Monday, May 30, 2011

I love this place so much...and I hate it too

Alright, let me attach some pictures real quick. This keyboard is weird...
I have been doing pretty well here...I have had my moments where I just want to die. The language is killing me. Although it is killing me, I have given up worrying about it...or I am trying to. I just talk when I can...whevenever I can. I teach english to my companion and to the miembros. The people here are missing teeth...most nights its solely drunks in the street. However, I feel good today. The people can be super nice or super mean. Haha, Its a bit weird. As for contacting we just head out to the main street. The town is super not a ton of places to go out and do stuff. Its been pretty difficult because its the same people sometimes.

Carlos, who is 18, is going to be baptised on the 25th!!! We have another Sabatian, but his mother doesn´t want him to be baptised. We meet him, when visiting Pablo...I will have to get his gamer tag for you guys. He plays Halo Reach! Its so crazy, Carlos has been an investigator for almost a year...then out of no where we went to visit him and he said he got an answer. Sebatian, the first time we taught him a few days ago said he would pray. Well, him and Pablo prayed that night and he got the answer. Pablo said, "He was praying and he stopped. He turned to me and said...I know its true." Haha, its so crazy. A lot of people think that I am the milk man.

Hermano Florez had a dream...I dont know if I told you. But he dreamt that a missionary came to a barn and he was milking a cow. And Hermano Florez, looked at the bucket and it was over flowing. He now says that the Cow is Lago Ranco, and the bucket is people of the church. Haha, so they think I am the milk man.

They found out I played guitar in sacrament meeting haha...I introduced myself. Or I tried to...

My momita. She is a very quiet lady...I don´t think she likes me. I can't eat as much as I thought I could. I usually ask for a little less. But she feeds me all kinds of stuff. We had fish...I just shoved it down my throat. We have soup everyday...and then either meat or some kind of potato thing. I love making my own food though. Its so much easier!! The other day in a contact, a little boy...gave us each some candy. Haha, he was so proud that he could do that for us. I thanked him a ton.

The candy here is freak'n awesome!!! I love it so much...the chocolate is ok. Its the crappy kind of chocolate in Utah. I found out that peanut butter is super expensive. So...I don't buy it anymore. 

Today, right now I am in Osorno. We came for my visa stuff but they aren't open. Only Wednesdays. What crap...2 and a half hours to get here. Although the second bus was pretty sweet. Haha.

I love this place so much...and I hate it too.

Elder Muñoz says Hiiiii....

That is so crazy, so many changes are happening back at home. Haha, you have to tell Josh hi for me! Its crazy...everyone is going out for track huh? Well, you will just have to send me pictures of Mr. Fezz!! I miss him so much...I miss you all. Although I have been a little homesick. I just work harder and I forget about stuff at home.
I forgot to tell you... I am staying very warm. I don´t know what it is...but I have been very blessed. When I pray for no rain. When I ask for all kinds of stuff it just happens. Its been a crazy experience. I ask for contacts and 10 people came...I ask for Carlos and Sebatian to get answers...they did. Its been crazy. So yes I am doing very very well. Warm and all....

I will try to take a lot more pictures...I think I added some of the church...its tiny!

Well, I love you all very much....

I will talk to you again in a week.

Con amor,
Elder Burge

 Upstairs where we sleep in our spacious home
 Wood-fired heater for our home
My study area in our house
 Elder Munoz - my companion
Momita's - where we eat lunch

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Zone Conference

La Union Zone. Seated (l-r) are: Hna Fuenteabla from Chile and Hna Thompson from Virginia. Standing (l-r) are: Elder Juarez from Chile, Elder Epperson from Virginia, Elder Burge from Utah, Elder Jones from Texas, Elder Lund from Utah, Elder Welling from Oregon, Elder Richardson from Utah, Elder Gomez from Argentina, Elder Muñoz from Chile, Elder Lugo from Texas and Elder Valentine from Utah. The zone leaders are Elders Welling and Lund.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Already got attacked by a dog

Hola! Thanks for writing to me haha. Its so different here but also not so different. I don´t know where to start. Let me start the good stories about all of this stuff. Two days ago we were out contacting and we got attacked by a dog! It was so crazy, I don´t know why he decided to attack us haha. I got to meet my zone, and they told me they have all been bitten a few times. Haha, I will try to attach pictures next week. I am not sure how it works plus I forgot to bring my camera with me today. Haha, I don´t have a lot of pictures yet because of the rain, and because I am still getting the hang of Chilean Life. I promise to send lots of pictures next week.I can see the picture you sent me.  I will get one of the members and a few more of the church.

My companion is Elder Muñoz. He is crazy, he does speak a tad of english but for the most part I am left to spanish. It is so very hard to speak it all the time...but I can contact, help in lessons, and everyone says my spanish is way good for only being here a week. Its way difficult because everyone speaks so freak´n fast! I found out that he is the Branch President, which means that I am now the first Counselor in this branch! The branch is only 26 people big. Our church is a house the Church bought, it is right in front of our house. Its so crazy, none of the houses keep any heat. I can see my breath 24/7, even on a hot day. The stairs are all the size of toothpicks and they are way steep. Our house is so small...we live in Lago Ranco. Its about 2 hours away from Osorno.

The food is kinda hard to eat sometimes, they have stuff I would never eat in it. I bought my first dounut in Chile at Santiago. That was super tough! The food overall is really good though. They seriously feed you so much food, I want to puke afterwards. Today, we are going to go grab something to eat.

This is only the second day with no rain, but its cloudy beyond belief. I have only had one day with sun, and the rest is just constant rain. The dogs are everywhere and some bark and attack, some sleep, and some follow you around. So far no fleas anywhere, which is great. Last night, right before we go in the house, two dogs came out and starting fighting. One of them killed the other right in front of strange! My Momita is great, her husband isn´t LDS but its been good. I can´t tell if she is offended when I ask for less food. Elder M says that shes not, but I am not to sure.

In the morning, I get a 6 minutes shower, because we are low on gas. I have 5 blankets on me at night haha, and we sleep in an attic. There seriously is not room in our house.  You should get on and look up the church. We are seriously a little house, in front of the church.

To be honest, its been super hard. Other times its way easy to just go with it. I am already use to the people, and the weather.

Tell everyone hi for me! Silas got braces? Haha, thats crazy! Its weird, all of them are finishing school for the year. Its super weird here for me. I am on the other side of the world, and its so strange. Some of the ward members had a guitar waiting for me at their house. Haha, they made me sing and play for them. They think I can sing well...they really don´t know what singing is then haha. They asked me if I liked Lady Gaga.

This town is super tiny, its like a Chilean Erda. No joke! Haha. We walk everywhere!

Tell Josh, hey for me. I can read his emails but I can only write to you and to my mission president. Sucks, but oh well.

I am teaching some of the members english. They have the funniest accents ever! They all like to say crap and freak a ton. Haha, I have been trying to speak more spanish and so far...nothing. They still speak super quick...I really hope I can get this down quick. I want to talk more!
I can´t think of anymore to say at the moment. Send me any questions, and I will try to send home some money pretty quick for the Gibbons and for you all. Its weird, because they are changing the bills here right now to this non-wrinkling and non-tearing bill. Its werid. Alright, well I will talk with you later. Bye!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lago Ranco Pictures from the Internet

Elder Munoz - Ben's Companion/Trainer

The fabulous Lago Ranco Branch Chapel!!!

 Overlooking Lago Ranco

Lago Ranco from Pier

Hospedaje in Lago Ranco

Catholic Church in Lago Ranco

Calle Concepcion - Lago Ranco

Ben is in Lago Ranco with Elder Munoz!!!!

Arriving Missionaries - Ben in Back
I just wanted to let you know that your son, Elder Burge arrived safely in Osorno, Chile. We had all the new missionaries here in the mission home for training, interviews and dinner. Today, he will meet his new companion and leave for his area to begin work as a missionary in the Chile Osorno Mission.

He has been assigned to Elder Muñoz from Chile to be his trainer and first companion. They are serving in the Lago Ranco Branch. This is about two hours north and east of Osorno. It is a beautiful area of the mission and his companion will be an exceptional trainer.

You will receive additional information by mail, but I wanted to get you this information as soon as possible. Thanks for sending your wonderful son to our mission. He will love it here.

You can see pictures and follow some of our mission activities at our mission blog at:

Pte Kenneth D Lovell
La Gran Mision Chile Osorno

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Last of the MTC Pictures


Goofing off with the Sisters

Who knew doing laundry was such a workout?!

This is what happens after too much studying

Osorno Travel Group (Elder Wood, Hermana Kitto, Elder Burge, Elder Hauver) being quizzed on where they are going.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm back...Let's get the plans out....

I am back.
Let's get the plans out:
5/16  Leave SLC - 9:40 am
5/16  Arrive LA - 10:30 am
5/16  Leave LA - 1:25 pm
5/17  Arrive Santiago - 5:35 am
5/17  Leave Santiago - 11:25 am
5/17  Arrive Osorno - 1:05 pm
So, I will try to call you either in the morning at SLC or at LA. It will be Monday. Haha, I already started to pack my stuff today!
Don't forget to thank the Gibbons for me. Haha, thank you for that.
Oh hey, what did the letter from the Hermanas say? I didn't even know that they sent that to you!! Its so weird...Did I tell you that I am leaving Monday!!!
I am so freak'n ready! I am the travel leader and all, but I know that it will be easy because its just 4 of us!
It sounds like you had a good Mother's Day as you should!
Sorry these letters are short...not much is really happening yet!
I love you all,
Yes, even you Silas. How is he by the way? I haven't heard much about him in a long while...

I did get my flight plans...Everyone is getting so nervous....

So, I did get my flight plans, but before I talk about that I need you to tell the Gibbons thanks for all the good stuff! And tell their son I will for sure send him some Chiliean money!
So lets see if I can remember what the flight plans are...I might have to send you the plans later.  First, I have to take Elder Larson to the Doc for one last check up. Oh, Elder Wood has the real plans! I do know that I am the travel leader for my group of 4. Its so weird! Everyone is getting so nervous, it's really sad.
Wait, Elder Wood doesn't have I will have to put it in the next email.
Its been so crazy this week, another apostle came to the MTC; It was Elder Anderson. I got to shake his hand, it was pretty normal until he like looked me straight in the eyes! My soul jumped a bit. It's a good way to end the MTC life and start the Chile Life.
I got to meet someone who went to my mission! He said that it rains a ton...not a lot of snow. Once, he said that it rained for a month and a half straight not letting up! I AM SO EXCITED.  He said he was chopping wood like none other! I will be a stud when I get home!
The language, well lets say its not too bad. I can talk with people who can only speak spanish! I HOPE, AND WISH, that I get a native companion!
I have to go for now...I will send another email today!
Love you all!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Letter From The Hermanas

Hma Steinmetz, Van Patten, Howe & Kitto in Mother's Day Photo with Elder Burge

None of the missionaries in the MTC get to call home for Mother's Day.  The Sister missionaries sent this picture and a letter for mom.  Here's the letter:
Dear Sister Burge,

As sisters in your son's MTC district, we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate the way you have raised your son:

Your son is so wonderful!  He brings such an excitement and enthusiasm to the district.  He is always looking for opportunities to serve.  I love how excited and happy he gets when he feels the spirit, it is contagious and just makes me so happy.  It is so wonderful how much he cherishes his priesthood.  He told me you found my blog and I'm so glad you did! Your son is such a great example to me and I know he is an amazing missionary and will bless the lives of so many people. I am grateful for the way you raised him.  Happy Mother's Day!!
                                                  - Hermana Katie Howe
Sister Burge - 

Let me just tell you how much fun it has been to have Ben in our distrito! I love his optimism and enthusiasm for life and this gospel.  He is learning so quickly!  His spanish is so GOOD!  He never misses an opportunity to promise blessings, or bear testimony of the power of the priesthood.  He has such righteous desires and is always willing to serve.  We have our many inside jokes and he has said some hilarious things that I will never forget!  I can only imagine how much you love him and miss having his bright personality around!  Thank you for raising him to be a shining example that he is!  Happy Mother's Day!  - Hermana Rachel Kitto
P.S. I'm excited to serve in Osorno with Elder Burge!  I will keep my eye on him for you!  I know he will be wonderful!

Sister Burge - 
Your son is so much fun!  He brings such an enthusiasm and excitement for the work.  He lights up the room when he walks in to it and I can feel of his enthusiasm!  He is always willing to serve no matter when the opportunity!   His excitement is contagious and I get excited about sharing the gospel.  That is going to be such a blessing to him as he serves the people of Chile.  I have learned so much from him and I'm grateful for the opportunity to get to know such a fine young stripling warrior.  He will work wonders - I am sure of it!  Thank you for raising such a sturdy and righteous Elder!  Happy Mother's Day! - Hermana Steinmetz

Sister Burge -
Your son is such a spiritual light to our district.  He has a love and excitement for the gospel which is literally contagious.  He loves teaching and testifying of the gospel.  It's not difficult to see how much the gospel means to your son.  He also has a hilarious sense of humor and an energetic personality!  He has some way to make me laugh on a daily basis and our district would not be complete without our Elder Burge.  Thank you so much for raising such a fun-loving, valiant son.  Happy Mother's Day!  Hermana Jamie Van Patten

Thanks to you, your stripling warrior is strong, and has already blessed the lives of many.  "Yea, they had been taught by their mothers" - Alma 56:47

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Toe is Doing Well...Still Waiting for Flight Plans

Hey familia,
Lets start with the Toe...Its doing so well.  I got a Priesthood blessing and like no joke, 2 days after the surgery it was done healing. The Doc said it was in such good shape! I have been walking a lot and doing my daily Ninja Volleyball moves in gym. I love the priesthood so much! It was a huge ingrown toenail, and it doesn't even seem to have been that bad!
We are still waiting for our flight muy triste para nosotros! I have been trying hard to not be inpatient. It will be so cool when we do, we should get them around Friday hopefully.
I should be alright with the food, remember the 300 dollars I received before I left, that I didn't count as part of my mission money? Well, I am just about lasted me 2 whole months! So I will probably be pulling maybe...160 out for the flight to Chile...maybe less not really sure.
That silly Fezz! I can't believe he just now wants to eat potatoes! Haha, I love those. I miss him sometimes at do I miss all of you. Its weird, but I am glad I came to the MTC. It has been such a good experience for me here. I have grown up so much since the beginning. Its been so very weird here. I feel bad Fezz just molted. That means he's a big boy now! Haha, that makes me so happy. I bet he looks way good!
The Osama Bin Laden thing is crazy, everyone was talking about it during gym. The gym guy had the newpaper. Its so werid...but its great too!
I wanted to say Happy Mother's Day! Haha, you may recieve a call from a lady. She said she would call you for me. Haha, we will see if it happens. I love you so much! I miss you Mom, but I promise I will be home soon and safe. And I will make up for the missed Mother's Days, and birthdays by making you some really good Chilean food. And I will play you some Chilean songs, and it will an amazing time. Just  hang in there for me okay? And I will tell you all my stories and everything. Haha, I love you so much. Thanks for raising me the way you did, and thanks for letting me leave home to serve. Te amo, and Le quiere. haha