Monday, June 20, 2011

I am glad I came here. Honestly...this is a good thing for me. I am becoming a better me!

Well hey there family, good to know that everything is going well. Let me start with Carlos and Sebatián. They are doing amazing! We´ve talked about the Word of Wisdom and both said they would stop drinking coffee. So far so good on that promise...but more news. They are both cousins of Pablo, and two more of his cousins are now having lessons with us too. Oh, and his aunt! They are so receptive to the gospel...seriously. We spend like 4 hours every other day in El Compo (the fields...haha) and teach so many different lessons. Hopefully the new date, July 30th, will be full of baptisms!

My visa, is finished! I have my temp. paper saying I am ok to live here and in a few weeks I will have my full card! Super easy actually...I took the packet down...she took it from me...and now we're off and running!

Another good note...this week my spanish improved quite a bit! Seriously, I can´t believe how much I can understand...and I can speak much better now too. Elder Muñoz is helping me with making my spanish proper and correct. Haha, its been many mistakes...and words that don´t make sense.

Haha, well hello to all the people following my blog....that I have only seen like 3 or 4 times. Hello Brother Crane! Future missionaries...haha how funny. Thats actually a really good idea...helps put things in view. Not much longer...and the papers for the mission will be in for most of them. Gotta build up the list...

One thing that I have noticed is...this never was a hard change for me. I never felt overwhelmed. Yeah...I hated the language, but honestly I feel good. Really really good. I love where I many drunks and weird toothless people. But, honestly I don´t care. They are all the same to me...people who need what God has to give. I don´t mind getting up at 5 in the morning for Zone Conference...I don´t mind doing the sacrament prayers. Its amazing how much I do...and I don´t mind doing it. Weird...

I am so glad to hear that Chicago was awesome!!! Haha, honestly I know you needed that little trip. Kinda like P day...I love P days. Haha, homeless people...around here they just find an old house no one uses and sleep there for the night. Plus...everyone in Lago Ranco...for the most part (some don´t...), look homeless anyway! Haha, funny people.

You actually get good thats probably one thing I miss really bad. The food here is good sometimes...but mostly its not. Haha.

Alright....gotta load some pictures up here.

I love you so much. I am glad I came here. Honestly...this is a good thing for me. I am becoming a better me! Haha...I love it.


Elder Burge

New P-day Shoes for Elder Munoz

In a Zone far, far away

Three shirts just to stay warm in the house

The Elders on the bus go round and round all thru the town

Chilean 7-11.  No Slurpees?!

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