Monday, November 7, 2011

My new companion is Elder Ruettinger from Arizona


I first read this page and I thought oh no...what happened...haha. I can´t believe he (Brother Gibbons) is the new Bishop! That's so crazy. Brother Crain - I saw that one coming. Brother Stoker! Haha, that's so crazy. I wonder why the the old bishopric got released? I know that after some time, they need a change. Being in the bishopric is really hard work...which requires a lot of time and attention.

GO BROCK! I tried getting a freak´n job there (Game Stop), but they told me no. Wow, the manager there sounds like a jerk...I am lucky I never had a crappy boss like that. I didn´t know they work on sounds really hard.

Wow....Elder Muñoz's looks a little Michael Jackson in his pre-mission photo...Wow, Elder Munoz and Elder Lund died (ended their missions)...thats so weird.

My new companion is really, really tall.... 6´7. Haha, President Rappleye told me on the phone your new companion will be a stiffneck. I thought, oh no...I'm getting a bad companion. He then told me, because he is 6´7! He was laughing pretty good, and so was I...I think my laugh was more from relief. His name is Elder Chad Ruettinger, he is from Gilbert, Arizona and has 3 months in the field. He has a real knack for challenging people. President told me he wanted me to teach him all I knew and to learn the things he had learned from the new 12 week new missionary program they have. The fear I had really did a number on my Spanish. I got told by a person we are teaching, Lila, that my Spanish just got 100 times better. I have been really working hard to slow my Spanish down, so that I can speak more clearly, and I am learning new words really fast as well. We challenged 4 people to baptism and all of them accepted, but now we will see if they will make it to the water.

I am really trying my hardest to get better at teaching...and the fact that we have such little time between us, has caused us to use the Spirit more than ever. I can't tell you how much I have now gone from being a missionary to being an acutal servant of the Lord. He knows us best, and puts us in the place we don´t want to be, and stretches us in ways we don´t want to be stretched...all to bring us and mold us into our full potential.

It's now summer here and people from all over the world are here....we speak English, Spanish, and whatever other language we need to...even using signs to talk to people. There are tour chics from the US near me right now...oh no...their accent is more England...maybe not the US after all....

I don´t know if you can, but can you find me a really cool Libro de Mormon triple...with DC and PoGP. Mine got hammered at Lago Ranco and now its starting to have rained here and got completely wet! If you can´t thats cool, I would just get one from the Mission, but I don´t trust the Elder in the Office...because I wanted a new tag, and well, it's been about 4 months.

I love you all very much...I know this is the true church.



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