Monday, December 3, 2012

I got my carta moroni & a grandson

Hey Family!

Hey I need some info from you all...I got my Carta Moroni (the letter that tells me I have 3 months left and they need to update my info so that they can buy my plane ticket).

Name of the Stake President: Chad W. Allred (if this has changed I need the direction of the new stake presidents house).

Name of the Bishop: My paper says Kevan L Whipple, but it’s not him. I need the full name of Bishop Gibbons and his house address.

Everything else should have stayed they same...same house, phone number, and airport. I feel stupid because I took pictures of it and wanted to see you a picture of it home but I forgot to bring my cables.

I am glad to hear that an Apostle came to see you all there. It’s got to be cool to have one there to see you all in person. Have you seen their eyes? I swear they can read the entire soul. I remember when I was in the MTC I got to shake hands with Elder Anderson and his eyes ate me alive!

So...3 days ago I get a call from President. Elder Burge I have a challenge for you. Your kid, Elder Guerra was training a new missionary but it’s not working you’re going to have to train him. So Elder Marcel was sent to Rio Bueno and I am here now with Elder Hurtado. Elder Guerra told me, when I got to the bus station, that he only wanted to be put with a gringo companion. This weird. He is from Bolivia. He, to be honest, is a strange guy. I now can see the difference between Chilean Spanish and Bolivian Spanish. I like Chilean way more!  I have to teach him a LOT of stuff. He didn’t know what apostasy was. Pray...A LOT! I’m going to need it.

Strange Fact of the Day : I am training my niƱeto (Grandson), who is also my Hijo (Son). I feel like I am back in Grantsville where everyone is related. haha

My fate for the rest of my mission is set...When I get done with him I will have only 6 weeks left. This means that I will ETERNAL DISTRICT LEADER! It’s so sweet! Everyone is laughing about it. I will probably end my mission here in Rahue. The chances of me leaving are nonexistent. But I am actually happy about it! I get to make friends here and give it my all. Plus, the last day I want to head back to the other side of Osorno to visit my last Barrio. It would be sweet.

Sunday, I got told at like 10 o’clock when church started that I would be teaching the Principles of the Gospel class. I had 20 students, 5 of which where investigators. It was sweet! I taught about the Second Coming and we laughed a ton.

If I was on Facebook my status would be: Still looking for new investigators. It also, strangely enough, started to rain again! This is very odd for summer. But hey, that’s cool still.

I am glad that you are all doing well. It’s so cool that Sam will be endowed! I love the Temple, and I want to go to it either the same day or the day after I get back from the mission. I am going to my favorite temple! Maybe when Sam gets back he will be home in time for my....WEDDING! Haha, just kidding.

I love you all. Please keep reading the scriptures, going to church, and praying everyday. It’s so important. I am probably the most worried about keeping these habits I have made. They say that good habits are easier to get rid of than bad ones. I want to keep getting up at 7 and doing my scriptures study. It’s so important.

Tell Sam that I will be waiting for some good pictures of his mission and companions. I can’t wait to see the difference between our missions. He will be a great missionary. And he will baptize lots of people. I just know it!

Take care,



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