Monday, September 12, 2011

Trip to Torres Del Paine with the Rappleyes

Haha, hey family...I will be sending pictures of Torres Del Paine to you all. What happened is we had a zone conference, and President Rappleye told us he was coming out to visit and go out teaching with us...then Monday he told us to come with him to Torres. So, that's what we did! We have spent 3 whole days with the was great because Torres Del Paine was free, and so was lunch! Haha. Its been really crazy. A lot of stress for us here.

I got the letter from Kayleigh haha. ¿Comó estas? Estoy super bien, y estoy tratando escribir en español. Es un poco dificil, porque yo quiero escribir en ingles y es en la forma de Tu, no Usted. ¿Tienes preguntas para mi?

Sorry to hear about the Logan's niece.  Its hard to take...that I am sure...when your companion dies because of an accident during her mission. Honestly, I don´t know how I would take that either. However, the Lord prepares all of us for time like these. The other day, Momita, Popito, and us were talking about this. Because in their family, they have had a lot of hard times. But honestly, this is part of life...and although in the moment it will seem hard and impossible to overcome...we can. Prayer, is the first step always. I know this personally: My prayers keep me inline and happy while I am here on my mission. When things aren´t going right and things like that.

There are major changes here in the mission, like now we can play soccer! Things are different in the goals too..for example...we now have a goal of a baptism a week. Haha, President has a plan and all kinds of stuff to get it done...and just in time for when I am leading the sector...Yeah....

How is Josh? I hopefully things are going well for him. I can´t wait to find out where he will go and all that good stuff.

Args are really prideful. This is something very hard to overcome. He likes to talk about my faults and loves to blab about his AMAZING teaching skills, and how everyone looks up to him. Its really hard to handle.

Things are good here, I am healthy and happy. Slowly trying to become better. I love you all!

Oh yeah, I got the package.  Thanks so much!! Once, again...this is sad and horrible to say...the peanut butter cups...are ONE giant peanut butter cup.


P.S., Thanks the music. 

 Ice cold glacier water
 Sis Rappleye, Pres Rappleye, Elder Galarza, Me
 Another Picture at Torres Del Paine
 Torres Del Paine
 Closer view of Torres Del Paine
Elder Galarza and I at the base camp

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