Monday, March 19, 2012

I am old in the mission!

Hey Family,

Crap, Sam...well time to pull out the good bag of tricks for him. Put a GPS chip in his neck to keep track of him. Then put a camera in the car to know who he is hanging out with...that´ll stop him in his tracks! Haha. It's funny to hear that Sam has actually got a girlfriend. Weird stuff man...weird stuff.

I can´t believe that school is about to end. It's going to be a bit weird...Sam and Brock will be done with school...and well they have lots of stuff to choose. Silas gets to be the big brother still in school and Mom finally gets a break for a bit. The thing is, I will be leaving Pucon in about 3 more weeks. Everyone is getting a change! Haha, it's so weird. I hope that I hear we´ll be having more misioneros in the house.

I can´t believe you actually went to see a movie in Spanish. Haha, that makes me laugh so hard! I am so happy to hear someone celebrated my one year mark. I still can´t believe I made it over the mark. It will be really cool to see how the end goes for me... I will be ending one cambio after a Hermana in my District who started 6 months ago! It's weird, because now...I am old in the mission!

I am glad to hear that the Trek is here again! I would go if I were's really fun! I liked doing it, but wow, 6 years ago is a long time ago. I can´t believe that we are all growing up so much!

Chuck! Oh, wow that's got to be really, really hard. I know that the times of trials come and come hard. For me, my trials are here, too. Not nearly as bad, but hey, I promise if he prays and reads the scriptures everything will work out. God will lift him up and make him much stronger. I know that's true. This is a perfect time to help his son come to the truth of things and I promise that he can do. I love Chuck and Colette so much, and thanks to them I gained courage to do speak up and do the right thing. And for that I am grateful! Tell him to remember to go to church...and everything will be ok! The lord loves him.

As for the birds, I love them too. And in one year, I will get to see my best friends again! Haha, keep them happy and healthy for me for the time being.

The lord will strengthen us if we do what is right...and if we keep doing what he wants even when it's hard...

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