Monday, December 31, 2012

I will keep pushing myself until I get the most out of my time here

Hey Family!

It’s been a crazy day...and a crazy week. I am feeling pretty stressed out and my companion is killing me. He just won´t listen to me, and he just keeps killing everything. Our sector is suffering a lot from it. I am so stressed out. This seems to always happen with the new missionaries I get.

I am glad to hear that you had a good Christmas. Here they do the New Years thing by copying what the gringos do. They throw parties and drink till you can´t find your way home. It’s a weird time, because we have to be careful thanks to all the drunks.

I am glad to hear that everyone there is progressing well. It makes me happy to know that you’re all so well. It’s weird that Silas is a priest and that Sam is in the MTC. Thanks for the picture. I like to see how he is. The family for me has become way important. I care a lot about all of you.

Sounds like things back there with Krista are hard. Looks like Sam knows how to be a good boyfriend. He always had a weird charm about him. Tell Brock the next time you see him to take it easy. I know it’s got to be hard for him. Things will all work out. Invite him to write me if he wants to. I´d be up to talk with him.

I know Sam will do well in the MTC and mission. He is starting to realize that he really does have a testimony. I think it was in your blessing Mom...but it talked about us, your boys, and spreading the Gospel. We have a work to do, this family of ours, and God has to prepare us to do it. We will all understand when the time gets here as to why it’s been so hard for us. I will be writing Sam every Monday to let me vent and to give him advice. He is a strong guy. Don´t worry, he will make it to the field.

As for things here...I am striving to stay alive. So many problems. The closer I get to the end of my mission, the more and more problems and trials there are. It’s only fitting for an end of mission experience. I am proud that Silas didn´t cry when he saw me on Skype. It’s funny how deep his voice has gotten. It’s pretty funny, everyone thought that Mom was my sister. Haha, they were all shocked afterwards. As for me, I will keep pushing myself until I get the most out of my time here. I won´t die, I will just come home..a bit "tired". Not much time to make the most of the time I have now.

Sorry I haven´t written more...I want to write Sam before my time goes. I love you all!



Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Skype - The Silence of the Lambs

We were able to Skype with Ben in Chile.  That is our last Skype before he returns in March.  He was very happy and upbeat.  He said that the mission president gave him permission to email Sam directly, and that he and Sam sent emails to each other today.  He said that the thought of leaving Chile is bittersweet.  He looks forward to coming home to Utah, but he is sad to leave his home in Chile.  He said that the beds in Chile are not very comfortable, and he looks forward to the beds here in the US.  He said that, to date, he has never been bitten by fleas (a common problem in Chile).  He said that even when the house is infested with fleas, everyone but him gets bitten.  He says he must be too spicy for the fleas to want to bite him.  He said toward the end of the mission, all of the missionaries report being tired and walking around feeling like zombies.  He said he is starting to experience that, too.  He said he doesn’t have any idea of where he wants to go to college, but he thinks that he wants to major in computer science with a specialty in network/internet security.  He was able to Skype from the momita’s house.  They were getting ready to eat dinner.  Tomorrow they will stay in their house pretty much all day (they are not allowed to tract or contact on Christmas day).  He has a dinner invitation with investigators tomorrow night at 8pm. He said that for Christmas the Chileans buy a live lamb for Christmas dinner.  He said in the days leading up to Christmas, you hear the lambs as you walk through the streets, but today it's silent.  They take the lamb and butcher it and cook it for Christmas dinner.  He said it's an honor to be invited to their house for the butchering of the lamb, but it is terrible if the person doing the killing doesn't do it right.  He said he has never gone to see one butchered.  He said it would bother him too much.  He said that he has learned a lot of magic tricks while on the mission and that he has learned to play a lot of the hymns on the guitar.  He says that comes in handy when doing missionary work.  His bird Fezz saw him on the computer screen while Skyping and tired to snuggle up to his face on the screen and preen his hair.  They whistled to each other.  His bird still remembers him after almost two years.  That made Ben happy.
fezz skype snuggle
Fezz trying to snuggle up to Ben’s face on the computer screen

Monday, December 17, 2012

It’s a bit weird to see how much you all change

Hey family! Still not any garments in sight. I went this morning and didn´t find any. I am sure they will come. It might take time but it will get here, because is Christmas and all. WOOOOH FAREWELL TALK! I remember mine...tough stuff. However, I now can give a talk in front of a ton of people and I can do it we are alright. Sam will be able to give a great talk after he is done with the mission. Tell Sam to write down as much as he can in the setting apart. The other day we were talking about it, and there are a lot of prophesies that happen in them that come true. The MTC will be awesome...tell him to eat all the cereal that he wants to. It’s the best part about lunch. I am going to get permission from President to write to Sam by email. I know he will give me permission. The other day I got a call and I had to go into the office. They wanted to buy a program to use to make videos for the missionaries going home. The program they were using before was hacked. So I bought the thing...I felt so cool talking to President, telling him the pros and cons of the program I want to buy, and then getting permission to buy the thing. I had to talk to the Finance guy and everything. I felt so...big. Then I had the office people make 4 copies of the installers so that it doesn´t get lost or broken. When I look at the pictures of you all I feel like your’re all so different. I don´t recognize Silas much any more. It weirds me out a bit. I can´t wait to see you all on Skype. To be’s a bit weird to see how much you all change. SKYPE INFORMATION
I think we should do it the 24th of Dec. at 7:00pm MY TIME. Everything should go smoothly. I will be doing it in the house of the momita. I think her internet should go quick enough. I will be verifying your answer this Friday. I love you all. Things here are going well. It’s been a bit tough for me. Lots of things happening. But everything will be fine in the end. We have to suffer at times, and work when the strength isn´t there. These moments, however hard and long they may be or seem, are evidence that God can do everything. He can make me walk when I can´t. He can help me speak when I have not words. My body has been suffering for quite a while now. Today I feel like I got hit by a truck. I think I will go home and clean the house and just relax a bit. Maybe I will play the guitar today. My companion is doing fine. He doesn´t like to walk fast, but he is starting to become more himself, I guess you could say. When he makes jokes and acts normal things go well. But then there are times he tries to justify sinning and those are the moments that this diamond in the rough becomes a diamond in the toilet. I know however that there a blessing in store for both he and I if we get over the hard parts. GOOD NEWS THOUGH....I am happy! I glory in my tribulation and love the new challenges that come to me. I am happy because a good friend of mine is going home to see his family and I am so happy that he can finally see them again. He will need it. He is a good guy. I love you all so much! I wanted to let you know I got the package of Grandma and Grandpa Burge. Tell them thanks for supporting me. Just between you and me...I think we need to get gramps in the "water". Don´t know how...but the Lord does. Take care, Elder Benjamin Burge

Monday, December 10, 2012

This has been a really weird week

Hey family!

NOTICE: I bought an electric shaver because I had problems with my manual one and I had been using the electric shaver from Elder Marcel.

This week has been really weird. My new companion was doing well...but now we are starting to see things. We live in the house with 4 missionaries. The other day we had a lesson and my new companion started talking about his "past life" and about all the "drugs" he took. It went south and he wouldn´t listen to me nor stop. I was so mad afterward. So we talked about it, and he told me that he was doing everything all right. He told me it was "inspired by the Holy Ghost". When we were talking about it the Zone Leaders got home and started to listen in. They too started to try to show him that he was doing something wrong. He then said to all of us. I am right, and I don´t see anything wrong with what I did. We then showed him in Preach my Gospel and the scriptures that were very clear. They left and he looked me in the face and told me...I am still right. I felt...pain for him saying that. If he is not careful, his pride will bring him into apostasy in the mission. I felt a godly pain. We had done everything we could...and his pride made him deny the help we have to offer. I know that’s how God feels with us, his children. I am however very surprised about how patient I have become. I am able to control my anger much better now. It also causes me to feel godly sorrow for those who choose not to obey the commandments of God. It looks like the challenge has returned. This time I will conquer it. I can see clearly the difference between my knowledge from before and my knowledge now.

THE TEMPLE!!!! Haha, that’s so funny about the comment Sam made. I love the temple. I love the feeling it gives me. I still remember, when I look at the picture in the preparing for the temple booklet, when I was there in the Salt Lake Temple. I felt such a happiness. I miss the the temple. I want to go either THE DAY I get back or THE DAY AFTER. The temple is the best place on earth. Now that Sam and Brock are endowed with power from on high they can go and preach the gospel. The older I get...the more my testimony of God and miracles grows.

Sounds like Brocks talk was a good one. He would be following the advice that Joseph gave once about praying much and keeping your talks short. I can´t remember clearly what he said. You can find it in the Teachings of the Prophets: Joseph Smith book. I have been in the position of having to fill 30 minutes of the sacrament meeting before. It isn´t too hard to do it if you read the scriptures everyday, and really “study". You´ll have to send me a copy of the talk Sam gives. I would like to see it.

My package got here from you all! I thought it was a great package. I shared with some people here and they liked the food. The reindeer has been a hit. The APs were at the house when I opened it and they were all like, "NO WAY...THAT’S SO FUNNY". I enjoyed it. The garments haven´t gotten here yet but there were many packages in the office today when I went. But they were all still in the "to be sorted area". Cambios are this coming week so I won´t be able to get it till probably next week. I loved the package though. It was really cool. Thanks for loving me. I know it’s got to be hard that the kids are leaving the house. All is well, however. Time goes by very fast, and the Lord will help you feel that we are still close to you. We are only gone for 2 years. Then we will be back, getting married, and giving you beautiful grandchildren. It will be amazing the blessings that you´ll receive.

Eric is already home? That’s so strange because I know Elder Smith who was with him in the MTC and they don´t leave till next week. That’s so strange. I bet he has a weird accent.

They haven´t announced anything about Skype, but they will, don´t worry.

Things here are going good for us. Just a little more time till Christmas! I hope you all enjoy it. It’s a good time of year.

I love you all.



It’s called a Moroni Letter, because Moroni’s on the envelope


The letter


Another picture


Another photo of Francisca’s baptism


Working with Elder Marcel


Elders Guerra, Marcel, Burge, Hurtado


Sunday school

Monday, December 3, 2012

I got my carta moroni & a grandson

Hey Family!

Hey I need some info from you all...I got my Carta Moroni (the letter that tells me I have 3 months left and they need to update my info so that they can buy my plane ticket).

Name of the Stake President: Chad W. Allred (if this has changed I need the direction of the new stake presidents house).

Name of the Bishop: My paper says Kevan L Whipple, but it’s not him. I need the full name of Bishop Gibbons and his house address.

Everything else should have stayed they same...same house, phone number, and airport. I feel stupid because I took pictures of it and wanted to see you a picture of it home but I forgot to bring my cables.

I am glad to hear that an Apostle came to see you all there. It’s got to be cool to have one there to see you all in person. Have you seen their eyes? I swear they can read the entire soul. I remember when I was in the MTC I got to shake hands with Elder Anderson and his eyes ate me alive!

So...3 days ago I get a call from President. Elder Burge I have a challenge for you. Your kid, Elder Guerra was training a new missionary but it’s not working you’re going to have to train him. So Elder Marcel was sent to Rio Bueno and I am here now with Elder Hurtado. Elder Guerra told me, when I got to the bus station, that he only wanted to be put with a gringo companion. This weird. He is from Bolivia. He, to be honest, is a strange guy. I now can see the difference between Chilean Spanish and Bolivian Spanish. I like Chilean way more!  I have to teach him a LOT of stuff. He didn’t know what apostasy was. Pray...A LOT! I’m going to need it.

Strange Fact of the Day : I am training my niñeto (Grandson), who is also my Hijo (Son). I feel like I am back in Grantsville where everyone is related. haha

My fate for the rest of my mission is set...When I get done with him I will have only 6 weeks left. This means that I will ETERNAL DISTRICT LEADER! It’s so sweet! Everyone is laughing about it. I will probably end my mission here in Rahue. The chances of me leaving are nonexistent. But I am actually happy about it! I get to make friends here and give it my all. Plus, the last day I want to head back to the other side of Osorno to visit my last Barrio. It would be sweet.

Sunday, I got told at like 10 o’clock when church started that I would be teaching the Principles of the Gospel class. I had 20 students, 5 of which where investigators. It was sweet! I taught about the Second Coming and we laughed a ton.

If I was on Facebook my status would be: Still looking for new investigators. It also, strangely enough, started to rain again! This is very odd for summer. But hey, that’s cool still.

I am glad that you are all doing well. It’s so cool that Sam will be endowed! I love the Temple, and I want to go to it either the same day or the day after I get back from the mission. I am going to my favorite temple! Maybe when Sam gets back he will be home in time for my....WEDDING! Haha, just kidding.

I love you all. Please keep reading the scriptures, going to church, and praying everyday. It’s so important. I am probably the most worried about keeping these habits I have made. They say that good habits are easier to get rid of than bad ones. I want to keep getting up at 7 and doing my scriptures study. It’s so important.

Tell Sam that I will be waiting for some good pictures of his mission and companions. I can’t wait to see the difference between our missions. He will be a great missionary. And he will baptize lots of people. I just know it!

Take care,



Monday, November 26, 2012

Francisca’s baptism went really well

Hey Family!

This week the baptism went well. It got all pushed to the last minute. Our ward mssion leader is 18 years old and really doesn´t want to do anything. So, we had to plan and do everything last minute, but lucky for us everything worked out. The only problem is now that we don´t have any people that are progressing. We have to find some people to teach that can progress towards baptism.

Thanks for checking up on my garments...I´ve heard here in Chile that the mail gets lost a lot and so I am sure that in about 2 months more my stuff will be getting here. I am glad you sent it to me. I need new garments.

Wow Halo 4....that’s so crazy...and I heard Windows 8 came out. That’s so crazy....lots of stuff is happening now days. I am glad they had a good time playing. How is Silas doing? How does he feel being so old?

This Thanksgiving we were in the mission was good. We got to eat some good stuff there...but today I went and found a new food joint and wow...La Gringa (an American hamburger) was AMAZING! Haha, I also got my hair cut from a gay guy from the Dominican Republic today. He is way nice and always is happy to talk. He does a good job.

2 payments left? Wow...that’s a weird thought. It’s going to be really cool to get it all paid for. Then you´ll be back to paying only for 1 mission. I will be going onto my next mission....the "eternal" mission. Let...the...hunt...begin....

I have seen parents come to pick up’s not that great to be honest. First off, you are still tied to the mission rules. Second, it’s A TON of money. Third, all you really do is visit the people you knew. I would much rather meet you at the airport and from there talk with all of you, show off my horrible Spanish skills and tell stories (and many stories I have).

Josh is out in It’s so weird to think that in 2 more years Sam will be getting home and Josh too...and I will (HOPEFULLY) be married. I will be in school and studying. They will be walking around. Sweeet....Then I will be the one Skyping with them. They are going to have such a good time. The time goes fast...and you start to realize how bad the world really is. You also find out a lot about yourself. My next cambio is...the 19th of Dec. When I get changed...Sam will enter his mission. I think I am going to ask permission to write him straight to his email.

I am doing really well...I love life. I just keep on doing the best that I can and trying to stay on the right path. The closer to the end I get the more it seems I am tempted and Satan tries to bring me down. The pressure gets pushed up, and I have to keep on moving.

I sent some pictures of the baptism we had with Francisca. I hope you like it.

I love you all...


SAM_1058 (2)

SAM_1063 (2)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This week has been really good!


This week has been really good! We just blew this week up! We will be having another baptism this Saturday, and they picked me to do the baptizing! The last baptism was of Daniela. We found her when we were contacting on a Sunday. She had always wanted to be a Mormon but her mom never let her become one. She is now in Santiago. She says she wants to work in Australia. I am glad you liked the pictures, it was one of the weirdest things to happen to me in the mission.

Sounds like everyone has gotten MISSION FEVER! I will get home and not a single person will be there...not a single one. I remember when I got my call and then I started finding all kinds of Chileans in Tooele. It is so crazy. From the looks of things it sounds like Sam is having the same thing happen...but with his “small” people. I know he will have a good time on his mission. It’s a great thing to do and in the beginning it might be hard, but if he will just hold out it will become his life!

I am glad Emilee put in papers to go on the mission! It will be a good thing for her. She had always said she wanted to go. I am glad that she could finally achieve her wishes. Its fits that she should go to France as well. She always had a love for Europe and stuff.

Today came letters from the ward and the young women. Haha, I will now go home and open them and read them all. Hopefully I can answer them all. It will be sweet to see how everyone is doing. Thanks for sending me the package, I am sure it will be awesome. Hey...those garments never got here. I don´t know if you can check to see if they got here.

Silas, the big 16 years old! Wow, I can´t believe he is 16 years old. It just seems like yesterday that you sent me an email to say that he was turning 15. Now, when I get home I will be driven by my little brother to the house. How strange! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SILAS, I hope you have a good birthday and everything goes well.

Sorry that I am emailing on Tuesday...we had a Thanksgiving dinner in the mission home today, so they changed P-day to today. It was really good...I got to see lots of NEW faces in the mission.

Take care!

With Love


Monday, November 12, 2012

Back to Ecuador for a Baptism!!!

PICTURES!!  I hope you like them...I got called to go back to the Ecuador Ward to baptize the investigator I had found with Elder Barriga. In one of the pictures you can see that I am a bit...ODD. The mother of Daniel put her arm around me. It was really weird...haha but my face is priceless! It was super cool! It was good to see all my old friends and Bishop. He got a little water in his eye when I had to go again.

Things here have continued to go down hill. It’s been hard on everyone. Missionaries become unmotivated, investigators pick up on it and lose their will to progress. It’s really sad. 

As for the end of the mission coming up...I still haven’t thought much about it. I think it will hit me when I get my Carta Moroni. It’s a letter that tells you that you have 3 months left and they need to update your info to be able to send you home. Maybe then it will take a bigger effect. However, I am glad to hear that Kayleigh is ready to come pick me up. I will probably still be in Spanish she better start practicing Spanish!

As for Christmas, I really don´t have any idea of what you could send me. The truth is that I don´t know what I will need...after Christmas I will have like 2 transfers left till I get home. Maybe just send me candy and socks or something. Sorry, can´t really help you out too much.

Sounds like fun having to run around and getting stuff ready for Sam. It’s hard work, but in the end it’s worth it. It will be weird to not see Sam when I get home. However, I have gotten use to not seeing him. Shouldn´t be too hard...

The other day we had a class on the Word of Wisdom and an investigator was there. He read a scripture wrong and a guy in the class completely destroyed him. It was HORRIBLE! It started a huge fight between brethren...and in the end Nacho (the teacher) stopped it by destroying the guy who attacked the investigator. Haha, it was so funny.

Thanks for writing me...sorry I don´t have any crazy stories. I do love you all!

Take Care,


DSC02199 (2)

DSC02198 (2)

DSC02195 (2)

Monday, November 5, 2012

It will be really weird...Within the next 2 to 3 weeks my Carta Moroni should be getting here

Hey Family!! Looks like the difficulties of the mission life have come again. The baptisms we should be having will not be happening. It’s really lame...but hey that’s ok. I don´t think I will be leaving here until the final...cambio. It will be really weird...Within the next 2 to 3 weeks my Carta Moroni should be getting here. It’s the letter that asks for your info about your house before you go home. As for the stuff about Sam....I would follow the packet as close as you can. Waterpoof backpacks and rain gear will be very, very good to have there. The water proofing stuff only works for a bit...water is starting to get back in. To water proof here we put all our stuff in a plastic bag and close it up. Get him 2 thin but well closed (and with a good hood) coats so he can use one and wash the other. And if you can...try to find him some type of rain pants that go over his nice pants. Here I put on my normal pants and when it starts to rain I put on a second pair of waterproof pants to keep me dry. But we are coming out of the rainy season. As for the things are much more expensive here than they are there. For example a liter of milk is 650 pesos, or like a $1.25. There you buy 4 liters of milk for the same price. All missions are different...all presidents are different too. The double sheets are so that he can wash one and have the other ready. When I was in the MTC you had to use your own...but if you didn´t have some they provided bedding. Hopefully I answered all your questions. Sam is lucky to not being learning a language, because he gets into the field’s a lot easier to learn scriptures and other things. Plus he will have a great time with the people, because he can visit them again really easy. Tell him to start reading the stuff in don´t really have to study it but just read it. Sounds like it was hard for Daniel  Arnold to have his big brother leave. But he’s lucky...he will be able to see him again when he gets back. 2 years will go by in a wink of an eye and things will go back to normal. As for me I am getting close to the end of that very wink. It’s hard to get close to the end of the mission for 2 reasons; the first, is that you try your hardest and God throws down the hardest cards he´s got to try us and form us. Second, your body starts to wear down. I have been getting slower and the weight on my shoulders gets heavier. Things in my life are good....I am hoping I end my mission as a district leader. Shortly, this month which now has just started will be over and I will be making plans to talk over Skype with you all. It’s so crazy how fast time goes. Thanks for loving me! I love you all. With love, Ben

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hermano, yo sé que soy un borracho, pero ¿puedes orar por nosotros?

Hey Family!

  Wow, it’s the end of October. Where did the month go...the cambio is almost over, too (2 weeks left). Tomorrow President Rappleye will start the cambios. It’s been going well for me...been a bit tough with the other two guys in the house. One is very prideful and has attitude problems. It’s hard on all of us...we always try to stay away from anything that could cause him to want to fight.

Mark from Upgrades ETC...sent me an email. HE STARTED HIS OWN BUSINESS! Haha, I was so happy to hear that it’s going well. He says it’s paying off and will probably open a shop in Tooele. It’s so funny! 

Sounds like Josh is pretty much gone! He looks good in a suit and tie. Hope he likes things humid and hot! He might try to do some "work" on the car. I am sure he can pull out another 5 miles to the gallon. Sounds like the soup was inspired. I bet it helped to have you all there to support them. Now, Sam will be heading out. When I get one will be there. It’s so strange. I still can´t get over that it’s been almost 2 years.

Rian looks a lot like her Mom and Sam´s looking pretty skinny in these pictures. He looks bigger, too. Has he grown? 

I am glad I never started drinking or drugs! Here in Chile, I have seen the lives of people completely DESTORYED by drinking. The other day...we were contacting people in the street. 5 or 6 drunks asked for Cien Pesos (less than a quarter) so they could buy something to "drink". I stopped and said I couldn’t give them any money, but I had a card they could call to get a Book of Mormon. As I walked away, one of them called me back and asked me, "Hermano, yo sé que soy un borracho, pero ¿puedes orar por nosotros? (Brother, I know I am a drunk but could you please pray for us?). This was in a very busy street...but I decided to sit down with them and pray. My companion was stunned. He couldn´t believe that I prayed there with them. After the prayer I shook each by the hand and told them to take care. They all looked at me with smiles... I couldn´t believe I had done that. Lets hope they remember. It seems that the "Better, more free life"...seems to end up being enslaved by some power (Drinking, Money, Drugs, Etc...) and just losing all hope.

Sunday, I had to lead the music again in church. I remember having to do it in Puerto Natales! I don´t know why I had to do a ward of 100 people. But, I did it. COOL HUH? We had 7 people come to church and a baptism this Saturday! It was THE WORST week I´ve had in a while.

Well...I sent some pictures of the house. I hope you enjoy them.

I love you all very much. Please, take care.



Welcome to our home!!!


The other White House


Elder Marcel, our study area, and my guitar


Our room and our window leak


My bed


Our view


Dear diary, my gringo companion is very strange!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Wooo Hoo!!!


THAT’S SO SWEET! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! THAT WAS SO QUICK! He is going to the MTC way sooner than I thought...and well...I won`t be able to see him. You’ll only have 2 kids in the house for 3 months. Oregon will be a great mission! I bet he’ll have a way cool mission. He will be able to speak the language and everything right off the bat! I can´t believe he’ll be able to go to the temple on his mission. I am so jealous...I haven´t been in a year and 6 months.

As for the mission stuff he will be buying...I would buy some good quality stuff. He will be in the states where things can be washed normally and he’ll have nice places to live. You should have 2 light towels, and plenty of garments and socks. Make sure to buy shirts for about a week and 3 days just in case. But basically everything I have is holding up well.

Things here this last week were very crazy. As you know I have been district leader for almost an entire year...and I am always finding new things I must deal with. I had 2 elders in my district get into a fight (with words)...while I helped them work it out, one of them asked to talk to me alone. He opened completely up to me and told me how he felt. I helped him out, gave him a blessing, and we had an intercambio that day (he goes with me and my companion goes to his sector). Then I watched a guy get robbed...and the police came right around the corner and held the thief down! Haha, crazy...then an investigator got into a fight with her boyfriend (who disliked the missionaries) and we found her in the street. We talked about it with her and then her boyfriend called. The next day, we showed up to the house to see her and to check up on her. Her boyfriend was there, and their kids...he let us in the house. We talked a bit and laughed...he then invited us to eat with them. We couldn’t because we had another cita...they also told us that now they are going to get married! She’ll be able to be baptized now! We got to church and after calling all morning, no one showed up. I sat down and prayed that God would please help someone get there by some miracle. Then, while I was sitting there I saw an investigator get there with her sister. We ran and sat by them, and then...ANOTHER ONE showed up halfway through. She said she wanted to go to church so she did and she found out that her friends come there to. A recent covert to the church was made a high priest this Sunday...and he told me, "When I opened my eyes during the prayer, we were encircled by a ton of people dressed in white". It was so cool to hear that.

We also had interviews this week with President. They were good...we didn’t really talk much about me. I told him what was going on in the district and we made plans to help them out. Then we talked about the computers here in the mission a bit. I have to start looking for a replacement as the computer tech. He told me, "We need to get you a scholarship in Dixie so that your close to my house to fix my computers." I laughed pretty good, but I think he might have had a double meaning there. OH and the package got here with the food and so we went to the church in Mata and played soccer and volleyball and ate the candy together. And then...I GOT SMACKED IN THE FACE WITH THE hurt pretty good.

We also had a GOING TO HAWAII activity in the church. I got to make a video like we were on a plane...then the video of us dying! We died and and went to the FINAL was a good activity.

I am doing very well...Skylar wrote me. It was nice to hear from her...I get so busy that I just don´t have time to send the cards. I live kinda far away. I feel bad...but I will write her much more often. I have been having a great time with many new experiences. Sorry I can´t send pictures again...I don´t have much time. We got started late today.

I love you all so much!


With love,


Monday, October 15, 2012

Elder Marcel does a great job

Hey family!

About the Garments...I tried to get permission to buy them online but they wouldn´t let me. So I asked how we can do it, and they told me they were just going to call you. It was so lame....I didn´t like it. I could have done it in like 5 minutes. We have been having some problems with the New APs. They´ve gone either power hungry or just down right lame with stuff. Everything has to be done with permission, but they have been saying no to everything we want to do no. It’s really lame.

The mission life is going well...I am having a good time here. We played soccer and volleyball today with the zone (after a long hour of trying to get permission). My companion is really cool. Elder Marcel does a great job working. It’s been hard to get used to having 4 missionaries in the house. I found out that a friend of mine from here got called to the Salt Lake City South mission!!! He will be going there in February and I will be home in March. It’s going to be so sweet.... The momita here is a good one. She gives us all the normal Chilean food. She does our laundry for us, too. We HAD 9 people getting ready to be baptized, but they didn´t come to church, so now we only have 5 people. Pray that they can get there and do all they need to do.

I hope Sam gets called to a mission out of the States. Maybe it will be a really weird place he gets to go. But maybe he´ll get sent to Chile! FINGERS CROSSED!

Sounds like the good jokes on Mom are still happening. Haha, I loved scaring her to.

Sounds like everyone there is having a good time in school and NOT WORKING SAM. It’s been really interesting for me these past couple days. We had so many miracles happen. We found a ton of people and taught a ton of lessons. But, we got to taste the bitterness of opposition. Some of them didn´t get to church, and others changed their mind about being baptized. It’s been interesting. I have been trying my best to change my way of praying. I have been trying to master fervent praying. It’s hard work. I, at times, fall into the same old rote way of praying.

How are all of you doing? I hope your all well. How’s the scripture study and other spiritual stuff going? Sounds like Mom liked the general conference. It’s good stuff to work on your family history. I want to work on it when I get home. I think that it will be sweet to get to know the family.

I love you all. Take care and stay on the good narrow path.



Monday, October 8, 2012

Transferred to Rahue Bajo 2 with Elder Marcel


Hey Family!

I am doing really good. I have been healthy and eating well.

It’s been a good week. I got to my new sector...Rahue Bajo 2. It’s on the other side of the river here in Osorno. Different Zone, but same city. I am a DL. It’s pretty cool here. Elder Barriga came from this same sector! We live in the house with 4 of us. Now I am back to the same old Lunes (Monday) P day. It’s cool. My companion is named Elder Marcel, he is Chilean.


Elder Marcel & I


Everybody loves a guitar

Before I forget, I am going to be taking out some money...I need to buy some clothes and garments.

Sounds like everyone is getting ready to head out...and looks like all the new 18 year old Elders and 19 year old sisters will be heading out soon! Haha, what a crazy new thing! It’s going to be so crazy to see such young missionaries. This conference was really good and I learned a lot about what I need to do to help others and myself. I loved it.

You never know maybe Sam and I we will see each other before he heads out. It might be a bit till he has to go. It’s going to be pretty sweet.

I am glad to hear that Mom felt the spirit so strongly. If we live right and try our best, God will bless us to have the Spirit. It’s funny, because without the Spirit we cannot learn the truths God has for us. I know that it’s so important that we have the Spirit when we teach and learn. I am trying to be better about inviting him to be with us. Mom, you’re a good teacher. God will support you in the callings you will receive. That goes for you to Dad. I know God lifts us up to do things we can´t normally do.

I hope that you all keep reading and praying everyday. We must stay strong in our testimonies and keep our own conversion going. Not much time left to to prepare ourselves.

I am sending lots of pictures home! I hope you enjoy them.  These are some of the families in my old Sector and my new companion. I will send more pictures of the house next week.

Thanks for sending me the package. I will be good! So before I go, I HAVE to tell you what I learned.

The original plan for me was that after my 2 cambio in Lago Ranco, I was supposed to be made Financiero. But someone said it might be best to wait, because it’s a stressful Job. Haha, how crazy is that?! Looks like I have been guided to the places where I God wants me to go.

I know the church is true, and that God the father and his son Jesus Christ do live. They love us, and want us to have success. They will help us become what they want us to become.



Ecuador Ward Pictures









Saturday, September 29, 2012

Last General Conference in the Mission Field

Hey Family! Before I forget...would you mind sending me some lickerish (I forgot how to spell it I CHOOSE YOU SPELL CHECK! DONE...hehe) I am glad you liked the pictures here are some more. We went to bowl today. It was ok. It could have been more fun. This might just be my last P-day on strange. Woot! Go ECUADOR WARD! Its good to hear that Sam has his interview. I think he will go to a place outside the states...I am thinking...CANADA! Or somewhere like unto the first.... This mission life is great...just have to be ready for crazy stuff and food. It will be weird to not see Sam for 4 years. But he’ll do good. Silas, having trouble in English class......the good old days. I am sure we are pretty close to the same type of person. I realize now that, like you said, was the reason that we fought. We are going to have a blast when we are back together. Halloween isn’t as big here. They do, do it here. Sounds like you had a good date night...I can honestly say I haven´t had a good steak like that for such a long time. Oh well...some day. I hope you all have a good conference this coming weekend. I hope to receive lots of good help. It is my last conference in the mission field! I love you all take care! Ben   DSC02087 (2)
Bowling on P-Day
DSC02104 (2)
Elder Barker about to juggle some bowling balls!
DSC02084 (2)
Bowling Fun
DSC02102 (2)
Elder Barker

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Independence Day!

Hey family!

It’s been a long day today...we went to the church to play volleyball with the other missionaries. It was a really fun day, and for that same reason I am writing to you later than normal.

THE PICTURES ARE AWESOME! I can´t believe that Sam jumped out of a plane and he lived to tell the story. It was really fun to show Elder Barriga. It looks like you had a good time doing it. You don´t seem scared in the pictures at all...I thought you´d be crying like a baby....hmmm well done. for combios I don´t have the slightest Idea of what will happen this time around. Anything could happen. Some people already got changed whatever is going to happen is already made and done. Puerto Octay is about an hour from here. It’s a small village like Lago Ranco.

Fecha is date in English...which would mean in the mission that they have a date to be baptized...but sad part is that both people won´t be getting baptized. They didn’t come to church and so...well they won´t be able to be baptized.

When I get back Silas will be 6 ft 2 and playing basketball. Sounds like he is getting up there. How tall is he? Is he still skinny?

I am sending pictures to all of you. They are from the 18th (Independence Day). I have more videos than pictures so for that reason I won´t be able to send them to you.

Things here are a bit hard going...but we just gotta keep going and trying hard. At times I think Elder Barriga wants out of this place. Poor guy...I seem to always get companions who come from Sectors that are just on fire. I bet you he feels pretty down. I also think he got on the bad side of some of the members...hopefully things will clear up.

As for myself...I feel pretty good. Stressed at times, but doing pretty good. I have these amazing wants to work out though. I want to look like a stud. So, I am trying to do the best I can to work out and’s hard when you don´t have gym stuff.

Like I made mention before, the work here is doing good. I seem to do really well for the many challenges that are in the way. I think I got used to it. When you’re on the mission you become aware of the many faults you have. It becomes a challenge in and of itself. You have 2 options...kill it...or be killed by it. For me...I am struggling to kill it. When I get part of it down, it seems that I am blessed. For example, last week we showed up the entire Zone....then the beast shines it’s black fire head and the week begins to go back down. By the end of the mission I should have killed it all.

I am glad to see that you’re all doing well...and I am glad to hear Sam is almost there with his mission papers. Make sure that when Josh leaves for the MTC you take some good pictures of him or send some of the ones he takes.

I love you all so much.

Stay strong, read your scriptures everyday, and pray day and night.

DSC02028 (2)


Independence Day Dancing


Viva Chile!


Some of the party goers…

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Hey family!

It’s been a really good week. We’ve had some miracles and I’ve found the best haircut place in town! Its been really cool. I am glad that you liked the pictures...I don´t have any new ones because nothing cool has happened. I will be taking some during the 18 of Sept. Its going to be really cool. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we aren’t allow to work! We will  be stuck in the house all day. Running here is pretty popular...because everyone likes to play soccer. This week we went from having very few lessons with members to...having the most in the zone (according to the Zone Leaders). We have really been putting in a lot of work. We found a new person who accepted a fecha to be baptized on the 6th of Oct.

I’ve heard that there are many things going on with Romney. Everyone here is asking about him to0. It’s so’s a great way to start a conversation with people. However, we have to be careful so that no one gets going on the political side of things.

I can´t believe Sam went out  to skydive...that’s so crazy. I am sure he didn’t die because no one called me. I would never do that. It is freak´n nuts. Oh well....I will just stick to my wood chopping here in Chile. Sounds like things are going well for the exams he has to do. He is almost there...I can´t wait to find out where my little brother is going. Maybe he will be a duplicate of Dad and go to Italy. I met someone from there today. She was a working at the hair cutting place. She says she’s more Chilean now then Italian. Sounds like everyone is getting ready to go. They are all starting their trips and I am finishing mine. Its so strange... But its pretty sweet. 

Its been a really good week this week. We have had fun doing lots of walking around and teaching with people. Only 2 more weeks till cambios or so. It will be really weird to see what happens. I am hoping that they open up Port Octay as a sector and I want to go there. It would be so cool!

I am learning lots of lessons from the Lord. He is forming me up, molding me around, and hopefully I am do it with Humbleness. I want to be completely different at the end of this mission. Its a good experience.

I love you all,

Until next week


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Planting Seeds

Hey Family!

Glad to hear that all is going well for all of you. I am adding pictures now so you can all get a look at my current life. Its been a pretty slow P day...kinda nice to have one of those...We were playing with Mito the cat at the house and I am sending pictures of it to you. I am glad to hear everyone is feeling up a bit more. President Rappleye tells us that as Leaders we can´t be discouraged. We must have faith and let the others see that. If Brock dies during the end of the world in the MTC then he will get to see Moroni. There is a story that the mountains next to the MTC in Provo are the mountains where Moroni will come to blow his Trumpet

That would be so sick if Silas went there! I heard there in Germany they have some pretty sick places to see and visit. Silas is a lot like me...I have A TON of dreams about doing stuff...then like a week later it happens. It happens soooo much! Sometimes it sucks.

Things have gotten really quite "full of experience" (also known as hard). The other day an Area Seventy came and well...he talked about a lot of stuff we need to do in our sector. After the Conference...he pulled us aside to talk for a bit. We talked about the sector and the problems we have. I told him of my frustration that I wanted to see more people being baptized. He looked me straight in the face and said, "Your probably a sower of seeds, and  ¿QUE LE IMPORTA (What does it matter to you)? You’ve got to learn to be humble here in the mission." It hit hard...he then told me a few things that fit right in with my Patriarchal Blessing. I found President after and I said...those Seventy guys know their stuff. He laughed at me...

The new sister in my District went to BYU Idaho. She’s really cool and very sweet.

I love all mean so much to me. I will always try to honor the family name and make us known as good, strong Saints of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Take care,

Love Ben


DSC01873 (2)

Me and Elder Galarza

DSC01880 (2)

DSC01885 (2)

Elder Barriga and Me

DSC01926 (2)

Playing with Mito the kitty

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I am learning a lot about how to run a ward

Hey family!!

It’s awesome to hear that Brock is going to Florida! He is going to die of the heat there! He won´t have to worry about the snow for 2 whole years. However, there is a sad part...the END OF THE WORLD WILL BE HAPPENING WHILE HE IS IN THE MTC! Hahaha...

The mission work is going well here. The entire ward (not the entire ward but just about all of it) has gone into apostasy! Members are drinking tea and coffee...not keeping the Sabbath day, and all other types of sin! They are falling away and WE have to fix them all! The bishop, Elder Barriga, and myself are going to give talks next Sunday, what I like to call, THE ATTACK! Each one of us has a topic of which we will be talking about. I have been given the Word of Wisdom. We are starting weekly meetings with the head leaders of the ward. (This should of been happening before). I am learning a lot about how to run a ward. It seems like no one here is verifying anything. I can´t believe they want to be called Latter-day and yet act as children of the devil! Haha, very strong words. Sorry....I am not really actually mad nor stressed. I feel as calm as a summer’s morning. (Name that might not be exactly like that though). As for the’s slowing down. What’s happening is that my companion has gotten a bit lazy and not too obedient. I, however, am talking with him about it and we are working on the stuff that needs to be fixed. I am trying to live healthier. I run for 15 minutes everyday. We go out of the house and ran. He doesn´t cook anything good. Haha

I am learning a lot about the spirit...and I am trying to change and be a better leader. It’s really cool because I am learning a lot about verification. It seems that if you don´t breathe down people’s necks they don´t do anything of their own free will.

We don´t have any funny stories this week...maybe next week. Elder Barriga reminded me that I forgot my camera. Sorry...Elder Burge fail.

I love you all....keep doing the basics and keep the Sabbath day. We have to progress so we can get to the Holy Kingdom of God. I really desire that.

With Love


Saturday, August 25, 2012

My new companion is Elder Barriga from Santiago!!!


Hey Family!

We just got done playing Futbol. I suck...haha

Glad to hear everyone is still alive and well. Sounds like a good Idea for Silas to learn to comes in handy.

This picture of Fezz sitting on a ping pong ball makes me laugh!!! He looks so funny...It’s funny he thought he had to take care of it like it was an egg.  I don´t really understand how he can do that or why....but hey, if he likes the practice. Sounds like the guy has the girlfriend flu. Poor guy just wants a date or two.

That’s crazy that James Swenson is going to serve his mission in Chile. Haha, Chile is a good place to serve and it’s way fun. Wow...can´t believe everyone is leaving Stansbury now. All the people I knew are now heading off and doing their own thing. How strange....It’s cool though. Going sky diving is so crazy! Sam´s got to be careful, but hey it would be cool to do it.

I got a new companion. Elder Larsen went up to Valdiva! How crazy is that...and I am here with a Chilean called Elder Barriga. He is from Santiago. He has about 6 months in the mission. I will send you a picture when I get a chance...I brought my camera, but forgot my cables. He’s really gangster and prideful, haha. We will get people baptized easy. There are many people to get there. What’s so that he teaches really well and it will be cool to get people going with this.

The mission is going really well. I am really glad to be here. Working all day long, and trying to rest as well as I can.

A member gave me a pen with my name on was so funny. She felt grateful for all the visits we do and all the help we try to give to her. She was baptized when she was little, then she left the church and did some really bad stuff. Now however, we are getting her back bit by bit. She´ll be getting married here in a little while.

It’s been really busy this week because of cambios, but things should go a lot better now. I am pretty happy with things at the moment. There haven´t been any crazy things yet this this next week will have some good stuff.

Have fun this week in school and take care.

PS, I took out 40 dollars to buy some things. Elder Larsen didn´t leave the money for the sector behind. So I gotta pay for things....

I love you all....

Take good care until next week.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I am staying here for another cambio. The Lord has more work for me to do here.


Hey family!

It’s been a good week...well, hard on me, but a good week. We had lots of meetings and intercambios. Feels good to have a day to rest from my labors. Glad to hear everything is going well for all of you back home. Sounds like school will be crazy this year. That’s so crazy that Silas is in Langley’s English class! She is a great teacher. Keep working hard with her and you´ll do fine. Don´t worry about it too much haha, everything will work out in the end.

Wow, cool to hear that Rebekah is getting married! Chilean people are really nice and loving. They have a very close family relationship. I’ve noticed lots of marriage problems going on here where we are working. It’s so crazy...the Gospel is always the key to it. If both follow the Gospel they will be ok. It’s awesome.

GO SAM! I am glad to hear him starting his mission papers! It’ really good to do them, you start to feel things moving as you do that. Who knows where he will be called to...anywhere he goes will be the perfect place for him.

As for cambios...I haven´t heard who my companion is yet. But I do know that I am STAYING HAHA. The Lord has more work for me to do up here!! It’s so one could believe it. I am actually kinda glad...we just found some good people and families. I want to teach them and baptize them. Keep praying for us...we will need it.

I had a good interview with President the other’s been really good to have him around. He is a great president and he helps me progress really well, too. He will take part in making me into the man the Lord wants -the man I want to be when I get back. I am trying my hardest to make sure I have good habits on all the stuff...only 4 or 5 cambios left till I am out of here...and I need to be ready and prepared. I need to make the most of the time I have left here...IT’S A MUST!

I love you all...stay strong. I want you all to read and pray everyday. Go to church and make the most out of your time there. It’s so important....I have seen the change in people when they do these simple things. The Lord gave us these things, because they are the powerful. 

I have been thinking a lot lately about my strong points and where I lack a bit. While doing investigator named Patricio told me something that struck me a bit hard. He told me that he has never seen "passion" like I have for the Church. He said he could never have that in his life...and that he is glad to see someone who really has it. I was on an intercambio with Elder Abel in my sector. The day before that, I was in the Sector of the Zone Leaders on a intercambio and we were finishing out the day. It was like 8:30pm and we went to our last cita. I gave my testimony and turned to see Elder Arce, Paulina (the investigator), and Carlos (her boyfriend) all staring at me. Elder Arce had a huge smile on his face. Afterward, we talked about what we did good and how we can get better. He told me that if I taught in the way I gave my testimony that people wouldn´t be able to say no. He told me, jokingly, I was  "glowing". I never realized that my testimony had become so strong. I don´t know how...or why....but I like it.

I know this is the truth.

I love you all, so very much! Take care of yourselves and have a good week.



Saturday, August 11, 2012

It’s Been a Good Week


Hey Family!

Its been a good...weird week. I got the computer fixed...haha it was a miracle. Justin is working at Overstock? Thats so cool. Hows he doing? Its been a while since I talked with him. Sounds like Sam is getting on his way to getting to the mission. It will be so`ll be weird because I won´t see him for like 4 years but hey...its not that long of a time. Who knows maybe he will show up here to my mission...Hopefully he goes in before Christmas. Christmas in the MTC is pretty sweet I´ve heard.

Glad to hear that Moms surgery went well. Haha, my surgery was pretty good and quick. A person here, had a surgery and it was suppose to take like 2 took 5. Haha, it went smoothly but they just took it slow. The pain part is the worst part of it...Glad to hear your doing better! It sounds like Bishop has been a big help with it; along with the Relief Society. I am glad to have them taking care of you all. Because we all know that, even if I was there...I can´t cook so we´d be eating lots of ranch and Cheese thingies.

Haha Fezz has baby fever! Poor guy just wants to be dad. Ping pong ball do look like eggs...but is that pretty big? I just have this image of fezz, hanging off at a slight angle, on a ping pong ball. 

GO DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS! Haha, sounds like my day even Kayleigh will be playing it like her brothers! WE SHALL DOMINATE THE GAMING WORLD TOGETHER! I love camping...with my new fire making skills (and my numb chuck skills) I could live well for a while in the mountains. Plus... I am not scared to eat dead...animal heads anymore.

Thanks for the package! I had a great time with the ranch...I bought cheese to go with it and made a classic Ben food. Pictures Attached. Its really good...but gone now haha. Last Sunday, it was Kid Day here. We have so few children here that I could give a Pez to each. They loved it all...and Ninoska and Fransica (Granddaughters of Momita and Papito from Natales) loved the Pez so much that I gave them the Extra Pez fills and they ate them all in the first day! It was so funny.

One week left until...once again we have Cambios....I don´t want to leave yet. We just got one guy to Repentence, and another guy is warming up to us. He plays the guitar and we jam out together! Its great...Carolina, whom we are teaching for 5 weeks, finally told us why she doesn´t want to get baptized. She already was. Haha, that shocked up. Also, Felipe is finally praying in the name of Jesus Christ and he really wants to know if Christ is the Son of God. He is praying to know. Its been so good this week.

I got to participate in the blessing of a baby here in the ward. It was amazing...I couldn´t believe how the spirit felt. He was so tiny...a premature baby. It was awesome.

Today we had to get up at 6 a.m. to come to the church to fill the Baptismal font for a baptism in the Mission Branch in Entre Lagos. I am so tired!

Its been really good...things have gone well for us. And sounds like the same for you all. I love you all.

Glad to hear  your all doing well...

With Love,


DSC01872 (2)

Ben Food

DSC01870 (2)

DSC01869 (2)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

I’m Having a Good Time Still…Staying Positive


Hey Family!
I am working on the computer of the Family Lillo. They had problems with their internet. It’s been pretty weird working on systems again. I still can´t figure out what is wrong with it. It’s hard to work like this without all my old tools and shop set up. But I should be able to fix it. It has to do with Windows Vista...the beast of problems. Good to hear that the family is doing well. I am doing very well. It’s very cool to be herein the mission. Ian, I haven´t seen him in many years. It’s so weird. I wonder how he is doing. I think it would be cool to go back to see him someday. It’s weird he is still there in Tooele.

Sounds like Sam and Dad are having a good time with their horrible colds.  Sam will do a lot better when he has those papers in. It will give him the will to leave and see the place where he is going. He will always be much happier knowing that he is going to leave instead of just sitting around and waiting.

As for the whole baptizing thing...It’s hard a times because we are here. But it’s mostly my fault. It’s not the fault of the sector, the people, the companion, but in the end it’s my fault. If I do what I am supposed to do, and do it the way the Lord wants...I could have many more. It’s just hard to keep going at times when your having to do everything...trying to change your companion, and helping people let you in and get over their problems when you have your own. But, I am starting to get better at the whole thing. This week we have invited 3 people to be baptized but none of them have excepted because of family issues. They don´t want to be alone in the church. Just make sure that Sam, Josh, and Brock all know that in the end...they have to give it their all! If they don´t, they will never see the success they want. They must realize it is completely on them if they have success or not. It’s good...the work is real good. Haha
I am having a good time still...trying to stay positive but it’s hard at times! Just got to keep going......keep trying and all will go well. Sorry, I don´t have much time to write you all.

I love you all so much...I will send pictures with me and the stuff I got from the package. I got it just so you know...and Mom the whole operation will be easy. I know it seems scary but it’s me! I KNOW! HAHA....


Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Got A New Scripture Cover!!

Hey everyone!

I am doing pretty good these days. It’s been getting a bit hard for us as for the work...lots of times we get down in the dumps or lose interest to work. Its a current, and very common probably in the mission. It can be hard at times. I still haven´t gotten the package yet...but a package did come from Punta Arenas....PICTURES ATTACHED...I got my new hand made leather scripture case! I love it! I can´t wait to get some candy...I have an investigator asking me to bring her some stuff. Haha

JOSH FINALLY GOT THE CALL!!!!!!! I HAVE A FRIEND WHO LOVES NEAR THERE! HE JUST FINSIHED HIS back to the normal letters. That’s so cool! I bet he will be hot all the time...what luck that he doesn’t have to learn another language. It’s really tough to learn a new language. Wow...Halloween is coming up isn’t it. Not too far away...and that means I will almost be ready to be heading home. And Ethan to Mexico...he will probably get shot at least twice and robbed about 5 times. Haha...just remember Ethan not to say ¡QUE TE PASA HOMBRE! at someone who looks unfriendly They might get in your face...My kid in the mission is from Mexico.

The B-B-Q is from before I got my haircut I think. So I look even better than before! The shirt is a shirt I got as a Zone with our picture on it, and our names on the back. Its really cool. As for Elder Larsen and I...we are working on things. We are getting there. Its hard because there is a lot of change. But, good news is the Part member family is well. Raul, called us to come over and told us...why do I feel this peace when you come to my house to teach me...and why don´t I feel this in my own Church. His wife then said, its because your church isn’t the true church. ¡EN TU CARA HOMBRE! Which made him go...oh yeah...could be true. Well, then I am going to go to your church this week to see if I feel the same way. PRAY HARD THEY GET THERE!

That guy looks just like Sam!! That’s so look pretty skinny there dude....shouldn’t you be lifting weights of something like that? I have plan to look so good when I get back for the Mina (Means babe in Chilean) searching I will be doing...Because during December it will be summer and I can run in the mornings. That’s so weird to see you with a twin...

Glad to hear you go the upgrade! Its about time they did something about it....I bet you its a lot nicer. Speaking of cool new stuff...the church has some really good new videos about Chirst! You should check them out.

I am doing well...trying to over come my imperfections and my anxiety problem. This means that when I make a mistake I feel really bad...and it bugs me so bad I get sick (Headache, I don´t want to eat...etc). I will keep trucking along...let’s hope to see another baptism this Agosto! School starts soon....MUHAHAHA!

I love you all...thanks for the prayers.




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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Osorno Zone P-day B-B-Q at the Mission President’s House


1)Hna. Perez, Hna. Chamorro, Elder Galarza, Elder Barker, Elder Trujillo, Elder Mietchen
2) Sis. & Bro. Thorup, Hna. Biddulph, Hna. Lanzas, Hna. Furniss, Hna. Goodman, Hna. Kitto, Hna. Parks, Elder Klinkefus, Elder Abel, Elder Burge, Elder Nelson, Elder Carmen, Elder Reich, Elder Arce, Elder Mamani, Elder Larsen, Elder Cardozo, Elder Thorup, Elder Coria
3) Hna. & Pres. Rappleye, Elder Goodman


Saturday, July 21, 2012

It’s been a bit of a hard week, but I’m still staying strong in my new Guante shoes


Hey Family!

I am writing from the Church, because we are filling up the Font for a baptism. It’s going to be a great day for the Antillanca Ward. It’s been a really interesting week for me as a district leader. Lots of stuff happening in these parts, and even more stuff for me to take part in. It all started with Hermana Kitto. She was showing the other girls the other night that she could  do the she did so, her knee popped out of its place! She DISLOCATED HER LEG! So, she got it back in place and put ice on it. Then last Saturday at the party, everyone left and I stuck around to help president out with his computers and she asked me to give her a blessing. It was one of the most personal blessings yet. I got done...she was so happy from what God had to say. Then I walked around the corner to find the president, his wife, and the Goodmans all silently listening. It was funny. Then Hermana Perez, and Hermana Lanzas had a hard week. I had talked about unity in our district meeting. brought everyone to really think how we are doing with our companion. They decided to talk about the things that they wanted to work on...and it was hard to take for the both of them. I got a call about 4 in the afternoon and told to go to their house. I went, and we talked a bit about stuff. Then, I asked for them to allow me to give them a blessing. They both wanted one. The blessings...were amazing.

I like your haircut Sam. I got mine today. You look so funny in the picture! Haha.Silas, you steal´n my bird?  That’s so funny he thinks that Silas is me, must be good looking then! And a driving maniac! Just like the good ol´ days. Sounds like you’re a good driver too. Makes me proud. Have you taken out the old Silver Bullet yet? I didn´t get to learn the Charango today because I have to get stuff ready here. It’s been pretty cool to have stuff like that here.

I am loving the whole package thing. It will be sweet to eat the sweets. As for me, I have been making friends with the locale street dogs. We have a dog who has followed us around for about 2 weeks. He is named Amigo, and he is a good looking dog. Very well behaved, but it’s a bit hard to walk about with a dog at the right side of ya all the time.

I heard about the batman guy the other day...that’s so messed up. People are losing themselves in the world. There are way to many voices, all wanting to talk to us and tell us what to do. The getting worse. What can we do but keep going with what God says. We must preach and show these people exactly who God is, and why we are here. It’s hard because we find people, lost, who just don´t know what to do.

It’s been a bit of a hard week for me, but still staying strong. Keep reading everyday the will keep you on the right track. I know that if we read the scriptures everyday, pray and go to church we cannot be lead astray by the evil and cunning plan of the adversary.

Guante is the shoe I’s made here in Chile and I heard they are really good. I like them and they actually fit well.





I love you all so much.