Monday, September 19, 2011

No baptisms yet...but we have 4 miracle families

Hey family!

It's good to hear from you all!  P-Day for us was Monday (today).  It's been really hard to work, because of 18 of Sept. Holiday.  It's been a little crazy.  These people party, sleep, party, sleep, party, party, sleep.  It's amazing they can keep going for 3 days.  Today is the last of the fiestas.  Hopefully we can work again. We´ve had only one lesson in the past 2 days...It sucks.  Sounds like you guys are having a really good time, just hanging out. That's how it's been for us...I hate it. The days are so slow...

Yeah, cambios are the 21st...but Elder Galarza, who we thought was getting transferred, found out that he doesn´t leave.  And neither do I...he´s so mad.  In every prayer we have together he asks why he is still's really sad.  He was sure he was being tranferred, so he did a horrible job with plans and appointments. Well now he has to deal with it, because I am not leading the sector yet.  It's really funny.  Slowly I am starting to teach better.  I just started being myself.  I love getting up during lessons and going to sit next to the investigators to explain aposticia or prayer.  They react really well to it.  I remember an example and used it during the lesson yesterday, and he told me he liked it. Then...later on I asked, "what is the difference between sin and transgression?" He tried to tell me that it was when we didn´t know the consequence of the sin...but I asked, "If this is true, then Adam and Eve had a sin...they knew the consequence..." He told me I was dumb, and that I didn´t want to understand.  So, later in the night when we were with Mamita, Papito, and Paula...I asked the same question. He started in with...just drop it, you won´t understand.  But, I continued to ask and we finally found a definition.  Transgression is when we know it's a law or rule of God.and we knowingly break it.  When we found this, he was like...this is wrong and changed the subject.

It's been really interesting...I also found out Saturday night that, I was teaching Sunday School the next day. Haha, so I prayed and had 10 whole minutes to prep!  Haha, I was so nervous. I started teaching...and well the first part was a little rough. Then, I just started going with my thoughts, and in the end I was able to take it and tie it into the mission work, and we got a reference from a member!  Haha, everyone was that was a good lesson.  I felt good, but I know it wasn´t me.  It's was the Spirit and God. I am starting to see how much they really help me.

I have seen the flamingos...they like to stand out in the Bay!  Haha, they are really pretty...I didn´t have my camera with me...sorry.  Haha, they are really cool!  I have some pictures of the llamas, but not Mateo...He is really hard to find!  I will send pictures of the llamas.  They are really nice...they let you get really close!

President told us about his laptop getting stolen.  Elder Galarza lost our cell phone and president told us he understands. Haha

Tell Josh to write me.  I can´t email him, but if he sends me a letter I can write him back through that!

Thanks for all the help.  My Clothes are doing well haha.  My shoes are doing well.  They are getting very well used...very very well.  My socks are starting to die a bit...I lost 2 pairs due to holes in them.

No baptisms yet...but we have 4 miracle families....they are progressing really well.  I hope to get them to the water soon.  Just need to teach them and let them feel this peace.  They are 24 or 25 years old. But, they don´t feel good about their lives. Not married, but they can feel the spirit. One of them told us, I know I can feel the spirit because I get a warm feeling in my body! Haha.

For now...I don´t need anything. Thank you! I love you all...I will do my best.  Almost 6 months crazy.   There is much time left...I need to work harder!!

Tell the Birdies I love them very much!!


Chilean brotherhood is rock solid

 Peaceful Chile

 Yes, his mama is a llama

He was looking for lost sheep, but they turned out to be llamas

 Getting closer.....

Hey Elders!!! We see you!!!

Baptizing someone here could get a little crazy 

Missionary snail mail 

Another ice cold waterfall

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