Monday, July 4, 2011

We are looking for a new branch president here...We need one bad...

Things are going pretty well.  Haha, the new president, ya I met him.  About 5 days ago I started getting really depressed and having a really hard time in the field.  I couldn't focus and I started crying a lot. And so my zone leaders called the new president and he wanted me to come in and just talk for a bit.  And so, off to Osorno we went.  So, before anyone got to me, the new president and I were in his office talking...but now, after talking with him, I feel great!  I haven't been sad and I am working harder than I did before.  He gave me a blessing in his office..and once again he talked about me being a leader.  I hope its not in the mission field...that's a lot of hard work and responsabilidad.  Its been a really interesting week haha.

Haha President Lovell is really cool like that, he is a great guy. Before he left, he told me he and his wife wanted to go on an other mission in about 3 or 4 years. They work so hard haha.

In one of the pictures fezz looks so mad haha. Who took the picture for me? I miss him so much...I really miss his little head in my ear. Sam looks like a real cook finally! Haha, sounds like things at home are going really well. There is so much happening here, and there its so weird.  It seems like a week ago I was in Stansbury and now I am near the bottom of the world speaking another language. Its very different, yet seems so normal now.

Oh, nice pick on the laptop! I like the specs. Here, the computers are very horrible! Haha, but its Chile...and to be honest its Southern Chile. Its very different from the North.

Senior pictures...that was so strange. It doesn´t seem that long ago I was doing that...but its been a year. Wow, time really flies when you're in a different country. Haha, honestly its not too hard to be in a different place and forget about time. Oh....wisdom teeth....ouch! I remember how horrible that was for me. I think Sam will have more luck because they are starting to come out, and its not too close to the sinus.

Honestly, Elder Muñoz is amazing at being all those things (i.e., elder, trainer, branch president, district leader). But I know its started to pull on him...we are looking for a new branch president here as quick as we possibly can. We had a Consejo de Rama (Branch Council) and he was talking about how they need to find out what needs the less active members need...and they all started to attack him. Except the family Flores.  And it got to him...but now we have fasted and prayed for a new presidente (branch president). We need one bad...

Silas - I really want to buy a guitar...but I don´t know its super expensive down here. I will be looking for one while I am down here. And if by the end of my mission I don´t have one...I will buy one to bring home with me! For sure....But ya the stupid volcanoe. En serio, I freak´n hate ash. It gets everywhere and  you can´t get rid of it. Its so dumb! So today I prayed for rain. 

You should see all the futbol down here. Its would love the game here. They really know how to play futbol. Haha.

How is your summer vacation going? Got any cool plans? Will you tell Fezz I love him, and give him a giant kiss for me?!

Alrighty, well I am off to find some food, write the new presidente, and enjoy my p day. Adios!

Elder Burge

Elder Munoz's ash covered umbrella

My ash covered umbrella

Elder Munoz at the pulpit in Lago Ranco chapel

Me standing at the back of the Lago Ranco chapel

Monkey hanging out down by the lake

Panorama of Lago Ranco

Me hanging with a Lago Ranco pioneer

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