Monday, March 4, 2013

It has been bittersweet…I am more Chilean than the beans…

KAYKAY YOU CHANGED YOUR HAIR! I didn´t know who it was until I zoomed in. You look more like mom now! It has been bittersweet. Last night my companion and I cried like little girls. I am stressed out about knowing if I have done all that I could have...and he made me cry. Then he cried as he started telling me about all the things that I have done for the people. Then that made me cry again! Then we took all the numbers for the zone and went to bed. It’s a lot tougher than I thought. It’s my last week...and no one knows it really.

Like you have heard me say body is dying.  I can know tell you I am experienced in having tendinitis. I have it in both my feet. I hurts to walk...and sometimes it just hurts. I just had deja vu. I have had a lot of that recently. Mom, don´t worry. I will be able to rest my feet when I get home. The doctor said it’s the only thing I need to do for it to heal up. So, in one week from now I will rest. I don´t know if I told you this before...but about a week ago I saw a doctor lady who was looking at all the feet of the missionaries and she looked at mine and told me, these are feet of a great missionary. I asked her why and she said...because they are very, very callused feet. She then took a knife and cut them off. Crazy cool!

I am ready to paint the room! Pick a good color, save some newspapers and lets go! Then we can chop like a meter of wood! Haha, it would be cool. Just to let you know I have lost weight and I will be happy to show all my carnets and the weight loss in the mission.
Crudos...are actually good and I didn´t get sick! LOOK AT THAT! Something that is horribly gross to look at and think about that is good and safe! Speaking about food...taco soup would be cool to eat. I honestly will just be happy to be eating moms food again! I want to try to lose a bit more weight, so if you want you can make salad and I will show you just how well I can now eat it. CHOU NO MAS with resting! I have 14 hours in a plane to rest...I will be hanging out with you all instead. I have learned how to sleep in buses (airplanes included)!!

I am so arms are so burnt that I look just down right dumb when I have shorts on. I am so white and my arms and head so brown! Sometimes they ask me what part of Chile I am from! I am more Chilean than the beans! (Classic Chilean phrase)
I don´t feel like I have changed at all to be honest. I feel that everything around me has changed and yet I have stayed them same. I am sure that it’s not true but at least I feel that way! For example when people that speak English try to speak Spanish their voice changes. Mine does not! I have the same voice when I speak Spanish as in English. Everyone is amazed about that.

As for the’s going to have to stay here. It’s too much work to bring it back to the states.’s not a good guitar so I am not to worried about it.
See you all next week!

I love you! Chou!

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