Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Week in the MTC

Well, hey there famlia! I am doing very well here at the MTC, and I just wanted to say I miss you very much. Tell Fezz I love him very very much.
My P-Day is Tuesday, and my companion is Elder Larson. He is a pretty relaxed guy and is very cool. Yesterday (Monday) we went to our first teaching lesson. It went so well and I dont think it could of gone any better for our first time.
I got everything unpacked quickly, and all of my roommates laughed because of all of us and these jam- packed cases. For gym we lift weights and run every other day.
As for our room, last night we noticed some writing in the dark. Someone had written Elder Larson on the wall in glow-in-the-dark nail polish! And we found an Almond Joy...I ate it. Today we are going to check the list to see when we can get haircuts. Both Elder Larson and I need them.
I haven't taken Dramamine in 2 days! I feel a slight bit sick, but I am able to make it through the day. A few days ago I threw up...gross but, oh well.
As for my language skill, I am doing pretty well. We have memorized our purpose in Spanish and we say whatever we can in Spanish!
The MTC is a weird place, everyone one is way nice, and I have made a ton of friends! My entire district (my classmates) are all going to Chile and 3 of them are going to my mission. I will be sending home some pictures I took the other day when we went on our Templo Walk.
As for today, I am going to the temple with some pals, and after that we do laundry and will get some stuff laminated. Oh, we get these blue cards that have 6 dollars on them, and every Wednesday they add 6 more dollars. So I have been able to buy some really good stuff, the food in the lunch room, however, is kinda 50/50. Like some stuff is super good, and other stuff is really bad. None of us have had any "problems" yet and we got a cure if do we have "problems".
Our two teachers are super nice and way fun! Oh and we do service twice a week, and we like throw chairs and catch them -- its so freak'n fun!
On a spiritual note, I have felt the spirit in so many ways. God has helped me do some pretty amazing things and say some amazing things. Our first lesson was to someone who in real life got a call but didn't know if he wanted to go. After Elder Larson and I taught him, he told our teacher he knew this was true and wanted to go on a mission for sure. Its our teachers brother-in-law!
For now I think I am good on snacks, but the next email may have a few things I want.
I hope all is well back at home, and I love you very much!
Tell Sam...I loved the joke. And yes, the colors for my room sound very nice.
P.S - Everyone told me sisters don't start looking cute till week 3, Im only on week 2. ;)
Love, Ben

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