Monday, January 23, 2012

Eduardo baptized & I'm a new dad & district leader...CRAZY!!!

You guys are never going to guess what has happened to me this week...

But first...How are you all?

Sounds like Seminary will be really fun haha. I like the classes like that. You learn a ton about the things of the gospel. It's super lucky that Brock, Sam, & Silas have it together...that's so weird. They might be in classes, but I will be "teaching" classes ;)

The new shipment of Books of Mormon

Haha, I am glad to see that things are going well with the movies. I haven´t seen a movie in almost a year...haha. It was really great working as a tech in the tech shop. I loved it a ton. I miss that kinda of work sometimes.

It's funny that you should ask about being dunked...I have a great story and experience. So, Eduardo (Edward) has been progressing really well that well...he got baptized this last Saturday and confirmed Sunday! But, the part that is just as crazy is....I did it. Haha, he wanted me to baptize him and so I did. It was so crazy!! I have photos that I will send. It's been really cool. It was so crazy...and I did alright. It took only one time.

Eduardo and I

On our way into the font!!

We did it - look at that smile!!

Eduardo, me, & Elder Medina

As for the combios...this is where it gets crazy. Elder Medina is leaving...and going to Coyhaique. It's the second farthest part of the mission south (Punta Arenas being the farthest).

We'll miss Elder Medina - He's awesome!!! Look out Coyhaique!!

But that's not the crazy part...I got a call from the President...I will be training a new missionary...and well it doesn´t end there either. I will be a trainer and the district leader. All at the same time!!!! I WANT TO DIE! I have never done either of them!! I have no idea if my companion is a gringo or latino. And while I struggle with that, the Lord saw fit to put me at district leader. It's going to be crazy...

My glasses are doing fine. They haven´t broken and I still have the other pair that I brought with me here. Thanks for asking...haha

I am glad to see that your friends like my pictures. Haha, it's really cool. I will send some of the volcano here pretty likes to send off smoke a lot. It hasn´t gone off in over 20 years, but it shouldn´t, because every once and a while it lets some "steam" off!

Ok, I will buy the guitar. I will go do it today. I also have to pull out a bit a money to buy gas...because I have the money, but now I found out I have to leave to go pick of my kid.

In the mission when you train you are called a dad, and the one you're training is your kid. So, I am officially a dad...Haha, so I have to go to Osorno and pick him up. So I will pull the money out for the gas and guitar. I might pick up a tuner too...

As for my birthday, the only thing I would like to have is a book of magic tricks maybe...and maybe garments. I really don´t need too much. Did you know that my birthday is the same day as the mamita here? We´re going to celebrate together! Haha...

It's been really crazy this week...

I love Fezz so much! Haha, it's crazy that he will still remember me by the time that I get back home. I can´t believe he thinks the bird in the mirror is real. Haha, it's really crazy....

It's a little over a year left...and who knows what will happen. All the people I know are saying that I will be zone leader in a little bit...let's hope not!!! It's so much to do...I am going to die!!!

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