Monday, September 5, 2011

It's been a really hard week...Papito is super funny!

Haha, good to hear from all of you. It's been a really hard week. I was sick..and me and my companion have fought 2 times this week. I have lost respect for him. Its weird how people can change when you live with them. Chileans and Argentinians are really different...I like Chileans more. We can talk and stuff...but its not the same. I have said sorry and accepted his apology. But I dont pushed me really hard to become more self reliant. What happened was he told me I needed to study a certain topic in Preach My Gospel...and I told him I didn´t have time to do that, because I was studying something different...and he flipped out.  I haven´t gotten the package yet because we haven´t gone to Punta Arenas. But this next Monday, 20 missionaries are coming here to go to the Torres de Paine National Park. So, I should get it then. Haha, I am really excited to get it. Time flies, thats for sure. On the 16th of this month I will have a total of 6 months in the mission, and 4 month of that are in Chile. Haha, how crazy is that?  Thanks for the picture...I see you bought my camera. Haha, and that Fezz looks really happy and healthy.  Tell Kayleigh if she needs help with Spanish...send me an email. Haha, I know I can only write every Monday...but who knows maybe she wants to try to speak to me. My Spanish isn´t too bad. I still have lots to learn, but I am able to progress haha...but here I need both languages. Yesterday, I contacted a family from Korea. They couldn´t speak Spanish, but could speak in English. And so, I contacted in English. Haha, how weird. But at times, I have trouble with Spanish. Yesterday, as well. I was telling Momita and Papito about Fezz, Ace, and Muffin. I kept saying, mi pajero. They were laughing really hard and I couldn´t understand why...lets just say...Chileans have corrupt minds.  Papito is super funny! There were some dogs behind the fence yesterday, and he walked in and started screaming at the top of his lungs. The dogs were so scared...I am laughing right now...and were trying to escape. They couldn't because he blocked the entrance. Oh man...its was so funny. I laughed so hard that I was crying. The faces of those dogs were priceless...never again will they enter beyond the fence.  Spring in Puerto is full of killer wind. Haha, yesterday it was so fast and about knocked me off my feet. I heard that is gets faster than that. I am a bit worried...because it was way fast. Haha. This will be fun...I will have lots of pictures next week...I might not send them till Tuesday because Torres de Paine is super far away. Presidente told us that we could write Tuesday if we don´t have time.  I love you all!!

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