Monday, February 27, 2012

My First Chilean Birthday!!!


My Birthday went off so well!!! It rained all day long haha...but it's nice, because I got to celebrate with the Mamita and family! It's really cool to have them around. She made me a cake with the stuff you sent. It reminded me of home!

Let's party!

My birthday cake!!

Happy birthday to me!!

Not sure what this is, but it looks good!

Haha, they thought I would cry, but yet again I proved them wrong! MUAHAHA! I am a pretty cold hearted dude...So cold hearted that yesterday for lunch I had an entire leg of a Lamb. I will be sending a picture. was good.

Leg o lamb

Elder Guerra needs a tortilla!!

Let's do this!!!

Larry the Lizard's Chilean cousin - His legs are too small to eat!!!

Elder Guerra really liked the stuff you sent and wanted me to tell you thanks for sending it. He almost cried when he found out the stuff was for him. They didn´t know what sugar cookies where...never had heard of them!

Kayleigh, you got me sick...and all the rest of you. I have the flu, too...I am dying today. I slept all morning, and we didn´t go to Villarica to see the others today.

Sam! Haha, you're talking to the Iva and Chris? (The Mamita's kids friend requested Sam on Facebook). Haha, that's so cool! For your information, tonto is like stupid or dumb. Haha, silly is chistoso or extraño. The thing is that here in Chile, the word tonto means one thing and in Mexico or another latino country means something different. :P Tell them that I am bakan (cool in ganster here) and that I am flaite ( The word for gangster here in Chile). And when you type stuff like si or no...if you want to make them laugh, put po at the end of the word like this (sipo, nopo, claropo). They add that at the end of words for no reason whatsoever. But it makes them laugh when white guys do it. Call Iva, Ivita. That will make her feel really special, and talk about Naruto and other Anime because she is crazy for the stuff. They play online games, maybe you can find out what they play and hook up with them. And in Spanish, in the beginning they seem to always be mad when you do something, and they say no. But, the only word that makes it not or not really is the word no. They use it a ton! But it doesn´t mean they are mad or anything. You're good to go. If you have questions about stuff, you can ask me or look for a Chile-Spanish translator.

As far as I know for Alejandro (former companion Elder Munoz), he broke up with the girl who was there waiting for him, because they didn´t like each other after 2 YEARS OF WAITING FOR NOTHING! That's gotta suck...

The thing I know about Elder Guerra, is God put him here with me to help him, and to help me learn and grow. And I am doing it!! The problem with him is his testimony is not that strong about being a missionary. His testimony of the church is strong, but he hasn't caught the full spirit of missionary work. So, we are working on that with him. We fight often, but I am learning to chill out quickly, and repair any damage. I have been studying the example of Chirst, and praying a ton. And well, it works! Haha, it really does. He just doesn´t want to do anything...haha, but he's starting to come around. Slowly, but he is.

Elder Galarza (Ben's second companion) is now a lider de zona (zone leader). Haha, that's so crazy! He is a really good guy. It can just be hard sometimes (to get along with your companion).

In a few more weeks, the one year mark, and after that...I will be in the house...they say it goes by much faster after the year mark! Haha, crazy! A lot of people I know are going to be dying this combio and the next. :( Sad....

I love you all so much! Take care

Love Ben

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