Monday, January 30, 2012

Having a gay old time here in Pucon

Tawney - Hey! I am glad to hear from you...long time since the last time we talked! Don´t worry, if you want to write me a letter. Just put any old thing inside, or questions and stories and I will write you back. Amy and Aaron got married or her Brother? Haha, that was quick if they got married... I would love to hear from you and know what's going down in your life. Thanks for writing me! So, I was just made leader of my district here, and I am training a new missionary. I also have a ton of stories...I am putting one in about some interesting people I met for my family. You should read it! But, I will be waiting for you letter! Le Quiero - Elder Burge

Silas - You make me laugh pretty good...everyone looked at me weird in the store. I am glad to here you're doing your best gaming ever...I will have to catch up when I get back home...I will do it in half the time! BOO YA...

Wow, it's pretty funny to see Kayleigh (dressed up for church basketball) like that! Haha, she looks SOOO tough...NOT! Haha

First my story about the people we met. So we were walking in the street when two people came up to us (a man and woman) and they asked us if we would come to their house for some water...they were laughing pretty good. So, I thought wow, this is a joke, but I am thirsty, so let's go! So, we went to their house, and when we got in, there was another guy and a girl. The girl in the house didn´t have pants on when we got in, and took off for the the room and fell. The people in the house began to complain and fight that they let the Mormons in the house. So, I was a little bit on guard about them from the beginning...and they began to attack us with questions and jokes. We sat and drank our water and started to answer them as the questions came. So...after a good 10 minutes of attacking us with random questions, they explained that they were all gay...the 2 girls and the 2 guys. They began, afterwards, to ask us questions about that. So we explained how the church felt. And after talking for 20 minutes, we were all laughing, and teaching them about sins and stuff. They, in the end, offered to give us lunch Sunday and wanted us to come back and to talk and teach some more! They were saying how we truly are good people, and that they never knew the Mormons were this nice and normal. It was really good... They were really good people, and I was happy to meet them. It's sad, because they thought we would treat them badly, but that's not what we do, so it helped them at least to know we don´t hate them.

After that, my companion had to use the bathroom so bad. When he tried to open the door, he broke the key.

It's been really crazy....

I am glad to hear your all doing well. Haha, I am still living after my first week as a trainer and district leader. But, I will start from the top and work my way down.

Ok, so Eduardo is a really good guy. He is 19 years old and has a son. They both have heart problems, and the other day his son had a little heart attack...he is only about 1 or 2 years old. He was found in a street contact by Elder Medina, and well, from there we taught him together. He stopped smoking and drinking coffee in a little under 2 weeks, and he's a very hard working guy. It was so weird to baptize him, and fun at the same time. I am getting pretty good at using my priesthood. I was happy to see him smile. Ok, my new companion.

Elder Jorge Guerra from Chihuahua Mexico! Haha, he is 19 and has his birthday on the 14th of Feb. It's going to be a crazy month! He had a hard time at times understand the people, so I have to translate from Spanish here to Spanish there, haha. It's a bit hard to be a "dad" and the DL at the same time. The hours we have to study are longer, and the studying is really different. I have to teach him basically everything! As for my time now as District Leader, I have to do a class or "counsel" evey week, take in the numbers, break up the fights, and basically help everyone over there, and do interviews. I already had some elders fight...haha. I have to basically help everyone out, and study for them, and do my best. It can be a bit hard...I should be doing my first interview here in a little while, maybe a week or 2. I should be getting my guitar Martes (Wow, Tuesday). It's not too should be pretty sweet. I will have to send you a picture of it...I got to sing for some investigators who had a guitar and have wanted me to sing since they found out I play a little bit. It's a mom, her daughter, son, and the other little daughter. They loved it so much. They wanted me to sing more afterwards. I LOVE KEANE, they are a really good band...I wish I could listen to that. I am glad to see the "old band" is getting back together. You´ll have to let me know when the first concert is.

I am glad to know you found a magic book! I have been doing magic I have learned from others, and well, it's a big hit around here. I have no idea what to send the mamita here...I will ask her and tell you next week. I totally forgot about AMM(?) and buying garments!! I can buy them from there, it's a lot easier to do that. Haha, no hay problema.

I am glad to hear the old temple class is still going. It's a good thing to do before we go in the temple and everything. I miss the temple really, really bad. I want to's hard not to have one here. I want to go the day I get home, or the day after...It's a must!!

I am glad to see that Kayleigh is doing her girl thang...and beat´n up the girls in church basketball. That's how we do it in the Burge family! Haha, it's a really good thing she is part of that. It´ll be really fun for her, and she is learning to do it really well for high school, perhaps. She so much smaller than the girls there. It's so funny! I love you little sissy cat.

So, I don´t know what the young single adult conference includes, but all I know is that there will be like 500 people here and it's going to be so crazy! I don´t know how they will all fit in the church's tiny...

I love you all very much, and I am very happy with my life. I have felt pretty good these last couple of days, and God has helped me change by putting all this leadership stuff on my shoulders. I can´t believe how fast I progressed...or maybe it was already there and I just didn´t see it or use it. But it's really good here. I am making lots of friends here and have 11 weeks to get the people baptized. I want to get Jacalin and Danila in the water...they just told us the other day they got up and wanted to go to church, and they told us they feel that this is the truth. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!

Haha, I found out the people I found in Lago Ranco got baptized...Did I tell you that already?


Elder Medina heading out

Elder Guerra & the Rappleyes

Elder Guerra & I getting ready to head out to Pucon

Sister Rappleye, Elder Guerra, Me, & El Presidente

He really wanted a goose down comforter, but this duck will have to do

Monday, January 23, 2012

Eduardo baptized & I'm a new dad & district leader...CRAZY!!!

You guys are never going to guess what has happened to me this week...

But first...How are you all?

Sounds like Seminary will be really fun haha. I like the classes like that. You learn a ton about the things of the gospel. It's super lucky that Brock, Sam, & Silas have it together...that's so weird. They might be in classes, but I will be "teaching" classes ;)

The new shipment of Books of Mormon

Haha, I am glad to see that things are going well with the movies. I haven´t seen a movie in almost a year...haha. It was really great working as a tech in the tech shop. I loved it a ton. I miss that kinda of work sometimes.

It's funny that you should ask about being dunked...I have a great story and experience. So, Eduardo (Edward) has been progressing really well that well...he got baptized this last Saturday and confirmed Sunday! But, the part that is just as crazy is....I did it. Haha, he wanted me to baptize him and so I did. It was so crazy!! I have photos that I will send. It's been really cool. It was so crazy...and I did alright. It took only one time.

Eduardo and I

On our way into the font!!

We did it - look at that smile!!

Eduardo, me, & Elder Medina

As for the combios...this is where it gets crazy. Elder Medina is leaving...and going to Coyhaique. It's the second farthest part of the mission south (Punta Arenas being the farthest).

We'll miss Elder Medina - He's awesome!!! Look out Coyhaique!!

But that's not the crazy part...I got a call from the President...I will be training a new missionary...and well it doesn´t end there either. I will be a trainer and the district leader. All at the same time!!!! I WANT TO DIE! I have never done either of them!! I have no idea if my companion is a gringo or latino. And while I struggle with that, the Lord saw fit to put me at district leader. It's going to be crazy...

My glasses are doing fine. They haven´t broken and I still have the other pair that I brought with me here. Thanks for asking...haha

I am glad to see that your friends like my pictures. Haha, it's really cool. I will send some of the volcano here pretty likes to send off smoke a lot. It hasn´t gone off in over 20 years, but it shouldn´t, because every once and a while it lets some "steam" off!

Ok, I will buy the guitar. I will go do it today. I also have to pull out a bit a money to buy gas...because I have the money, but now I found out I have to leave to go pick of my kid.

In the mission when you train you are called a dad, and the one you're training is your kid. So, I am officially a dad...Haha, so I have to go to Osorno and pick him up. So I will pull the money out for the gas and guitar. I might pick up a tuner too...

As for my birthday, the only thing I would like to have is a book of magic tricks maybe...and maybe garments. I really don´t need too much. Did you know that my birthday is the same day as the mamita here? We´re going to celebrate together! Haha...

It's been really crazy this week...

I love Fezz so much! Haha, it's crazy that he will still remember me by the time that I get back home. I can´t believe he thinks the bird in the mirror is real. Haha, it's really crazy....

It's a little over a year left...and who knows what will happen. All the people I know are saying that I will be zone leader in a little bit...let's hope not!!! It's so much to do...I am going to die!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

It's been really good and hot here

Hey Family!

I am glad to hear that Kayleigh gave a good talk. I gave a talk in sacrament, too. I cracked a few jokes, and thought that it was the best thing ever, the end people told me that one of the words I used, thinking that it wasn´t bad, was bad. But it's only bad for the older people, for the youth it's normal and it's correct. I miss eating the cheese and ranch dressing. I am glad to hear that Alyssa gave a really good talk. It's got to be a bit weird giving a talk at the end of your mission.

Things here are really good. We should have a baptism this Saturday, and we found some really good people who seem to be super receptive. I have 4 baptisms I want to have next combio. It should be really good...we haven´t heard about combios. However, I am really sure that Elder Medina will leave and I will be here. I don´t have an idea with whom...

I am still trying to decide if I want to buy a guitar...I know which I would get, but I don´t know if it's a good idea or not. I want to...but at the same time I don´t have a lot of time to play it. I have to think still. I don´t have access to music, but I could have the papito here give me some. I could learn a few songs and it would be pretty cool. I´m not sure when I could learn the songs and things like that.

I got to eat cheese from the countryside here! It's really good and doesn´t need to be cold at all. The outside is hard, but the inside is soooo goood. It's been really fun to eat stuff the way it is before it's changed.

I don´t really like spending money from my account. It's not what that's for. It's for paying the $400 every month. So I only use it when I have no other choice. I am glad that I have good money skills...I always seem to have more money than the rest of the missionaries. It's really nice...My companion has 8 mil left and I have 30 mil left! Haha, it's a big difference and I eat WAY more than he does.

I feel a lot better and haven´t had any problems since I bought the medicine. It's been nice to sleep without having to breath out my mouth all night long.

I am glad to hear my car is stilling living well. My car here in Pucon is super popular. I have seen 10 of them here. They make me happy when I see them. The ones here look brand new a lot of the time. I gotta learn how to fix cars when I get back. I think that would be so sweet to know.

So, I am going to explain these pictures. One of the members here has a HUGE box full of bees on his roof. And I was asking him about it and he was like, I can go up there and do what I want and they don´t do a thing. So he went up, and ITS TRUE! He ate the honey comb in front of them and they didn´t do anything. He picked them up and all kinds of stuff, and they just sat there. He let us have some to's like gum. The honey, as you chew, comes out and you eat that and the honey comb turns into a gum like thing. I love it! It's super sweet and not like the honey in the states. He started explaining all the stuff about the bees and how they work and the different types. One time he was stung 30 times by them. He's so crazy...

It's been really good and hot here. It's been a bit hard to work with all the heat, but I am really tan that's a bonus.

I love you all so much!

Monday, January 9, 2012

My week has been a bit hard...I thought I had changed a ton but really my change was tiny

Hey Family!

I am glad that you all loved the pictures that I sent you all. Our place isn´t too bad, but the hard part is that it's really hot in the house during the day. Finally, it rained and it's been pretty cool around here. The cherries are amazing here and very fun to pick from the favorite part. I like my Cookie monster shirt and so do all the people that are here. I get so many comments about it.

We have a lot of investigators here in Pucon. Hopefully we are going to have a baptism here in a little bit. He has to stop smoking and stuff, but he has done realy well with that. He wants to get baptized to have a better life and everything. So I know that the movitation is strong.

The reason I asked about the money is I might end up buying a guitar here. I was looking at some today and wanted to know...I want to buy one for 39,500 pesos or like 80 bucks. And I don´t want to buy it if it will drop the money too low. So, I don´t know what I will do...

For the medicine, I had to buy stuff for my nose. I got sick again and I couldn't breath or anything. I wasn't sleeping in the night time and stuff. It wasn't too fun, but hey it's the way things go in life right? I am feeling better finally and can focus myself a bit more.

Wow, Kayleigh gets to speak in church? That will be so cool. Don´t worry about how many people there are, because the truth is they just want to listen to what you have to say. It's actually kinda fun to talk in church. I like doing it! I can´t belive that Alyssa is back...things always seem to go so quick. I can still remember when she left for her mission. How strange...

Haha, that's so funny that your phone kept going off! That has to be a bit lame...haha. I can just imagine your face...makes me laugh. It's like the time with the car alarm on the van and you were driving down the street. Haha, it's so funny. A lot of the time here, the church always starts late and we get out late! Haha, so looks like we are on the same page as you are. I don't mind it...I just like to be in the church so it's cool. How are your classes going? How many teachers do we have now?

As for Mrs. can always just ask Bishop Gibbons how you can call the sisters or the elders. If you give it to them face to face, they don't need a phone number.

My week has been a bit hard. I keep reading stuff in my patriarchal blessing and the scriptures that are just a bit hard to take. More and more, I understand what God wants and expects of me...and it's hard, because at times I don´t want to change. I prayed a lot last night and found a ton of scriptures today that were just palos (or hard to take, really strong). At times, He is very direct with me...and it's hard. It's like one of the apostles of Chirst said in the Bible...To be chastened isn't fun or easy (I don´t remember who or his exact words, but that is basically what he said). God wants me to be someone, and I am afraid to be that person. So, this conflict takes a toll on me. But hey, I have to accept what he wants and change. It's hard...I thought I had changed a ton but really my change was tiny.

This mission is good, we have combios in 2 more weeks. So we will see what will happen. I am sure that Elder Medina will leave, but I am not sure who will come in. I am so tired haha...I am going to go home and sleep.

Its been really interesting here. I am glad to be here.

I started drawing a lot here. I draw flowers and anime...haha, or at least I try to do it. It's how I fill up my P-day with things that relax me.


Ok, I believed that you weren´t crying...but now that I read all of the email you DID CRY! I KNEW IT....and the Old Spice's good to know for after my mission! You started playing World of Warcraft again a week ago, and you're already are level 50? Holy cow...

I love Jason Mraz. Are his songs easy or hard to play?

What do you mean the reverse is weird? She's really old and at times I have fear that she will die before I can get back. I want to drive her one last time...You should get your permit so you can drive around and do real dates.

I sent you a letter just for you. Very special, let me know when you get it.

Well, I love you all very much!