Thursday, March 31, 2011

Zone Changes

Hey everyone back at home! How are you all doing?
We got a new district yesterday and they are kinda strange...none of them are going to Chile though.
Its been really hard because the other district left us, and the quietness of our dorm is crazy.
So, I am luckily not the district leader, nor will I become the new zone leader...Elder Hauver is our district leader.  He has now been called to zone leader and Elder Davis is soon going to be the new district leader. Its been a crazy pass couple of days due to the switch in leadership...
Conference is coming up and...sadly the chairs we have to sit on suck! They are suck hard and after about 10 minutes you can't feel your butt...
One of my buddies Elder Foster likes to walk around naked in the dorm every time time he showers! Haha, its so crazy because usually my glasses are off so I can't see anything but he got me this morning. I was brushing my teeth and, BOOM, he came right in butt naked. I think I'm scared...
So a queso party is where we get like 4 things of dip and 2 bags of chips and we invite the entire zone to come in and party it up with stories and all kinds of things. It's one of the best things in the world, but the masters at throwing a queso party are now it's our job to make sure it doesn't die!!
The language grind...ya...its now slowed to a snail like pace. My companion and I are getting frustrated with it...However, we worked hard yesterday and we were able to almost master regular predicate and imperfect...and we have mastered regular present tense. Today we will be learning about future tense and hopefully that will go easy enough. And yes, the sisters seem to all be able to speak it like a true Chilean! Freak'n hate it...but what am I going to do?
We have these things that are called TE (Teacher Evaluations). Its where you sign up for like a fake investigator and you go teach them on your own time. Well, we did one yesterday and it went wonderfully, then we signed up for 3 more...well we are only allowed 1 in English...and we didn't know that so now we have to teach lessons 1 and 2 in Spanish by next Wednesday.
On P Day, when we went to the temple, we helped one of our sisters out and did some initiatories for her (about 30 or so) and man were they hard to say. She has some weird heritage.
To Kaykay -
     Hang in there little girl, everything will work out in the end. Just gotta keep fighting to stay the better person...oh and sadly all my buddies' little brothers that are 12 or 13 live in a different state...they all say sorry. I miss you very much, and I can't wait to come home and see how grown up you are!
I love you all very much, and please give Fezz tons of headscratches from me!
P.S - Please send M&Ms Peanut butter ones...if you could :D Thank you very much.
Love Elder Burge

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