Monday, June 27, 2011

I love prayer


Thank you all for the food...I got the package that day like 30 minutes after my email! Haha, its super funny, everything made it. However, the peanut butter cups melted on the way...reformed and made a giant peanut butter cup. It is no longer in here however. Haha, we ate the thing up like there was no tomorrow! We have been eating all the peanut butter...which is amazing! And most of my hot chocolate is gone now. I think I have one left. Today, I made some pancakes....which went pretty well for us. Haha, Elder Muñoz doesn´t really like it with syrup. Its actually very strange...I love my watch so much! Honestly...its nice not to have to pull it out of my pocket everytime I want to look at the the time. Thank as well for the recipes!!

Sorry that the email is a little late...its a holiday here and we didn´t leave Lago Ranco. So most places were closed...but this store opened at 1 so we were able to send emails! Its been really interesting this week. I forgot my wallet on the bus...and didn´t realize it till we got home. Then...we went to look for it...waited for the bus for an hour and it never came. I was praying...and calling the office to tell them I had just lost my Paper of Residence...que crap...and I got the impression to go look one more time. We went and looked but the bus wasn´t there so started to leave...and BOOM there was the bus and the owner was a nice person and had searched the bus before anyone else got on. So he had it waiting for me. I know most of the drivers, because I am the only white guy that lives in Lago Ranco. I won´t be able to send pictures...the computer is messed up. I know it has a number of viruses. 

Haha you gave talks...and I gave a talk the same day! Mine was on the restoration...I here from others that yours was on charity. Haha, its hard being a missionary and in the branch presidency, oh ya, and now my companion is the district leader this combio. WHOAAA COMBIO DOS. Talks...and sacraments prayers (I also did that Sunday too.) I don´t know how I live this life... I heard your talks were really good, and that you talked about me.

Sam - FINALLY YOUR GOOD LOOK PAID OFF...haha what are you a cook or a cleaner? How much do you make an hour? I bet it will be really awesome, because working is actually a lot more fun than you would think. I can just won´t ask for money anymore! Haha, I am sure it will be very fun and good to have some cash to use.

Haha, my sad. I like both brands...haha it should be really good to have a new one around. Maybe you can teach fezz to use that badboy. I miss that little guy so much. Honestly, when I get back home I am going to love on him for weeks!! And if I head off to college super fast after my mission, I will come visit him (if I can´t take him with me) every single day! My shoulders just don´t feel the same....and my ears seem to be a lot less clean now that his little head isn´t in my ear all the time.

Ya, we have had problems with that stupid volcano. Ash is everywhere...and it gets everywhere too. I hate it...makes me cough and I have to wear something over my nose. So...when this happens you pray! And when you doesn´t rain ash. And I love prayer. here are super expensive...but they are so amazing! Maybe in a combio or two I will get one.


Elder Burge

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