Monday, March 26, 2012

Yesterday we had a little earthquake...

Hey family!

This has been a crazy week, and it includes earthquakes...HAHA!

Fall in Pucon

It's finally gotten cold here, and the rain hasn´t hit just yet...we will see what happens. It's really cool to be here to start my last winter here. I will miss the crazy weather here...oh I won´t because it's just like Utah... As for me, there have been lots of crazy things going down here. Yes, I am learning to play himnos and I know I will be tranfered. The other day the AP called me to check on how I am...and told me that he would be seeing me soon...and said that combios would be cool and I need to prepare myself. We´ll find out why in 3 weeks...Things with Elder Guerra are like a day is good the other not...and he is all over the place. Haha, it's so weird. But hey, I get to learn a lot about that kind of stuff. It's a good thing.

Elder Guerra getting his foot looked at


Chilean Santa Pose

Beach Dog

I AM SO HAPPY to hear the Chuck blessed the sacrament! GO CHUCK WOOT WOOT! It's really cool to hear that they are all going to church. I know it's the best thing for them. How are they holding up?

Wow, Rebecca with a Chilean...that's pretty sweet. I know a few Chileans...haha and they are really really good people. They are hard workers, if they don´t pick up drinking. And they can be very strong in the church. Thats so crazy that a sister missionary from Honduras is there, because I have an Elder and a Sister in my district who are from there.
I sent you the picture of the Sister. They can be very fun to talk with.

Hermana Chacon from Honduras

Elder Amato from Argentina

I remember the good o´l days when I was ready to get done with school. I hated the wait. Haha, the good old I dont think about things much farther away than getting done with high school trick...a good trick...but I know it's not true! He should do his paper work for the mission now. It's a lot better to just do it, than to wait. As for him wanting to see how I am...tell him all he has to do is wait till May for the Skype call and he can ask me all he wants to. That way he doesn´t have to wait till next March when I get back.

As for the the package I will be going to Villarica today to get should be really cool to see whats inside!

As for me, I have been sick for the past 3 months with weird sharp pains, losing lots of weight, and headaches that make me want to die! Haha, but now I am taking Meds to help me eat more...and we will see if it helps me. I lose exactly, 4 pounds every month. It's hard on the body at times, but good for the soul. Haha I had to buy some meds from the store to take...and I will have to take out more money (I hate it so bad) because I need to buy other stuff and we don´t have money. Sorry... The momita is taking really good care of me, and is giving a lot of help and stuff when I feel really really bad.

Yesterday we had a little was so weird to feel the earth moving and the house too...I felt a weird feeling in my gut when it happened and I laughed my head off - it was so fun! Haha, I loved it to death! The people we were teaching were laughing at us, laughing! I loved it...I can't explain the way it's weird.

I love you all and stay safe...


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