Monday, July 25, 2011

I am trying to make things better for them. I just wish they would talk to us...


I remind them of a cricket because I don´t talk much when I don´t understand. Haha, I don´t rub my legs together because that would be so weird and awkward. Yeah, we headed down to Osorno for the two days for the youth conference. I will be sending you some pictures of the activity we had during last Monday. I forgot my camera at the house during the youth conference -- what crap... Sad news about all the investigators...many of them aren't talking with us much anymore. Carlos, told us a week before he was supposed to be dunked he doesn´t want to talk with us that blows and we have a bunch of eternals. So, now we are going to do a little english class at the church to try to help find new invests.

During the youth thingy, we had a huge paper ball fight with like 400 balls of paper. We won of course! Haha, it was fun but many of the youth here didn´t want to do anything, so that was we left for a bit and I bought some M&Ms, freak´n expensive. OHHH YA...I really am so hungry right now...I don´t have any food because I haven´t been able to go to the I haven´t had anything to eat since yesterday...lame.... Haha

San Francisco....I wish I could go. But that will have to wait till I get back, and get married haha talk about werid thinking. It's not too bad here, the cambio is almost I will start my 3rd here in the mish. Elder M thinks that I am going to be sent to Puntas or Chiloe (an island) or one of the other really super far ones. Haha, that would be crazy because if I go to Puntas, it's for at least 6 months because I have to take another plane ride down there.

I had an interview with the President the other I am a bit worried. He told me I need to get the language down really well because he has a lot for me to do in the future. He told me, that he has high expectations. This is something I am very worried about.

Sam - wow, high people buying ts that not typical of what?! Haha, I bet you will see some crazy things during this job. Keep me updated, and tell Brock Hi for me.

Silas - So I have actually been thinking a lot about you, and I just wanted to say sorry for not being a better big brother to you. Honestly, I regret a lot of the fights we had over really stupid stuff. When I get back, hopefully we can make things a lot better. I want to be your best friend, and do lots of fun things together and just be really good brothers. 

I totally forgot about the other missionaries from the MTC...oops. Haha, it's been so busy I haven´t had much time to think about the others...this is a werid moment. A lot of them are out doing things and having the same problems I am having, but I know they will be a lot better at this stuff than I will ever be. Honestly, they have a lot of power and good faith in this work.

I love the work, the people, and the food (finally). Things are going well for me...but for Lago Ranco I am trying to makes things better for them. I just wish they would talk with us...



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