...and I am always finding new things I must deal with. I had 2 elders in my district get into a fight (with words)...while I helped them work it out, one of them asked to talk to me alone. He opened completely up to me and told me how he felt. I helped him out, gave him a blessing, and we had an intercambio that day (he goes with me and my companion goes to his sector). Then I watched a guy get robbed...and the police came right around the corner and held the thief down! Haha, crazy...then an investigator got into a fight with her boyfriend (who disliked the missionaries) and we found her in the street. We talked about it with her and then her boyfriend called. The next day, we showed up to the house to see her and to check up on her. Her boyfriend was there, and their kids...he let us in the house. We talked a bit and laughed...he then invited us to eat with them. We couldn’t because we had another cita...they also told us that now they are going to get married! She’ll be able to be baptized now! We got to church and after calling all morning, no one showed up. I sat down and prayed that God would please help someone get there by some miracle. Then, while I was sitting there I saw an investigator get there with her sister. We ran and sat by them, and then...ANOTHER ONE showed up halfway through. She said she wanted to go to church so she did and she found out that her friends come there to. A recent covert to the church was made a high priest this Sunday...and he told me, "When I opened my eyes during the prayer, we were encircled by a ton of people dressed in white". It was so cool to hear that.

We also had interviews this week with President. They were good...we didn’t really talk much about me. I told him what was going on in the district and we made plans to help them out. Then we talked about the computers here in the mission a bit. I have to start looking for a replacement as the computer tech. He told me, "We need to get you a scholarship in Dixie so that your close to my house to fix my computers." I laughed pretty good, but I think he might have had a double meaning there. OH and the package got here with the food and so we went to the church in Mata and played soccer and volleyball and ate the candy together. And then...I GOT SMACKED IN THE FACE WITH THE hurt pretty good.

We also had a GOING TO HAWAII activity in the church. I got to make a video like we were on a plane...then the video of us dying! We died and and went to the FINAL was a good activity.

I am doing very well...Skylar wrote me. It was nice to hear from her...I get so busy that I just don´t have time to send the cards. I live kinda far away. I feel bad...but I will write her much more often. I have been having a great time with many new experiences. Sorry I can´t send pictures again...I don´t have much time. We got started late today.

I love you all so much!


With love,


Monday, October 15, 2012

Elder Marcel does a great job

Hey family!

About the Garments...I tried to get permission to buy them online but they wouldn´t let me. So I asked how we can do it, and they told me they were just going to call you. It was so lame....I didn´t like it. I could have done it in like 5 minutes. We have been having some problems with the New APs. They´ve gone either power hungry or just down right lame with stuff. Everything has to be done with permission, but they have been saying no to everything we want to do no. It’s really lame.

The mission life is going well...I am having a good time here. We played soccer and volleyball today with the zone (after a long hour of trying to get permission). My companion is really cool. Elder Marcel does a great job working. It’s been hard to get used to having 4 missionaries in the house. I found out that a friend of mine from here got called to the Salt Lake City South mission!!! He will be going there in February and I will be home in March. It’s going to be so sweet.... The momita here is a good one. She gives us all the normal Chilean food. She does our laundry for us, too. We HAD 9 people getting ready to be baptized, but they didn´t come to church, so now we only have 5 people. Pray that they can get there and do all they need to do.

I hope Sam gets called to a mission out of the States. Maybe it will be a really weird place he gets to go. But maybe he´ll get sent to Chile! FINGERS CROSSED!

Sounds like the good jokes on Mom are still happening. Haha, I loved scaring her to.

Sounds like everyone there is having a good time in school and NOT WORKING SAM. It’s been really interesting for me these past couple days. We had so many miracles happen. We found a ton of people and taught a ton of lessons. But, we got to taste the bitterness of opposition. Some of them didn´t get to church, and others changed their mind about being baptized. It’s been interesting. I have been trying my best to change my way of praying. I have been trying to master fervent praying. It’s hard work. I, at times, fall into the same old rote way of praying.

How are all of you doing? I hope your all well. How’s the scripture study and other spiritual stuff going? Sounds like Mom liked the general conference. It’s good stuff to work on your family history. I want to work on it when I get home. I think that it will be sweet to get to know the family.

I love you all. Take care and stay on the good narrow path.



Monday, October 8, 2012

Transferred to Rahue Bajo 2 with Elder Marcel


Hey Family!

I am doing really good. I have been healthy and eating well.

It’s been a good week. I got to my new sector...Rahue Bajo 2. It’s on the other side of the river here in Osorno. Different Zone, but same city. I am a DL. It’s pretty cool here. Elder Barriga came from this same sector! We live in the house with 4 of us. Now I am back to the same old Lunes (Monday) P day. It’s cool. My companion is named Elder Marcel, he is Chilean.


Elder Marcel & I


Everybody loves a guitar

Before I forget, I am going to be taking out some money...I need to buy some clothes and garments.

Sounds like everyone is getting ready to head out...and looks like all the new 18 year old Elders and 19 year old sisters will be heading out soon! Haha, what a crazy new thing! It’s going to be so crazy to see such young missionaries. This conference was really good and I learned a lot about what I need to do to help others and myself. I loved it.

You never know maybe Sam and I we will see each other before he heads out. It might be a bit till he has to go. It’s going to be pretty sweet.

I am glad to hear that Mom felt the spirit so strongly. If we live right and try our best, God will bless us to have the Spirit. It’s funny, because without the Spirit we cannot learn the truths God has for us. I know that it’s so important that we have the Spirit when we teach and learn. I am trying to be better about inviting him to be with us. Mom, you’re a good teacher. God will support you in the callings you will receive. That goes for you to Dad. I know God lifts us up to do things we can´t normally do.

I hope that you all keep reading and praying everyday. We must stay strong in our testimonies and keep our own conversion going. Not much time left to to prepare ourselves.

I am sending lots of pictures home! I hope you enjoy them.  These are some of the families in my old Sector and my new companion. I will send more pictures of the house next week.

Thanks for sending me the package. I will be good! So before I go, I HAVE to tell you what I learned.

The original plan for me was that after my 2 cambio in Lago Ranco, I was supposed to be made Financiero. But someone said it might be best to wait, because it’s a stressful Job. Haha, how crazy is that?! Looks like I have been guided to the places where I God wants me to go.

I know the church is true, and that God the father and his son Jesus Christ do live. They love us, and want us to have success. They will help us become what they want us to become.



Ecuador Ward Pictures