Monday, February 13, 2012

Lots of heat and walking around

Hey whats up family!

I will be thinking of some good stories to write for next time...I have a lot!

So today was a good day, we went to the Ojos de Caburgua. It's two lakes with waterfalls. It was ok, nothing too big, but still fun to go. We went to it with all the district and it went pretty well. I am in the internet cafe and forgot my cord, so I will send you pictures in about an hour or so.

Elder Guerra Enjoying P-Day


Big Ole Brownie

Things for me are going really well here, Ricardo didn´t come to church, but we should be going to teach him soon. It's been a crazy week with my first baptismal interview and with the interviews with President. President gave me some good advice about the district and gave my companion some "good advice". He was pretty shaken up after the interview, so we will see how it goes. If he doesn´t start working here soon, chou no mas. It's been really cool to be a distict leader, but next combio is going to kill me a bit. I can already feel it. Alejandro(Muñoz) is coming tomorrow, and we should be able to see each other!! I am so excited to see my trainer again! I hope he is proud of me. It's going to be a crazy week...very very crazy.

Wow, it's crazy that Cody is leaving on his mission! It's going to be a bit weird to get back when no one is around. It's a really good time for the Lighthouse Ward. Lots of missionaries going out, and lots of cool things going down. I am super glad that you were able to help Cody and his mom out with all the mission tricks and stuff. It will be good for them to know a few things to take the stress off from things.

I HOPE THAT RIGGENBURG TALKS WITH THE MISSIONARIES! I know that it's something that I should have done. I really hope she lets them in and works with them. I think it would be cool to have her as a member. I hope her husband Josh joins, too. It would be awesome to have them all good and ready to go get sealed. I didn´t think you needed a phone number to make a referral. We usually don't have them either.

The guitar has proved to be a good stress reliever as you all hoped. It has let me sing my heart out, in place of crying it out. haha It's been a good thing to have around here and use. The only problem is that my companion, who doesn´t know how to play...gets annoying trying to play it. I have a few pictures with me and my guitar. I have loved this great thing. I did buy a tuner. Thanks for asking. :D

As for me, nothing much has happened...lots of heat and walking around. Hopefully summer will end soon, so I can go back to my nice cold weather. It's been really good for me here, and there is so much to do. President is really a good man, and his wife taught me how to sew on a button. It's nice to know.

I love my district a lot, and it's made me realize how weak I really am. I pray every single day to be strengthened by the Lord, even when I have pain and heartache, and I pray to overcome who I am and what I do. I know that it's not easy to do this work, but it's so much more worthwhile than studying in school or working right now. I love it...and at times I wish I could really be like Alma says, a angel who speaks as thunder. But, I am only a man...small and weak.

I love you all...

May God watch over us all.


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