Thursday, March 24, 2011

Its me...again...

Hey there family!
So I forgot to mention something really cool about my Zone...We get 2 email days a week. Shhh....don't tell anyone else though. It's only for us.
I love you all very much, I have been sharing my Zero bars which are a big hit around here and I love the fact that everyone is so nice.

I will be thinking of what to write for Sister Gibbons for next Tuesday because I don't have the letter with me right now and I can't remember what she wanted me to talk about, but I think I know...maybe.

Anyway, I have made so many friends. It's awesome because I already have plans for when I get home to hang out with my new best friends. They are: all my roommates, plus Elder Hauver, and Elder Clark. Elder Clark leaves this Monday at 3am and Elder Hauver is in my districto (think that the espanol way of spelling it).
Its amazing how my body has adjusted so quickly to the waking up...I haven't had a single problem yet and its really cool because I am able to wake up happily and work hard. Oh, and I get up early at 6am. Just easier to do that...Tell Josh, my email address so that he can write me.

Yesterday, I had my first conversation with my companero (Elder Larson) in all Spanish. While going to the temple I asked over and over again to have the gift to say the words right and now, my skill has increased mucho! It makes me happy to know the Lord loves me enough to bless me with the ability to talk well. For Dad, the temple doesn't have the escalators anymore. But the people haven't changed I bet...everyone there is so nice! Its actually kinda nice to be able to go there every Tuesday morning.

I have 4 hermanas in my zone and they are all in my districto too! We are all like family, the other day we were all laughing so hard in class that we had to leave and relax for a minute or two. They are so nice. We are truly brothers and sisters. Its weird because when your here you see people and go....I know that guy (or girl) and they say the same about you but you're from different countries or states! I feel so at home here and I haven't used any Dramamine in days! It's probably because of my family at home praying for me and my family here helping me along.

The MTC is such an amazing place and I am so glad I was able to come. Many times I feel the spirit telling me that I am doing well and what to say...I hope that Sam and Silas get to come serve the Lord with all their might and fuerza (strength).
Yo Testifico que el libro de Mormon es verdaredo (I can't spell well) y que Dios es nurestro Padres Celestial. Yo se que, I am supposed to be here and I am supposed to go Chile.

They told me that if I ever feel like I should challenge you to do something that I should, so here I go. Please read 3 Nephi 11 and pray about what you read. I know that will help Sam and Silas know they are doing the right thing by going to church.

To Kayleigh, I love you so very much and I know that you will do great in middle school. Just remember that you can't let your friends bring you down. If they bring you down then they aren't really friends after all. 
I love you all, and remember that I'll be fine.

I get to write on Tuesdays and Thursdays...and did you know we have a toilet that has a secret combination? We call it the (here I go) Gadiantin Toiiet! Me Gusta mucho!
Please let Fezz know that all of my Districto loves his name and his orange cheeks.
I will probably be printing off some pictures here next week and send them home so you can see my MTC Familia.
Please send me lots of questions or anything you want. I will love to answer them.
Elder Burge
P.S I love our last name, it sounds so cool in I am telling everyone its Spanish pronunciation

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