Monday, December 10, 2012

This has been a really weird week

Hey family!

NOTICE: I bought an electric shaver because I had problems with my manual one and I had been using the electric shaver from Elder Marcel.

This week has been really weird. My new companion was doing well...but now we are starting to see things. We live in the house with 4 missionaries. The other day we had a lesson and my new companion started talking about his "past life" and about all the "drugs" he took. It went south and he wouldn´t listen to me nor stop. I was so mad afterward. So we talked about it, and he told me that he was doing everything all right. He told me it was "inspired by the Holy Ghost". When we were talking about it the Zone Leaders got home and started to listen in. They too started to try to show him that he was doing something wrong. He then said to all of us. I am right, and I don´t see anything wrong with what I did. We then showed him in Preach my Gospel and the scriptures that were very clear. They left and he looked me in the face and told me...I am still right. I felt...pain for him saying that. If he is not careful, his pride will bring him into apostasy in the mission. I felt a godly pain. We had done everything we could...and his pride made him deny the help we have to offer. I know that’s how God feels with us, his children. I am however very surprised about how patient I have become. I am able to control my anger much better now. It also causes me to feel godly sorrow for those who choose not to obey the commandments of God. It looks like the challenge has returned. This time I will conquer it. I can see clearly the difference between my knowledge from before and my knowledge now.

THE TEMPLE!!!! Haha, that’s so funny about the comment Sam made. I love the temple. I love the feeling it gives me. I still remember, when I look at the picture in the preparing for the temple booklet, when I was there in the Salt Lake Temple. I felt such a happiness. I miss the the temple. I want to go either THE DAY I get back or THE DAY AFTER. The temple is the best place on earth. Now that Sam and Brock are endowed with power from on high they can go and preach the gospel. The older I get...the more my testimony of God and miracles grows.

Sounds like Brocks talk was a good one. He would be following the advice that Joseph gave once about praying much and keeping your talks short. I can´t remember clearly what he said. You can find it in the Teachings of the Prophets: Joseph Smith book. I have been in the position of having to fill 30 minutes of the sacrament meeting before. It isn´t too hard to do it if you read the scriptures everyday, and really “study". You´ll have to send me a copy of the talk Sam gives. I would like to see it.

My package got here from you all! I thought it was a great package. I shared with some people here and they liked the food. The reindeer has been a hit. The APs were at the house when I opened it and they were all like, "NO WAY...THAT’S SO FUNNY". I enjoyed it. The garments haven´t gotten here yet but there were many packages in the office today when I went. But they were all still in the "to be sorted area". Cambios are this coming week so I won´t be able to get it till probably next week. I loved the package though. It was really cool. Thanks for loving me. I know it’s got to be hard that the kids are leaving the house. All is well, however. Time goes by very fast, and the Lord will help you feel that we are still close to you. We are only gone for 2 years. Then we will be back, getting married, and giving you beautiful grandchildren. It will be amazing the blessings that you´ll receive.

Eric is already home? That’s so strange because I know Elder Smith who was with him in the MTC and they don´t leave till next week. That’s so strange. I bet he has a weird accent.

They haven´t announced anything about Skype, but they will, don´t worry.

Things here are going good for us. Just a little more time till Christmas! I hope you all enjoy it. It’s a good time of year.

I love you all.



It’s called a Moroni Letter, because Moroni’s on the envelope


The letter


Another picture


Another photo of Francisca’s baptism


Working with Elder Marcel


Elders Guerra, Marcel, Burge, Hurtado


Sunday school

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