Monday, January 9, 2012

My week has been a bit hard...I thought I had changed a ton but really my change was tiny

Hey Family!

I am glad that you all loved the pictures that I sent you all. Our place isn´t too bad, but the hard part is that it's really hot in the house during the day. Finally, it rained and it's been pretty cool around here. The cherries are amazing here and very fun to pick from the favorite part. I like my Cookie monster shirt and so do all the people that are here. I get so many comments about it.

We have a lot of investigators here in Pucon. Hopefully we are going to have a baptism here in a little bit. He has to stop smoking and stuff, but he has done realy well with that. He wants to get baptized to have a better life and everything. So I know that the movitation is strong.

The reason I asked about the money is I might end up buying a guitar here. I was looking at some today and wanted to know...I want to buy one for 39,500 pesos or like 80 bucks. And I don´t want to buy it if it will drop the money too low. So, I don´t know what I will do...

For the medicine, I had to buy stuff for my nose. I got sick again and I couldn't breath or anything. I wasn't sleeping in the night time and stuff. It wasn't too fun, but hey it's the way things go in life right? I am feeling better finally and can focus myself a bit more.

Wow, Kayleigh gets to speak in church? That will be so cool. Don´t worry about how many people there are, because the truth is they just want to listen to what you have to say. It's actually kinda fun to talk in church. I like doing it! I can´t belive that Alyssa is back...things always seem to go so quick. I can still remember when she left for her mission. How strange...

Haha, that's so funny that your phone kept going off! That has to be a bit lame...haha. I can just imagine your face...makes me laugh. It's like the time with the car alarm on the van and you were driving down the street. Haha, it's so funny. A lot of the time here, the church always starts late and we get out late! Haha, so looks like we are on the same page as you are. I don't mind it...I just like to be in the church so it's cool. How are your classes going? How many teachers do we have now?

As for Mrs. can always just ask Bishop Gibbons how you can call the sisters or the elders. If you give it to them face to face, they don't need a phone number.

My week has been a bit hard. I keep reading stuff in my patriarchal blessing and the scriptures that are just a bit hard to take. More and more, I understand what God wants and expects of me...and it's hard, because at times I don´t want to change. I prayed a lot last night and found a ton of scriptures today that were just palos (or hard to take, really strong). At times, He is very direct with me...and it's hard. It's like one of the apostles of Chirst said in the Bible...To be chastened isn't fun or easy (I don´t remember who or his exact words, but that is basically what he said). God wants me to be someone, and I am afraid to be that person. So, this conflict takes a toll on me. But hey, I have to accept what he wants and change. It's hard...I thought I had changed a ton but really my change was tiny.

This mission is good, we have combios in 2 more weeks. So we will see what will happen. I am sure that Elder Medina will leave, but I am not sure who will come in. I am so tired haha...I am going to go home and sleep.

Its been really interesting here. I am glad to be here.

I started drawing a lot here. I draw flowers and anime...haha, or at least I try to do it. It's how I fill up my P-day with things that relax me.


Ok, I believed that you weren´t crying...but now that I read all of the email you DID CRY! I KNEW IT....and the Old Spice's good to know for after my mission! You started playing World of Warcraft again a week ago, and you're already are level 50? Holy cow...

I love Jason Mraz. Are his songs easy or hard to play?

What do you mean the reverse is weird? She's really old and at times I have fear that she will die before I can get back. I want to drive her one last time...You should get your permit so you can drive around and do real dates.

I sent you a letter just for you. Very special, let me know when you get it.

Well, I love you all very much!


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