Monday, June 27, 2011

Volcano pictures from the Lago Ranco website

Soldiers unloading evacuees

Kid wading through ash covered Lago Ranco

Public officials with boxes of dust masks

Ash raining down on street

More ash on street

Another view of ash fallout

People at evacuation center

Buses of evacuees

Another evacuation center scene

Ash fallout along lakefront

Townspeople looking at ash on lake

Plume of volcano with lightning

People swimming in the ash covered lake

I love prayer


Thank you all for the food...I got the package that day like 30 minutes after my email! Haha, its super funny, everything made it. However, the peanut butter cups melted on the way...reformed and made a giant peanut butter cup. It is no longer in here however. Haha, we ate the thing up like there was no tomorrow! We have been eating all the peanut butter...which is amazing! And most of my hot chocolate is gone now. I think I have one left. Today, I made some pancakes....which went pretty well for us. Haha, Elder Muñoz doesn´t really like it with syrup. Its actually very strange...I love my watch so much! Honestly...its nice not to have to pull it out of my pocket everytime I want to look at the the time. Thank as well for the recipes!!

Sorry that the email is a little late...its a holiday here and we didn´t leave Lago Ranco. So most places were closed...but this store opened at 1 so we were able to send emails! Its been really interesting this week. I forgot my wallet on the bus...and didn´t realize it till we got home. Then...we went to look for it...waited for the bus for an hour and it never came. I was praying...and calling the office to tell them I had just lost my Paper of Residence...que crap...and I got the impression to go look one more time. We went and looked but the bus wasn´t there so started to leave...and BOOM there was the bus and the owner was a nice person and had searched the bus before anyone else got on. So he had it waiting for me. I know most of the drivers, because I am the only white guy that lives in Lago Ranco. I won´t be able to send pictures...the computer is messed up. I know it has a number of viruses. 

Haha you gave talks...and I gave a talk the same day! Mine was on the restoration...I here from others that yours was on charity. Haha, its hard being a missionary and in the branch presidency, oh ya, and now my companion is the district leader this combio. WHOAAA COMBIO DOS. Talks...and sacraments prayers (I also did that Sunday too.) I don´t know how I live this life... I heard your talks were really good, and that you talked about me.

Sam - FINALLY YOUR GOOD LOOK PAID OFF...haha what are you a cook or a cleaner? How much do you make an hour? I bet it will be really awesome, because working is actually a lot more fun than you would think. I can just won´t ask for money anymore! Haha, I am sure it will be very fun and good to have some cash to use.

Haha, my sad. I like both brands...haha it should be really good to have a new one around. Maybe you can teach fezz to use that badboy. I miss that little guy so much. Honestly, when I get back home I am going to love on him for weeks!! And if I head off to college super fast after my mission, I will come visit him (if I can´t take him with me) every single day! My shoulders just don´t feel the same....and my ears seem to be a lot less clean now that his little head isn´t in my ear all the time.

Ya, we have had problems with that stupid volcano. Ash is everywhere...and it gets everywhere too. I hate it...makes me cough and I have to wear something over my nose. So...when this happens you pray! And when you doesn´t rain ash. And I love prayer. here are super expensive...but they are so amazing! Maybe in a combio or two I will get one.


Elder Burge

Monday, June 20, 2011

I am glad I came here. Honestly...this is a good thing for me. I am becoming a better me!

Well hey there family, good to know that everything is going well. Let me start with Carlos and Sebatián. They are doing amazing! We´ve talked about the Word of Wisdom and both said they would stop drinking coffee. So far so good on that promise...but more news. They are both cousins of Pablo, and two more of his cousins are now having lessons with us too. Oh, and his aunt! They are so receptive to the gospel...seriously. We spend like 4 hours every other day in El Compo (the fields...haha) and teach so many different lessons. Hopefully the new date, July 30th, will be full of baptisms!

My visa, is finished! I have my temp. paper saying I am ok to live here and in a few weeks I will have my full card! Super easy actually...I took the packet down...she took it from me...and now we're off and running!

Another good note...this week my spanish improved quite a bit! Seriously, I can´t believe how much I can understand...and I can speak much better now too. Elder Muñoz is helping me with making my spanish proper and correct. Haha, its been many mistakes...and words that don´t make sense.

Haha, well hello to all the people following my blog....that I have only seen like 3 or 4 times. Hello Brother Crane! Future missionaries...haha how funny. Thats actually a really good idea...helps put things in view. Not much longer...and the papers for the mission will be in for most of them. Gotta build up the list...

One thing that I have noticed is...this never was a hard change for me. I never felt overwhelmed. Yeah...I hated the language, but honestly I feel good. Really really good. I love where I many drunks and weird toothless people. But, honestly I don´t care. They are all the same to me...people who need what God has to give. I don´t mind getting up at 5 in the morning for Zone Conference...I don´t mind doing the sacrament prayers. Its amazing how much I do...and I don´t mind doing it. Weird...

I am so glad to hear that Chicago was awesome!!! Haha, honestly I know you needed that little trip. Kinda like P day...I love P days. Haha, homeless people...around here they just find an old house no one uses and sleep there for the night. Plus...everyone in Lago Ranco...for the most part (some don´t...), look homeless anyway! Haha, funny people.

You actually get good thats probably one thing I miss really bad. The food here is good sometimes...but mostly its not. Haha.

Alright....gotta load some pictures up here.

I love you so much. I am glad I came here. Honestly...this is a good thing for me. I am becoming a better me! Haha...I love it.


Elder Burge

New P-day Shoes for Elder Munoz

In a Zone far, far away

Three shirts just to stay warm in the house

The Elders on the bus go round and round all thru the town

Chilean 7-11.  No Slurpees?!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Chilean life...oh how strange and wonderful it is all at the same time

Wow so much as happened...wait gotta get the pictures started. Lago Ranco hasn't got hit with anything yet...still clean water and all kinds of good air. However, we aren't safe yet...looks like the wind might blow crap towards us now. So we have to be ready to leave...again. Funny enough, the past week the language hasn't been too bad for me...I mean, I don´t know a lot, but its been super nice. I start and finish contacts all by myself, and I help a lot more in the lessons. I am actually having fun with it!

Chilean life...oh how strange and wonderful it is all at the same time. Things have been interesting...the food has gotten better. Oh, so I just found 2 packs of Cadbury Eggs and Jerky in my backpack. All of which, is still very good and gone now. Haha, Elder Muñoz said it was, "RICCCO". Haha...I didn´t know it was in there. I was on the bus coming home from Rio Bueno and I saw a new zipper I had never home and boom! Happy day for all!

The momita. The houses are nice...except for ours. Its a missionary home...very humbling for everyone. She is much nicer now that I can eat all the food she hands me. Haha, she talks a lot more now as well. Her husband is the only person in Chile that can drive a stick shift right...holy cow. No one here can drive one of this things. I want to scream...poor cars. Its been super busy with all the news people staying at her place. So, we have been helping out a bit. We eat in a different room with her family. Its really cozy and we all have our own spots at the table.

Carlos now has his date set back...he missed sacrament because he's a firefighter here. I didn´t know he was till Sunday. He's been super busy with the volcano and crap going on. And Sabatián hopefully will be able to convince his parents everything is all good.

Haha, why didn´t Hma. Kitto bring some cookies to us? I would love to have some cookies in the house...we have plans to make a cake here soon during P day with the momita. Mom, could you send me 2 good recipes for a cheesecake and just a normal cake? Oh, maybe the giant cookie!

Tell Josh I said hi...he needs to email me. I miss the guy...haha.

Chicago...the place I thought I might go on my mission. And now...I am on the bottom of the world. Haha that sounds like a lot of fun! Relax and have a good time...that means you Dad. ;) Don´t plan anything fun...just go do fun things. Thats how we roll during P days...again today we are in Osorno. Crazy crap...hopefully here soon I can find a person to make me a nice guitar!

LA CAHA! (Ben's old car passed another inspection) I miss that old car. I hope she makes it for a little bit longer. Time is flying by! All kinds of stuff are happening and my second combio starts in... 2 weeks...3 weeks...somewhere around there. Holy crap...

President Lovell, told me that he has family in Stansbury Park. The Meyers. He said after my mission he wants to visit us in Stansbury and see how things went. Haha I told him sure thing!

I love you Silas. High school will be me. Just make lots of good friends and it will be a super fun time.

I can´t wait to get home to see how you have all grown up...but I still have lots of work to you have to wait 21 more months.

Tell sam...NOVEMBER!!


Benny Boo

 Puyehue Volcano erupting near Lago Ranco

 Carlos the Firefighter

 P-Day trip with zone to waterfall

 Main floor in Lago Ranco missionary house

 Side room on main floor

 Spacious kitchen

 Sink & stove


 Shower - 6 minutes of hot water a day
 Lago Rango missionary home main entrance


Monday, June 6, 2011

The volcano has caused us some problems...

BEFORE I FORGET...the bread has lard in it.
I can get those pictures for you if you want. Sorry, I would send pictures today but this computer is being weird. I am in La Union. The volcano has caused us some problems. It went off, and ya its pretty close. Well...there were some earthquakes...none of which I could feel. Then the pres called said we needed to leave...but then he changed his mind...then yesterday it started having problems again. So we had to yesterday after sacrament...which I conducted...we left for La Union for the night. So in a little while we are going to be heading back home to Lago Ranco. I miss it so bad I really wish I could of stayed. I have a ton of pictures of the volcano and one of Carlos! either later today when I back in Lago Ranco or next Monday.
Pablo...he is a member. He has been for about 2 months of so. He is super cool haha. Ya that is the same guy. He is pretty sweet...doesn´t have Xbox Live though so I can´t give you his gamer tag. Haha
My momita's house...ya its an inn and cabañas (cabins). You can click this link to go to her website:
Hosteria Phoenix
My visa stuff hasn´t been able to get done. Everytime we go to Osorno the office isn´t open...and we couldn´t go today because we have to go back to Lago Ranco. So...we need to figure out a plan for this.
Our cooking...we make the simple things like eggs or pasta. Cereal is our my source of food in the house. But I am thinking about making curipan. Its super rico!! We buy food and other stuff at just random stores. Most of the time we go to Bigger in Rio Bueno. When we go to our meetings with the zone that's the time we get stuff we might need. The prices are pretty close to what we have in Utah. But...the tax is already in the price. So if you see something...that also is the tax in it. I think I have seen a Lider close to Lago Ranco. Bad thing is...we can´t order food online because of the rules. Email only! Thank you mom...for all your love.
The package sounds amazing!! Peanut butter is super expensive here. Like 5 mil pesos for a super tiny jar! They also don´t sell peanut butter cups here. Qué crap... Ya my watch broke -- which sucks.  I have been able to still use it but just as a "pocket watch" haha I made a funny. ZERO BARS!! I am so happy! I love those things! Nasty soup...haha funny.  Thing is my stomach must of changed because I can eat all of momita's food now...and the same amount my companion can. The spririt has helped me so much...