Monday, July 18, 2011

I have many names here...Elder Burge...Elder Cri Cri...Elder Burger...

Hola! Haha, boy what a week it has been....I always lose track of time and it seems like its only been a day or two when really a week has gone by. I wrote some stuff down so I wouldn´t forget to tell you all about them.

First, youtube a video that has a chilean guy working as a coke vendor in a stadium. Its a commercial for coke here and its so freak´n Sam... Haha its actually really good. Haha, also I have a request for Sam. Would you mind going to overclockedremix (you may have to google this badboy) and find me some really good remixes of videogames songs and send them my way? As long as they don´t have lyrics I can listen to them here. Haha, another Elder told me about this site.

On that note, the mp3 player I bought already sad. It just stop volume control and its freezes up. I don´t know what happened, It hasn´t been dropped or anything. Its wasn´t a very good one, but it was cheap I thought. I can´t return it because its been to long. So I am going to go to a different store and buy a better one. Crap...shouldn´t trust cheap computer stuff here haha.

So, I had another innercombio and we were teaching this old man. Elder Luego said he was a little deaf. We started to teach and he kept saying Comó? So Elder Luego told me to talk louder. I kept having to get louder and louder. Finally I was yelling at the top of my lungs and he looked at me and said, "El Libro de Mormón?" and pulled out his book. Haha, I was talking about the plan of salvation and what it is. Its was so crazy, everyone in the room started laughing. So I yelled the entire lesson, and I don´t think he understood.

Along with that, I have a many different names here. In Rio Bueno my name is Elder Burge, here in Lago its Elder Cri Cri (like a circket) and in San Pablo its Elder Burger. Haha, its so funny to have so many different names.

This saturday we have an activity with the youth in Osorno! WOOOHOOO, but we might have to go for 2 days...only one person can go to be a leader. So, this sucks because I we have to be there for two days. This is something I don´t like to do...leave.

Haha, as for food Elder Muñoz and I would like some more Peanut Butter cups...and maybe some other types of candy. I have started to learn how to cook a bit here, and so we are doing really well on food. I am starting to get a handle on my money a bit better so I have a bit more to spend here and there. Not much, but maybe just some candy is all I could ask for.

I really miss you all...but I don´t mind being here in Chile. I have an activity today in the zone so I will have a lot of pictures for you next week. Its been a while since I sent some home. Tell fezz I love him too...and Ace and Muffin. I love this picture of him.

Silas - Ooo...those look painful. Haha, how is it having the braces? I honestly don´t know how you will keep the ladies away.  Its will be so crazy when I get home to see you again! How are things going for ya? Hows the new computer, and any cool videogames you playing now? I miss World of Warcraft and playing the game with you. I wish we could do that....its was always so fun! Maybe when I get back we will have to start playing again. Tell Sam, November for the new Elder Scrolls!

I am glad to hear Kayleigh is praying for me...makes me feel good. I love you Kaykay.

I love you all very much, and I am glad I came. The language is still tough for me but everyday its gets better.

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