Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ingrown Toe Nail & P-Day Change

Hey family!
Sorry, the schedule here at the MTC has changed, and so now I get one email day, and its Miercoles. Its been very intersting around here, as you probably know I had a bit of a surgery on me left big toe. [Ben had an ingrown toe nail].  It was crazy cool, I got to watch and see him rip my toe apart. It was werid because I could see into myself...Elder Larson was so funny, making weird faces watching him do it. The shot only hurt like an allergy shot. Today, my toe is healing...a little bleeding, but its all good.
I have been having such a fun time...less than 3 weeks away and we could have our flight plans by this Friday! We are all so excited, I got to leave the MTC campus for the toe thing and it was way funny to see how many people want to talk to you!
Thanks for the package...I ate all my Cadbury Eggs already, all by myself! I buy milk eveynight when I am eating them! Its been quite a few weeks here, but I have my little luxurious things. I am so happy that I am eating pretty well here.
I miss you all very much.  Well, I am going to go...I have to finish my laundry before I run out of time. Haha

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Elder Scott & Blessings

How have you all been this week? I have been ok. Fighting the cold, or whatever I have, has been tough. Its funny, we just give blessings to each other to fix the problems we have.
I wanted to write to you about someone who came to visit us Tuesday. As you know, we set up the gym for the speakers that come. Phil, our boss, told us to make it look real we did. We started wondering why it had to look so good.  We polished everything and made everything nice and neat. Then before the fireside started, we were told to stand if an apostle were to come...GUESS WHO! Elder Richard G. Scott...holy cow is it weird to actually be 3 rows aways from him! The talk was so simple and straight forward. He looked like he had just gotten out of bed. He did something, however, that is rarely done (or so I'm told) he gave us an apostolic blessing. He conferred that the gift of tongues would be upon all who were in that room...he said that the language would no longer be a barrier. He said, we must still study, but to not focus of the language. He said to focus on what you're teaching (everyone says that though). But the feeling I got when he said that, made me feel...amazing. He blessed us with something I needed to know...although we are set apart and are blessed to receive the gift of tongues...he said he conferred it on us.
Its amazing, how people change here. My companion is changing...he works so hard now. It puts a smile on my face! I have been given the opportunity to give out a few blessings of comfort and a few healings. The other night, I let my will get int he way and I paid for it by getting sick myself. I wanted so badly for Elder Nolte to be better...but it wasn't God's will. God is very interesting to me sometimes. He seems to make us wait and tries our faith more than I could ever imagine. Sometimes I wish that I could do things that Jesus Christ did on the Earth. Its not what God needs me to do right now, and it really sucks. Haha, I love God though, and I know He loves me.
I love you all very much, I don't have any requests for the Easter package. I will let you surprise me!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Whoa...its been a quick, long week!

Whoa...its been a quick, long week! The days are so slow, but the time overall is so quick! 4 Weeks till we leave, we are the oldest district and I taught in todo espanol yesterday! The MTC is changing how it does things, and my district gets to be in the middle of the change! I am so ready to be out of the MTC.
Finally, I met a teacher who didn't understand spanish leaving the MTC! She was telling us all about how it took her 6 months to understand and speak. Then another 4 months to acutally learn the grammar behind it! I am so ready, and we have heard all about the food in Chile...apparently they have lots of fruit and some weird desserts! I promise to learn how to make them for all of you back home so when I get back I can make them!
My plaque is up finally! Yeah, its was D&C 31:3. I have shared it with my class on 2 occasions, they love that scripture for some reason.
So I may have gotten strep throat...I am not sure yet but I may have to go the doctor here at the MTC... That kinda blows... 2 other people in my district have gotten sick and had to miss a day of class...I hope I am not next!
Wow, only 2 kids this weekend! How lucky are you?! It must be so weird seeing your kids now, finally, heading off into the big world. This experience has made be realize being on my own will be amazing (at least so far). I will be going to a new land and oh how beautiful it is! Hopefully, I can see Sam before he leaves on his mission. Its funny, now that we have been here for 5 weeks or so people are getting less letters and things. They all seem so sad about that...but I am not sure why. We all know we are loved, and just because we don't get letters doesn't mean they have forgotten us. Plus, we are so busy we don't really have much time to write.
Our P-Days are getting more full of things to the only time I get to relax is writing letters and at the meals here. It kinda sucks, but oh well. Can't know happiness without pain, and sorrow.
Oh my goodness, the birds! What is happening to them?! Maybe Muffin thinks I am dead, and feels bad for you so he is being nice?! I miss Fezz and his little head. I miss his little noises and all of that good stuff...haha its weird because I haven't had birdie presents on my shoulder in over a month! I am sure though, you get plenty so its all good.
My spanish is going ok again, but I do not have much hope that it will stay like that for long...OH! We finally can just wear our white shirts without the need for a suitcoat! Makes me so freak'n happy! It has gotten One day it snows, the next its super hot...I don't like it! I kinda want the cold. But I say that now, and when I get to Chile I will say...I WANT HEAT!
I love you all so very much, and I am glad I was able to come serve this mission. It has made me rethink my view on the church. I kinda wish I would of gone to church more often. This like I have now is such a good life. I don't worry about myself, and take care of others. And in return for living that way, I get to be taken care of by God. Simply amazing...siempre!
Well, off I the TEMPLE! WHOAAAAA!!! YAAA!!!!!
(2 hours later)
(P.S Name that show!)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My District is starting to go nuts...I'm glad I've got Elder Larsen

My week has been pretty crazy.  My district finally wants to start SYL (Speak Your Language - i.e., speak only Spanish)...I wanted to about a week ago and did, but Elder Davis was getting mad about it, so I stopped.
I met a girl who reminds me of Ringgenburg and she is really fun to play foursquare with, because she hits the ball so strangely! I think I am learning a lot about the kind of girl I want to be with when I get back, but for now I am content with being a missionary.
My district is starting to go nuts with all these rules and stuff. No hands in pockets (stupid) and after 10 pm we can't talk, we don't even go to bed till 10:30 pm on the MTC schedule. Its made Elder Larson and I stronger as a companionship, because we have to sneak around our roommates.  I am now in possession of two artifacts that have been handed down to a worthy keeper (I am the new worthy keeper). Every time a district leaves we inherit all their candy and smuggled soda pop. I have 2 boxes of stuff under my bed!!! Its easy to get rid of though when new dristicts come in...MUHAHA! Tomorrow, we will be the oldest district in our zone because lots of people here at the MTC got called out early for some reason.

Elder Larson and I are ready to get out of here...I would gladly leave to Chile not knowing any Spanish. But I hold on and keep on working and doing what I am told by my higher ups. I just became Senior Companion and its pretty easy because nothing has changed...we kinda just work together well and we love it. I am glad I got Elder Larson.
I am still worried about the language, but it will come.  Elder Larson and I have been translating stuff and working on language. He learns so much faster than I do...but he helps me out.
In the past 3 days I have learned of 3 deaths...My buddy Seth Pratt who is here found out a guy from our school committed suicide 2 days ago...he was shaken up pretty bad. I just put my arm around him while he Steve McCann and the secretary's husband. I can't believe my computer buddy died...I know he is back home with Heavenly Father but still...its weird. The more I grow in faith the less things seem to bother pain, trials, and death. I am learning that its all part of the plan, and really it is for just a short season.
Haha, I bet fezz sounds horrible! I love him for it is so good to know he is being taken care of. It has relieved my mind a little.
It feel like its been such a short while here at the MTC and I don't know what to think. This time I have here is going by so quickly I can only imagine what it will be like in the field. I get worreid about things sometimes, but I have to keep pushing on, and its hard to do that. So wish me luck I love you all very much and I promise I will be safe in Chile. By the way, I get to call you when I am at the airport heading to Chile. So be prepared for a call...MUHAHAHA
Elder Burge

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I got to teach a Chilean guy!!!


So now the language is back to going well, but I am sure it will slow down pretty soon. Its amazing to me how that works. I just wish I could learn it quicker, so that I can speak all the time in Spanish. My district is going all Spanish Monday and it sucks. We also got changed from the normal learning program to PILOT, which is a weird setup. I am not sure how it will work, but I will let you know how I feel about it when we start it here soon.

For Dad - This morning I ate breakfast with a girl from Italy, Rome! She is going to Chicago on her mission. She was super funny, and turns out she learned English by reading the Book of Mormon (started 2 years ago). She has lived in the church all her life, and thought it would be a great thing to do seeing as how she wanted to serve a misson!

Its crazy, next Tuesday we will be the older district here at the MTC, and that kinda scares me. We had another group leave yesterday. Its super sad, because I really miss my friends I made here. But, we have all planned to stay in contact with each other as much as possible. I need to write Elder Clark... Anyway, we are half way done! It sucks because we don't remember the date and days seem to form into each other. I can't believe I have been here almost a month! It feels like I just got here the other day.

Me and my companion are getting along so much better now than when we first met each other. We don't fight, even though we get on each other nerves. His buddy got called out early from the MTC (he had a 3 day flight to get to the Philippines) so now that he's gone its made it a little easier.

I've been thinking about school...and I may want to go to BYU. I love the people here, and most of them go to BYU. Plus, I can see the campus from some of the rooms here. Plus, if I go there I already know a few people anyway, so that would be pretty sweet.

Thanks for sending all the food and candy and stuff. We have been trying to eat as much as we can. I found out if I leave it on the desk, people will help me eat it. Its so hard to eat it all by myself. Its funny, how food goes around here. Whenever a district leaves our food supply goes way up!

Not much has happened these past couple of days...which kinda sucks cause I don't have too many good stories. Oh, wait I do have one! The other day in class we were talking (in Spanish) and Elder Hauver said something like we heat the water, and somehow he really said, I like hot grandmas! Haha, it was funny to watch Hermana Verwear's face turn red with laughter! She told him not to say that, and he laughed so hard when he found out why!

I learned for the dogs in Chile to stomp my foot down and say Sale! My teacher said, "It should be I don't know why they say Sale." I then replied, "Its because the dogs in Chile are scared of Canadians Eh!" It was so funny, the entire class burst out laughing! Its sad, we will be getting new teachers in a week or two because the semester ends at BYU.

I have so many strange dreams, and no matter how much sleep I get I am always tired here at the MTC. But I've been told you never feel rested, so just get used to it.

In gym, I play f
our square
and its amazing because I am really good at it. I am probably the 3rd best player in our gym time. But, the other day this girl started playing and I had never noticed her before. So I started talking to her while we played four square (by the way four square is a very popular game here, its a huge line to wait in) and she seemed really cool and everything. She said she hadn't played four square before, then she gets into the first square and she starts playing like it's volleyball! I was laughing so hard because she was getting people out left and right! It was amazing, so now every time she plays we laugh, because she plays so strangely, but it works so well! Elder Jensen has some sweet moves, too. He can spin it and it stops right as it hits the ground. Its many people play weirdly.

I love you all very much. I am so glad I came on this mission. It is helping me in so many ways...and I haven't even left the MTC yet.

Real quick, I got to teach my first Chilean guy! I LOVED HIM! He was so funny!

Give Fezz head scratches for me and let him know I will be home in a couple years...I think he can wait. I miss him so much!


Elder Burge (Boor-he) Remember to roll the R

Thursday, April 7, 2011

MTC Photos

The District - Front Row L-R Hermanas Howe, Kitto, Van Patten, Steinmetz
Back Row L-R Elders Larson, Hauver, Wood, Davis, Burge, Nolte

Los Hombres:  Elders Hauver, Burge, Wood, Larson, Davis, Nolte

Fine MTC Accommodations!!!  You could bounce a quarter off those sheets.

Our Desk - My side is on the right.
Always Choose The Right!!!  Its more straight & narrow.

The Black Name Tag!!!

You're the Man! No, You're the man! 
MTC Companions Elders Burge & Larson

Class Pet!!!

I'm Feel Like I'm at the bottom of the language cliff & my district is half way to the top

Hola mi Familia,
Its funny how you were talking about lifelong friends and about BYU...strangly enough one of my best buddies here that is going to the same place I am (Elder Hauver) and I have plans to hang out when we get back. He wants to catch up on all the movies, videogames, and music; I as well, wanted the same thing. Now we have plans to do so together, but he also wants me to come with him to BYU when I get back and live in his dorm with him and his 2 buddies. I am actually thinking about going to BYU maybe...
We have had pranks get pulled on us for about 1 straight week. We have had to fill out 2 reports because it caused damage to the carpet and forced security to cut a lock. Most of my roommates are mad, but for me...I am mad at the moment and I have forgiven whoever has done these things. They keep getting worse, but I must stay strong so I may have the Spirit with me. 
Teaching in Spanish went horrible. I'm at the bottom of the Language Cliff, and I am staring straight up and I can see all of my distrtict above me...half way to the top. Every step I take causes more problems...I can't seem to climb at all. During our TE, I couldn't speak any Spanish whatsoever, Elder Larson had to do most of the talking. I was able to understand what they said, I felt the Spirit, but I could only testify twice.  I just recieved a blessing from Elder Larson to help me along.  My language is good, but that one moment just brought me so far down...My faith is still so high; I merely just don't know why I wasn't able to speak nor teach. So now we have I think 4 or 5 more that we signed up for. Its funny, I keep dreaming in Spanish and I am fluent in my dreams! :D Loco....
And yes, Hijo is son haha.
Sam - 
DROID X, you suck.
See the computers just love me to death! Plus, I am so much better than you are at that stuff...(JK)...maybe....
Why aren't your letters more love felt? Do you not love me? What has happened to our relationship? I am so sad...
Silas -
Hey buddy, how are you doing? Are you going to write me? I would love to get a letter just from you...I miss you a lot. And remember, don't let your good looks get in the way of your awesome mind and soccer skills. Did I tell you, that I know someone who has played against Kyle Beckerman? Yes, that's right! He told me he is a really hard slide tackler and he played for BYU soccer, and was going to play for Real but he came here instead.
I love you all, I gotta get back to work so I don't repeat the TE problem.
Love Ben,
PS: I love you to Dad and Kayleigh! 
PSS: Amo ustedes muy mucho y para siempre!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Fools!!!

Well, look who it family!
Thank you so much for sending me that stuff, everyone loved the pictures and the candy! We have been snacking on it all night, by we I mean my entire zone! haha.
I loved priesthood session! I was so excited.  When we got to la clase I was bouncing off the walls, telling stories, and just had a good 'ol time! I noticed the marriage thing to...its very strange now all the stuff has shifted to marriage...I guess I will just have to work hard once I get back to find my girl. (All the pressure in the world) I loved the fact that they were completely happy and was the funniest thing I have ever seen.
We actually got to see the MTC thing, and boy was it funny! Everytime a chilean missionary would come up, we would fist bump, and then when a girl going to Chile would be on, we would all go...YEAH WE GOT THE BEAUTIFUL SISTERS! It was so crazy, and so much fun! We all kept making jokes like...the MTC looks so cool, I wish I could go there! As for the digital missionaries, I think they do a full 2 year mission...But I think they get transfered to outside the MTC. Haha, ya...I will be sending a few pictures home of my room and stuff today. I am almost certain that nothing here has changed since you were here. As for the laundry room, we usally just write in the morning near our clase and then while in the laundry room we just chill with each other telling stories and talking about Red Robin food. On our extra mail time we sneek into the computer lab while the sisters are out doing service and we email...after email we have about 40 minutes of free time, which we usually use to study more. The electric box covers have all been checked and we only found an Almond Joy in ours...but I will be leaving things in them...oh yes...many wonderful things...
So on April 1st, we were all sleeping in our beds...warm and happy...when out of no where I noticed the light was on. I thought it was time to get up, so I got up to find Elder Nolte trying to get into one of our drawers and an alarm going off. I got up, went over only to find that someone an locked it shut with a brand new combo lock! I quickly looked at the time on my watch and found it only to be 2:30 A.M. We were so confused as to how someone could have gotten into our room. So, we tried and tried to get the lock off (the entire time the clock was beeping, and had been since 1 A.M apparently) but with no luck. So I tried to make a pick from a soda can and cut my thumb! So I quickly bandaged myself up and went for round two. Suddenly it stopped...we were so happy! So the next day we got the number on the back of the lock went to the front desk only to find that it wasn't one of the MTC's. So we got security who came down, and cut the stupid thing off! Guess, who's clock it was...MINE! Stupid thing...then the next morning we found about 100 little Cadbury Eggs out in front of the door when I went to shower! Someone is playing tricks on us...
Tell Sam, to ignore Luke. Haha, and that he will have to put them on Youtube so that when I get home I can see them.
Aww, well Spanish is going ok. Its weird because I am starting to be able to read El Libro De Mormon. Stranger than that...I was able to go half of Saturday speaking only simple Spanish...but it caused problems because Elder Nolte wanted to as well and his companion didn't want to...and got mad.
I am sending home a model picture of one of our sisters in our district! Haha, and one of my companion. I will see if you can figure out who my companion is. I love this place so much, and I honestly I haven't been home sick at all. My sickness hasn't returned, my mind is filled with information I never thought I knew, and I feel happy. Frustration does set in...and the language does come slow most of the time, but for some reason...I don't days are starting to blend together and I am making so many friends here.
We have story night, every night, in our room with our Elders. Its funny to hear some, and sad to hear some. Elder Davis has died once...Elder Larson broke his femur when he was little, Elder Nolte is 24, and I have a wicked awesome car!
Can you have Sam ask Josh which email he wants me to send emails to?
I love you all very much, and its amazing how fast this is truly going...Doesn't feel like 3 weeks.
I am taking requests for pictures...I think we will do a Matrix picture...that would be a cool one to send home!
Well, gotta run...breakfast time!
All the Hermanas say hey to KayKay and I say HEY WHAT A WONDERFUL KIND OF DAY!
Name that show!?
Elder Burge