Monday, June 6, 2011

The volcano has caused us some problems...

BEFORE I FORGET...the bread has lard in it.
I can get those pictures for you if you want. Sorry, I would send pictures today but this computer is being weird. I am in La Union. The volcano has caused us some problems. It went off, and ya its pretty close. Well...there were some earthquakes...none of which I could feel. Then the pres called said we needed to leave...but then he changed his mind...then yesterday it started having problems again. So we had to yesterday after sacrament...which I conducted...we left for La Union for the night. So in a little while we are going to be heading back home to Lago Ranco. I miss it so bad I really wish I could of stayed. I have a ton of pictures of the volcano and one of Carlos! either later today when I back in Lago Ranco or next Monday.
Pablo...he is a member. He has been for about 2 months of so. He is super cool haha. Ya that is the same guy. He is pretty sweet...doesn´t have Xbox Live though so I can´t give you his gamer tag. Haha
My momita's house...ya its an inn and cabañas (cabins). You can click this link to go to her website:
Hosteria Phoenix
My visa stuff hasn´t been able to get done. Everytime we go to Osorno the office isn´t open...and we couldn´t go today because we have to go back to Lago Ranco. So...we need to figure out a plan for this.
Our cooking...we make the simple things like eggs or pasta. Cereal is our my source of food in the house. But I am thinking about making curipan. Its super rico!! We buy food and other stuff at just random stores. Most of the time we go to Bigger in Rio Bueno. When we go to our meetings with the zone that's the time we get stuff we might need. The prices are pretty close to what we have in Utah. But...the tax is already in the price. So if you see something...that also is the tax in it. I think I have seen a Lider close to Lago Ranco. Bad thing is...we can´t order food online because of the rules. Email only! Thank you mom...for all your love.
The package sounds amazing!! Peanut butter is super expensive here. Like 5 mil pesos for a super tiny jar! They also don´t sell peanut butter cups here. Qué crap... Ya my watch broke -- which sucks.  I have been able to still use it but just as a "pocket watch" haha I made a funny. ZERO BARS!! I am so happy! I love those things! Nasty soup...haha funny.  Thing is my stomach must of changed because I can eat all of momita's food now...and the same amount my companion can. The spririt has helped me so much...

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