Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cherry Picking in Chile

¿Hola como estás Momita? Estoy bien, y muy contento con my vida nueva aquí en Pucon. Hay muchos Judí tan loco. No se, la verdad. Aun ahora estory combiando. Tengo deseos, que nunca antes en mi vida tuve. Y muchas veces no se que va pasar en mi vida. La unica cosas que yo se, es que yo voy volver a Puerto Natales. ¡Como estás Puerto Natales y la rama? Les Extraño muchismo. ¡Escribenme con toda la información!


Wow, it's been a really interesting week. We challenged 4 people to get baptised, and 3 of them accepted. It's been really interesting to just go for it. I start to lose my fear of the people we are teaching and end up just being honest and direct with them. Showing them what we have for them is what they need. At times, I wish I could be stronger and a lot better off with Spanish to help explain the stuff better. But, I do lack on studying a lot of the time.

It was really good to Skype to all of you! I can´t wait for May. It won´t be too much more time longer. The truth is the time here in the mission goes by so fast that I can hardly see. But, in the same time we are hardly moving as missionaries. It must be like this for God. Everyone around me is moving and living life, and each day I get up and do the same thing and find the people that have gotten to the point where life is just too fast, and they can´t do it on their own. Then, God sends us in to help them pick up their life and start taking things one by one. You have all grown and changed so much. It's weird, because I don´t feel like I have really changed too much on my outside.

All our investigators are doing really well...many of them are starting to really question things now. Maybe finally, I am getting the hang of using the Spirit. He can hit a ton harder than I can. Haha, I love it.

SILAS I KNOW YOU WERE CRYING BECAUSE YOU MISS ME! I miss you, too. I saw that you got some Old Spice for the careful...that stuff is really strong! If I come back and you have 3 girlfriends I will know why. Haha, how is World of Warcraft? What do you play as these days? Have you been praticing guitar? Got any good songs you like to play? Are you ready to drive my car? Is it alive?

How is the new Mission Impossible? I didn´t know they were doing another one...Haha.

I am sure that someday the birds will get the playstation figured out...and by the time they do that I will be home...It was crazy how much they talked to me. I loved it so much and everyone was laughing about it.

Gustavo & his hermanolito

Gustavo letting us play with his presents

Elder Medina & I getting ready to chow down. He already ate his tie!!!

So, today we went to a house and picked cherries to eat. I climbed up to the very top and laughed at Elder Medina because he was scared to go up. I ate at least a good 50 of them. I am sending pictures for you to see. It was really cool.

A bumper crop

Come on up Elder Medina!!!

Elder Medina climbing the ladder

A delicious harvest

Sweet is the work!!!

Its been pretty cool here...people are really nice, and well, although they don´t want to talk much to us, they always offer water and other stuff to help with the heat. Have you ever noticed how nervous the Jehovah's Witnesses are? We said hi to some of them the other day and they just like start shaking and look like they will die from the nervousness they have. I don´t understand it...Haha.

So, I started drawing a lot...I´ll have to send you some of my stuff sometime. I am not that great but, I think it would be cool to send you some stuff.

Well...I think that is about all. Oh hey...would you send me how much I have in my bank account? I had to buy some medicine the other day and I much do I have...

I love you all so much!

Just got to keep pressing on...till we get to the end. Sometimes, it's horrible in life. But, I am glad I get to live here. I am also glad that I have all of you. I just wish I would of been a bit nicer haha. I am very grateful to have met the people that I have as well. Its good to be alive. haha

Our place - It's pretty good

Our spacious living room

Our fabulous beds

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