Monday, November 28, 2011

Things go up and down here in Puerto Natales

(Note: In each successive letter he sounds more like a Spanish speaker trying to speak in English. We hope that this means his Spanish is getting better. His letters sound more and more like the movie Nacho Libre. We think it's cute.)


Thanks, it's been really good...and really bad at the same time. Things go up and down here in Puerto Natales. One day is really good and the other isn´t. Haha, it becoming a very humbling experience for me. I learn and grow so much here. Haha, the Lord like to put the fire to you at times.

Thanks...I think for the brown and black thing...haha (We told him he is getting browner skin and blonder hair in each picture). I am really changing? I am working out a bit more these days haha...maybe as well as starting to diet myself with some really good food. Its really easy to eat well when you don´t have a lot of money. Ha, I forgot my pin number for the debit card the Mission give you. And the machines here will take it after 4 times...I didn´t remember that part. And so, now I don´t have my debit card of the mission for another 1 or 2. So, I will be taking out like 40 mil Peso, or 80 bucks, to buy some food and something to send home for Christmas. Get ready!!!

Those color balls (in the baptism party picture) are like fruit flavored Cheetos. They are really, really sweet. The kids here love them! I don´t as much...I am more of a cake, cookie kinda guy these days...maybe even some flan...maybe...

We visited in one week...70 members. And only about 35 or so answered the door. It was really hard.

As for the problems with misioneros in the past...let me start by saying they lied a bit. We have been using the teaching records of the people who were taught by past misioneros. Well, turns out many of the houses don't exist, nor the people. We found records of progress, and they say like 35 lessons taught in a week without a member and yet the records show only 4 different people taught during the week. As well, many of the members have stolen stuff from the church, sold things, and have taken money out of the accounts to pay themselves. Why...why...why? Not only that but, misioneros before where looking at people who had temple recommends in the office of the President...they broke in and looked. I can NOT believe the people here!!! I am ashamed to be here at times...

As misioneros we see it all...ALL...but at the same time it changes us to be better, and act the right way. It's a blessing for me.

Being the bishop sounds like it would be a hard job to do...not including 300 members to deal with. If we would just be truthful and honest...we would be so much better off. All people...not just members of the church. For example, instead of lying about our numbers we just tell the truth. We lost all of the people we were teaching and have really hardly any lessons. For reasons unseen, we lost it all. Now, we have to build it all back up. Yet, as long as we are truthful and do what we should...we will be ok.

So much to do, and so little time to do it....

All I know, it's the truth is church and that the mission is the really one of the best things I have ever done.

I love you all very much...

¡Vos amo!


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