Monday, June 13, 2011

Chilean life...oh how strange and wonderful it is all at the same time

Wow so much as happened...wait gotta get the pictures started. Lago Ranco hasn't got hit with anything yet...still clean water and all kinds of good air. However, we aren't safe yet...looks like the wind might blow crap towards us now. So we have to be ready to leave...again. Funny enough, the past week the language hasn't been too bad for me...I mean, I don´t know a lot, but its been super nice. I start and finish contacts all by myself, and I help a lot more in the lessons. I am actually having fun with it!

Chilean life...oh how strange and wonderful it is all at the same time. Things have been interesting...the food has gotten better. Oh, so I just found 2 packs of Cadbury Eggs and Jerky in my backpack. All of which, is still very good and gone now. Haha, Elder Muñoz said it was, "RICCCO". Haha...I didn´t know it was in there. I was on the bus coming home from Rio Bueno and I saw a new zipper I had never home and boom! Happy day for all!

The momita. The houses are nice...except for ours. Its a missionary home...very humbling for everyone. She is much nicer now that I can eat all the food she hands me. Haha, she talks a lot more now as well. Her husband is the only person in Chile that can drive a stick shift right...holy cow. No one here can drive one of this things. I want to scream...poor cars. Its been super busy with all the news people staying at her place. So, we have been helping out a bit. We eat in a different room with her family. Its really cozy and we all have our own spots at the table.

Carlos now has his date set back...he missed sacrament because he's a firefighter here. I didn´t know he was till Sunday. He's been super busy with the volcano and crap going on. And Sabatián hopefully will be able to convince his parents everything is all good.

Haha, why didn´t Hma. Kitto bring some cookies to us? I would love to have some cookies in the house...we have plans to make a cake here soon during P day with the momita. Mom, could you send me 2 good recipes for a cheesecake and just a normal cake? Oh, maybe the giant cookie!

Tell Josh I said hi...he needs to email me. I miss the guy...haha.

Chicago...the place I thought I might go on my mission. And now...I am on the bottom of the world. Haha that sounds like a lot of fun! Relax and have a good time...that means you Dad. ;) Don´t plan anything fun...just go do fun things. Thats how we roll during P days...again today we are in Osorno. Crazy crap...hopefully here soon I can find a person to make me a nice guitar!

LA CAHA! (Ben's old car passed another inspection) I miss that old car. I hope she makes it for a little bit longer. Time is flying by! All kinds of stuff are happening and my second combio starts in... 2 weeks...3 weeks...somewhere around there. Holy crap...

President Lovell, told me that he has family in Stansbury Park. The Meyers. He said after my mission he wants to visit us in Stansbury and see how things went. Haha I told him sure thing!

I love you Silas. High school will be me. Just make lots of good friends and it will be a super fun time.

I can´t wait to get home to see how you have all grown up...but I still have lots of work to you have to wait 21 more months.

Tell sam...NOVEMBER!!


Benny Boo

 Puyehue Volcano erupting near Lago Ranco

 Carlos the Firefighter

 P-Day trip with zone to waterfall

 Main floor in Lago Ranco missionary house

 Side room on main floor

 Spacious kitchen

 Sink & stove


 Shower - 6 minutes of hot water a day
 Lago Rango missionary home main entrance


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