Monday, February 6, 2012

Pushing Along...

HEY! How are you all holding up there? Don´t worry too much about the Gays...they left to go back to their homes. They got kicked out of their house...that sucks...

As for Jacalin and Danila, they aren´t in the pictures...but I think we are going to have to drop them...they don´t progress and wont let us bring members to their home...and well...they kinda asked us out on a date...soo....we gotta get out of there. The girls in the picture is the Polet and Maria...Maria is the mom and member and Polet isn´t. They are good but, don´t want to come to church

I will try not to fight too much over the chips...its been pretty tough on us here. My companion doesn´t do anything, and has so much fear of the work that he gets up late and doesn't want to leave the house. It's been getting so hard, that we had to call the ZLs and it's just been hard. He doesn´t want to progress and is just bumming out.

So I got my Guitar, and well 3 strings are Nylon and the top 3 are steel. It's really cool, but I forgot my camera in Pucon...sooo...I will have to send the pictures next Monday. Sorry...I still haven´t found a tuner for it. Thanks for the package that your sending! I will let you know when it gets here. ¡Que Vakan! Haha It will be very helpful to have some new tricks up my sleeves.

Wow, the circle of life...can be really hard at times! Haha, I will be 20 soon! I'm old...

Gage! Thats so sick that he got accepted there...he will do well I know. Krista would be a pretty cool EMT. I forgot that they're all getting done with school...that's really strange for me. SAM YOU SHOULD GO ON YOUR MISSION! And if you get your call and your in the MTC, they will let me come visit you before you we are good to go there. As for Cody, he shouldn´t worry to much's not super easy but with the Lords help you´ll progress like a pro. I was the worst one in Spanish...and now I can understand just about all of it. Don´t sweat it. Remember that the Lord takes weak things and makes us strong in them if we are prayerful and faithful to what He wants.

Papito was ready for the Super Bowl too...haha. Look at my little brothers learning how to forward ports! Makes me tear up a bit...haha. It seems like only yesterday that they called me a nerd and now...they too are nerds.... XD

I love you all and thought that I would say, I think we can get Ricardo baptized in 2 or 3 weeks! Haha, this would be the best thing ever and help my campanion. As for me...I am just pushing along, trying to make the best out of what I have.

I love you all very much!

I know that the Lord will always be with us...and that we shouldn´t worry about the things that will happen. Sometimes, we have to suffer just a bit so we know just how good things really are.

¡Os Quiero, con todo mi corazon!

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