Monday, February 20, 2012

I got to see Elder Muñoz here!


I did get the package! Thank you so much! I loved all the stuff I got and I'm going to share with the District the candy and stuff today. I am in Villarica today hanging out with them for Pday...going to be playing the guitar and basketball.

This week was so hard...I am dying! But, I had moments that brought me up a bit in my motivation. I got to see Elder Muñoz here! Haha, it was the weirdiest thing ever...he's so skinny now... I hope the picture I am sending of my guitar shows it well enough. I did a little pose with it. Haha, it's pretty sweet now that I have all my stuff again...capo and picks! I love it! I have been telling everyone that I come from a band. That we play all kinds of music...except Ragatone. Haha I hate that stuff so bad.

Me & Munoz

Me & My Guitar

WOW, Kayleigh got hit hard with the flu. I have been seeing that go around here too. It's been really kinda weird...everyone is getting sick here and I don´t how they do it. I haven´t gotten sick since Puerto Natales. So, I am happy. I have been giving a ton of blessings here in Pucon. And they just keep on getting better each time. I am getting pretty good at listening to the spirit. Before, I blew just about all of them...but we all have to learn right?

As for me...we have lots of problems with my's killing me. We had to go to Osorno and talk to president about things with him...and that still hasn´t done the trick. He just doesn´t want to work....I am dying, along with Pucon. It's been hard on me...but we will see how things go.

Tell Brock to send me the stuff right away...I have been thinking about where he's at. I´ll be waiting for his stuff....MUHAHAHA. I can´t wait to see what he has to say....

I remember all the stuff you have to choose to do when school starts to come to an end. It's going to be so weird that Sam will be done...He has lots to do...but if he goes on a mission he doesn´t have to worry about that stuff for 2 more years. This is a good bonus of the mission. It's so much easier to live the life of a missionary, but so much more stressful when you're a leader in the field. Haha, I love it though. If you don´t know if you should go a mission you only have to ask yourself...Do I want to have fun and be happy? If so...go on the mission and I promise it will be fun and you´ll be happy.

Don´t feel bad you never taught me how to sew a button...I didn´t think I would need to do it ever....Haha

I love you all very, very much. I am always trying to be the best I can be.

Take care, and stay strong.

Love Ben
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