Monday, November 14, 2011

Boy did I have a weird week...


Its official, is starting to be really hot and summery. Haha, the wind blows, the flowers are growing, and not an ounce of snow. Things here are starting to get going. And boy did I have a weird week.

Lets start with Thursday, I got a call in the morning from Momita that one of the members had died in the night...and that Popito wasn´t going to be here to direct the funeral...and all the other priesthood holders were gone too, as well as most of the branch. So, guess who had to make all the plans. ME! I lead it, we sung, I gave a talk, and dedicated the grave. Haha, this is number 2 here in Puerto Natales. Then, the day after they wanted blessings of comfort for all their kids...and I was then again called to do the job. Then, Momita got really sick Sunday in the morning.

She was having problems with her heart. She went to the hospital. And of course the week before the 1st counselor left. So, again I was the presiding authority and ran the sacrament meeting. And now, Popito is asking if I can be his counselor. Haha, and of course Momita is a bit better and resting at home. And for that I am grateful.

Then, we got home in the night to our dueƱo (the guy who owns the house) and he told us we had a leak. And sure enough there was a huge thing of water next to the house. So, today he came to fix it...and told us he was going to paint our house next Sunday for us.

Then, we finally did it! WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A BAPTISM THIS SATURDAY! The last we have to do is try to go over the questions with her and she's good to go. I am so HAPPY! Her father got his priesthood and now he can baptize her.

All of this in 4 days...its been really interesting.

I haven´t got the vial yet. We have been waiting for it at her you have a way to check where it is at maybe?

I think all of that stuff you will send for Christmas is great! Haha, I know that they would love to have a lot of that kind of stuff from the states.

I really hope we get to use Skype for our Christmas call, so I can show you all the cool stuff I have here. Its really a lot better to use that type of thing. Plus, I know how to use it...haha and the church here has a Skype account too!

I KNEW I BOUGHT THE VIDEO GAME FOR THE BOYS BEFORE I LEFT! I KNEW IT! Haha, thats so funny...but yeah trade in the game for a different one. There isn´t any point in having 2 of the same game...but I am glad that you all got it! How is it? How are the graphics and gameplay?

Wooo....I hate ingrown toenails. That really sucks. I know your pain (Silas), but the truth is the surgery for that is really easy...and if you can watch them do it! It doesn´t really hurt because they numb you up really well. You should send me pictures. Haha

I am glad Fezz likes the food (He was eating a ham sandwich and chips). It's been a really long time since the last time I had something like that...with a Pepsi. OH! I want one so bad...

We have met so many tourists here, there is a guy from Israel here with us. He can´t speak Spanish so we were translating for him. Haha.

Well thats about all I have now...can´t wait to her from all of you again!

I love you all very much, and I am in shock that its been almost 7 months now. Time really flies.



Popito is the chess master.

I'm going to die!!

Oh, it's Gringo saying hi to us.

What did I do with that spare armadillo? Oh, here it is.

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