Monday, September 26, 2011

We have a baptism planned...a little girl about the age of Kayleigh

Haha, Hey Family!

First off, I am sending home some pictures of me cooking with Momita and Paula! Haha, we made pizza.

Elder Galarza has been here for 4 months I believe. Haha, its been interesting...he has changed. He lacks motivation now more than ever...I have to do a LOT more. Our little discussions over points of doctrine seem to get to him. He has a lot a pride...and when he is wrong he gets really upset and mad. So, I have been avoiding asking him questions. But, every once in a while...I NEED to know something. I ask where I can find a scripture to use, and when I say oh this means this, he tells me no, it's this...and then I prove him wrong with scripture and he gets mad. So, I can´t really ask him questions.

To answer your question, a miracle family is a family who accepts the Gospel quickly, has many questions, and wants to know more.  They usually want to be taught 3 to 4 times every week.  However, the sad news is they may not be miracle families after all. We have encountered many problems with them and we are hoping to fix some of that up. We do have a baptism planned for this combio. It's a little girl (about the age of Kayleigh, maybe a little younger) whose parents were inactive for many years. But now, they are very, very active. So, hopefully we can get her dad the priesthood and he can baptize her!

WOW...Kayleigh you can do baptisms for the dead? Time flies when you're in a different country! Haha, that is so cool! I am happy you like to go...I miss the temple A TON! I am glad Dad is going to the temple and doing his calling! I just gotta keep being a's hard work. Many times no one wants to do anything with us...and we are all alone. Its hard...

I am glad the Martins got my letter! I remembered Tawney gave me a letter before I left. So I read it again, and decided that I should probably write her...I told her I would! Sorry Tawney, I kinda forgot! But, look I wrote you! WOOHOO.

Oh, haha, sorry Grandpa and Grandma Matson. Haha, I have gotten all of your letters. Its good to hear from you, and don´t worry about sending me stuff. It's so difficult to get stuff here in Puerto Natales. We still don´t have Books of Mormon to give to our investigators.

That would be sick! Sam...a film editor! I think he should go for it! I would love to see some of the stuff he has done since I left. It's been a ton of I had a dream that he and Brock found this guy who was the last person on Earth that communicated through a clapping language. They learned how to do it...and were on the news.

The grocery store in Stansbury is already open?! Wow...I can´t believe that. That was either really quick or it's been a lot of time since my last visit to the house.

Tell the birdies I love them too! Haha, also I got an email from Skyler.  Sam she wanted me to ask you to send her my address for Chile.

Well, thats about all I have right now. I hope that you all will keep doing well.

I keep having this thought/feeling that something is going to happen...I hope not.  But let me know if anything happens.

I love you all very much!!

Elder Benjamin Burge

My awesome apron!!!

Ready for the oven

Momita prepping toppings.  It's going to be a pizzafest!!!

Another pizza ready for the oven

View of the chapel from the pulpit - I didn't think my talk was that bad?

Paula, Me, & Momita Cooking up Some Pizza


Awesome Chilean Chalkboard Art

Chopping the Topping

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