Monday, February 25, 2013

I ate crudos…and taught a family using Skype

Hey family!

I am now 21! I can officially go apostate and drink myself a fortune in Vegas!! WHOOO HOO! Just kidding.

Mark is the intern from Upgrades Etc. We have stayed in contact for a while. He is a really good guy. He isn´t a member of the church. He left Upgrades Etc. and started his own business.

Sounds like Sam likes Portland. I am guessing that most of his mission is in the city. Sam might have had Mexican food, but I ate something yesterday that will make you grossed out. I ate crudos. It’s a typical dish of Valdivia. It’s raw ground beef with sauce on bread! I didn´t have my camera with me...what a bummer. My companion didn´t want to go I did! I grabbed the crudo and took a bite. I was scared at first and I was way nervous. However, I didn´t let that stop me. I ended up eating 2 of them. It was actually really good. 

Silas the sluffer. We are very similar...I remember doing that too. All I can tell you is...just listen to Dad and Mom. I know school can be boring and all...but you´ve got to just push through it. I bet you´ll end up like me...wanted to go back to school once your out of it. I have learned to do things I don´t like by finding something I do like in the class. Works pretty well...

Sounds like things at home are changing again. Mom is going to be teaching a different class and Silas is getting big and giving talks. It’s cool to hear all about those things. In 2 weeks I will be coming home and be able to see all the changes. If you want we can paint the rooms. I learned how to paint while on the mission. I am a pretty handy guy now that I can chop wood, paint walls, etc. It’s going to be so cool to see you all again. I will be coming back to winter.

Things here are going well...the other day we were teaching a lesson when the family told us that they had a sister that lived in Utah and is Mormon. They called her on Skype and she taught a lesson with us. She is Chilean, but she married one of the missionaries who taught her and they moved to Eagle Mountain. She was way cool. She speaks Spanish and English. She is very gringo. I heard that it is snowing over there. That’s got to be pretty cold.

I love you all so much, and thanks for writing me.

Take care,


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