Monday, March 12, 2012

One year down, and one to go

Hey Family!

I am glad to hear that all is well (I almost wrote that in spanish). As for me, I feel really good and everything. It's going well for me, finally I feel better. Haha, I guess I have changed. That's weird. I love getting cheered up by all of you. I know that you all love me, and I love you all very much; more than I ever have in my entire life. I am grateful for the counsel that you give me and the support that you give to me as well. I know that, we have a relationship as a family that a lot of kids don´t. And for that I am grateful. Its wonderful to be part of this family!

I can´t wait to see where Josh goes! I have a feeling that he will keep up the old family tradition and go to England. I wish that he could come here to this mission, but I don´t know if they will do that. I think it would be so sick to see him in the mission. I wonder if my ideas will come true. I know Josh will be a very good missionary. It's hard work, and you change a ton on the mission; in the end it's all worth it. I know that 2 years really isn´t a lot of time. He broke the transmission in his car? That sucks! Haha, mine is still living I hope. Leaving on the mission is hard for everyone, the brothers and sisters, the dad, and the most difficult for the mom. I can´t imagine how our heavenly parents felt when we left for earth. The knew the outcome, and we don´t. It's got to be much worse. As for me, I am feeling grateful for being able to leave on the mission. I know Cody will do really well, and honestly he will pick up the language faster than I. He is very smart. Daniel will do amazing! He will get out there and share this gospel up! I know that he will be really good missionary. He is really funny, and will use that to his advantage. Josh, is very experienced in things. He knows how it is and that will give him the ablitity to help others understand the gospel and how it works for people.

One year down, and one to go. When I get back, be ready.....MUAHAHA! You have one year to prepare. I love Chile, and I WILL visit it again. I can´t believe all the friends that I have here with me! I honestly, can´t wait to see how the rest of my time goes here. I am so happy.

Wow, a blizzard in Utah. I remember those...I really do like them. I miss driving my car around. She does so well in the bad weather. I am glad to see Sam is a good driver in the snow. And he is smart. I love Utah, I remember how I wanted to leave...but now I would like to stay there for some time. It's a good place to live and grow. I have seen how the world can be and I really don´t like it.

As for the whole Fezz bird thing...Papito is loving that stuff up. I am serious, he always telling me the stuff he says and laughing it up. I say, you guys are just crazy and he says that's how good parents should be. Haha, the remind me of you guys. They are a really good family!

The other day, I had a bone problem where my bone slid a little out of place, and one of my nerves moved out of place. Haha, it hurt so bad! But, lucky for me I know some people here in Pucon, and Marta fixed me up. She grabbed my arm and slid the bone out a bit, and moved the nerve back into place...then took my bone and put in in place. It was a small bone, and only hurt a bit. I couldn´t tell it was out of place unto she started to move it back into place. I heard it snap, and felt it line back up. After she did that...the pain went away instantly. Haha, the face of Elder Guerra was priceless when he heard it snap. Didn´t hurt one bit. I got messed up, from using a lot of force. She told me, that at times it's not really bad but it hurts she says and with time is goes back into place by itself...but she's a bone doctor so she fixed me up. And in return she wanted a blessing of comfort...which I offered freely!

As for me, I know the sun will always come again another day. Like Sister...whatsherface...said in her talk Sunday. Not all days are good days, but just as well not all days are bad days. Haha, it made me feel really good.

Sorry I don´t have a lot of pictures to be sending to you all. I haven´t had time to take's been raining for days. The cool part is now I have a friend who's a horse and he tried to put me on his back! Haha, but we can´t ride horses so...that sucks a bit.

I will be taking out 30,000 pesos or 60 dollar from my account for some food. I am running low on money because he had to go to Osorno for my companion 2 weeks ago.

I love you all very much,

God Speed (that just sounds cool)

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