Monday, November 21, 2011

Baptism of Francisca

Your very welcome, it had been a while since the last set of pictures.

Its been really crazy again...we had interviews with President Rappleye. I got to tell him all about my fun times I´ve had. He laughed and we talked about 10 minutes, which is a long time with the President. I love talking with's good to have a President like him. And, well he told me something I didn´t want to hear. He told me I will be a trainer in the future. NOOOOO!!!! Why me? I am not sure when....but he told me it will happen.

As well, we lost the 1st consejero in the Rama (1st counselor of the branch). So, now I am the 1st consejero AGAIN! Haha, its really interesting here. I am sure I will get sent back north here pretty soon. I was a bit bumbed I never got to see the Penguins here...but maybe I can hit them up near the end of the combio.

The baptism went off with out a hitch! Her name is Francisca. She is about 10 (really 9, but she is close to the birthday). She is a very cute little girl and super smart! I am serious! She is soooo smart. She was so happy to be part of the church. I can´t tell you the peace I felt there. It was great and we had like 39 members at the church the next day. WHICH IS A TON FOR HERE. I was pretty happy with all of that. We have to just keep working to get this place thriving again. Its hard, because of the past with missionaries and the branch. But, nothing is impossible with the Lord right.

I GOT THE PACKAGE...the day after I sent the last email. Haha, it was sitting in the house of Momita when we went for lunch. We opened it and ate the candy together haha. It was really good. I gave one pack of gum to momita, because she likes that stuff. It will be hard to leave here...but I will start planning for my honeymoon back! That's a joke, more or less.

This is hard, I am trying to write in Spanish...I have to keep going back to write the words in English.

I love all the pictures you gave me. I am taking the one of the birds to the house of Momita.

This week we have the goal to visit as many of the 500 members in the branch!

It's been really companion just bought like 40 bucks worth of food...He eats a ton!!

I am really starting to hit the good part of the mission - when I can speak, teach, and work well. I finally don´t put P-days at the center of my life! I don´t mind leaving to work and to contact. And all of this is part of me now. I honestly could tell you that without my mission I wouldn´t be in a good spot in my life right now. This mission is really a need more than anything. Helps the change from boy to man go a bit easier.

I started doing excersises every day and really well. And, I am eating a lot healthier now...things change when your on your own.

I love this!

I love you all very much, and I am thankful for you all.

How is Chuck?

I love you all!

Bennie Boo

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