Monday, December 17, 2012

It’s a bit weird to see how much you all change

Hey family! Still not any garments in sight. I went this morning and didn´t find any. I am sure they will come. It might take time but it will get here, because is Christmas and all. WOOOOH FAREWELL TALK! I remember mine...tough stuff. However, I now can give a talk in front of a ton of people and I can do it we are alright. Sam will be able to give a great talk after he is done with the mission. Tell Sam to write down as much as he can in the setting apart. The other day we were talking about it, and there are a lot of prophesies that happen in them that come true. The MTC will be awesome...tell him to eat all the cereal that he wants to. It’s the best part about lunch. I am going to get permission from President to write to Sam by email. I know he will give me permission. The other day I got a call and I had to go into the office. They wanted to buy a program to use to make videos for the missionaries going home. The program they were using before was hacked. So I bought the thing...I felt so cool talking to President, telling him the pros and cons of the program I want to buy, and then getting permission to buy the thing. I had to talk to the Finance guy and everything. I felt so...big. Then I had the office people make 4 copies of the installers so that it doesn´t get lost or broken. When I look at the pictures of you all I feel like your’re all so different. I don´t recognize Silas much any more. It weirds me out a bit. I can´t wait to see you all on Skype. To be’s a bit weird to see how much you all change. SKYPE INFORMATION
I think we should do it the 24th of Dec. at 7:00pm MY TIME. Everything should go smoothly. I will be doing it in the house of the momita. I think her internet should go quick enough. I will be verifying your answer this Friday. I love you all. Things here are going well. It’s been a bit tough for me. Lots of things happening. But everything will be fine in the end. We have to suffer at times, and work when the strength isn´t there. These moments, however hard and long they may be or seem, are evidence that God can do everything. He can make me walk when I can´t. He can help me speak when I have not words. My body has been suffering for quite a while now. Today I feel like I got hit by a truck. I think I will go home and clean the house and just relax a bit. Maybe I will play the guitar today. My companion is doing fine. He doesn´t like to walk fast, but he is starting to become more himself, I guess you could say. When he makes jokes and acts normal things go well. But then there are times he tries to justify sinning and those are the moments that this diamond in the rough becomes a diamond in the toilet. I know however that there a blessing in store for both he and I if we get over the hard parts. GOOD NEWS THOUGH....I am happy! I glory in my tribulation and love the new challenges that come to me. I am happy because a good friend of mine is going home to see his family and I am so happy that he can finally see them again. He will need it. He is a good guy. I love you all so much! I wanted to let you know I got the package of Grandma and Grandpa Burge. Tell them thanks for supporting me. Just between you and me...I think we need to get gramps in the "water". Don´t know how...but the Lord does. Take care, Elder Benjamin Burge

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