Monday, January 16, 2012

It's been really good and hot here

Hey Family!

I am glad to hear that Kayleigh gave a good talk. I gave a talk in sacrament, too. I cracked a few jokes, and thought that it was the best thing ever, the end people told me that one of the words I used, thinking that it wasn´t bad, was bad. But it's only bad for the older people, for the youth it's normal and it's correct. I miss eating the cheese and ranch dressing. I am glad to hear that Alyssa gave a really good talk. It's got to be a bit weird giving a talk at the end of your mission.

Things here are really good. We should have a baptism this Saturday, and we found some really good people who seem to be super receptive. I have 4 baptisms I want to have next combio. It should be really good...we haven´t heard about combios. However, I am really sure that Elder Medina will leave and I will be here. I don´t have an idea with whom...

I am still trying to decide if I want to buy a guitar...I know which I would get, but I don´t know if it's a good idea or not. I want to...but at the same time I don´t have a lot of time to play it. I have to think still. I don´t have access to music, but I could have the papito here give me some. I could learn a few songs and it would be pretty cool. I´m not sure when I could learn the songs and things like that.

I got to eat cheese from the countryside here! It's really good and doesn´t need to be cold at all. The outside is hard, but the inside is soooo goood. It's been really fun to eat stuff the way it is before it's changed.

I don´t really like spending money from my account. It's not what that's for. It's for paying the $400 every month. So I only use it when I have no other choice. I am glad that I have good money skills...I always seem to have more money than the rest of the missionaries. It's really nice...My companion has 8 mil left and I have 30 mil left! Haha, it's a big difference and I eat WAY more than he does.

I feel a lot better and haven´t had any problems since I bought the medicine. It's been nice to sleep without having to breath out my mouth all night long.

I am glad to hear my car is stilling living well. My car here in Pucon is super popular. I have seen 10 of them here. They make me happy when I see them. The ones here look brand new a lot of the time. I gotta learn how to fix cars when I get back. I think that would be so sweet to know.

So, I am going to explain these pictures. One of the members here has a HUGE box full of bees on his roof. And I was asking him about it and he was like, I can go up there and do what I want and they don´t do a thing. So he went up, and ITS TRUE! He ate the honey comb in front of them and they didn´t do anything. He picked them up and all kinds of stuff, and they just sat there. He let us have some to's like gum. The honey, as you chew, comes out and you eat that and the honey comb turns into a gum like thing. I love it! It's super sweet and not like the honey in the states. He started explaining all the stuff about the bees and how they work and the different types. One time he was stung 30 times by them. He's so crazy...

It's been really good and hot here. It's been a bit hard to work with all the heat, but I am really tan that's a bonus.

I love you all so much!

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