Monday, March 5, 2012

This week has killed me...Nothing has gone right

This week has killed me... I can't begin to explain to you what happened this week. Nothing has gone right...and I hope and pray that this week will get better. But let me start off by answering your questions.

I have lost of lot a weight and boy is it hard to keep my pants up. The truth is to do it, I had to add two more holes to my belt. The secret is the walking and constant level of stress that I have. Haha, and with those two, and only eating a little food here and there (except for lunch) the weight just falls off. The fact that I was a little sick didn´t help all too much. But, I was ok...I felt really, really sick and aching more than anything and never did puke.

I am glad to see that Kayleigh remembers my talk from a year ago. Haha, I still love cheese.

Papito told me that Fezz started talking to him. Haha, he was laughing so hard. And I found out that the girl talking to Sam is Jessica. She's a really good person, and she gave the best testimony this last Sunday. Makes me feel happy to see her active again in the church. When I got here, Jessica, Jasna, and Johana were all inactive. And now, all of them come to church! Haha, and as well we have activated 2 other families here, too! Haha, I love it so much...I almost cried when a family who said they probabaly wouldn´t come back to church came! I told the dad of the family that this Sunday is the Sunday when you come back to church. He did.

I'm glad to hear Sam and Brock have gotten on the dating scene! I haven´t haha... but I'm good with that. Haha, and already Mom is trying to hook me up. Haha, that makes me laugh so much! Maybe I´ll take the offer up when I get back.

As for the sector, it's pretty dead. We have had problems between us and other issues. We had to go see the President. We still don't know what will happen. It's been hard for the two of us. We will know this week what will happen. I know he feels bad...and I wish I could help, but now it's up to him.

As for combios, it's today! Hah, I am staying here in Pucon as the District leader. Surprising enough, God still wants me to be a District Leader. I didn´t think that would happen here. In 6 weeks more I should be getting transfered from Pucon to another place. I don´t know where, but I know that it will be weird. As for other cool stuff the Seventy Elder Corbridge is coming here on the 15th. That will be really cool.

As for Elder Lund, I feel for him. Things just seem to go badly. During this week, we have fought, the cell phone got stolen, the kid of the momita and papito got sent to the hospital, and the rain hasn´t let up. We had to go to the President, and oh ya...I have been sick again. This week has sucked so bad for us. We have only taught 3 lessons. It kills me, the sector is dying, my companion isn´t doing so well, and wow...I feel stressed.

Thanks for taking care of Fezz for me. I love him so much, and finally I saw a bird just like him, only that Fezz is much better looking!

I love you all very much!


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