Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lumberjacking for the Lord

What good it is to hear from you all! Oh...poor guitar. Oh, well...I never played it much. I am much more of a acoustic guitar guy. Maybe Sam will resurrect it, and if he does he will have all power! It is a small world after's really quite funny that I am here and everything. It has been really quite the adventure trying to learn a new sector and living where the houses look normal. It is very different here, and the way we teach is much different. It's really cool. Here we do a lot of chopping wood, and boy do we do it well. We have chopped word everyday for the last 4 or 5 days. And it's funny, because at first my back hurt and my arms and hands. But now, they don´t and I can chop a ton of wood really quick. I am sending pictures of chopping the wood at the stake president's house. We chopped wood for about 2 hours! Haha.
We live near the intersection of Dieciocho de Septiembre and Hernando de Magallanes. We live in the's a tiny house. I forgot the number of the house....but we work in the neighborhood called BellaVista. It's a little bit new...and they are still building houses there. The store Lider is close to there. My companion...he is from Honduras. He will be turning 20 on May 11. He is like a little kid...he always wants what other people have. Haha, he asks everyone to give him cookies, water...or something. He's very interesting. He asks lots of questions about everything...but he works hard. He talks to everyone...but he likes to fight a bit with the doctrine. Which, at times can cause problems. He is a Bible freak...he quotes scriptures from there and hardly touches the Book of Mormon. But, so far we get along well. He is funny at times. He is a good guy. As for the's really good. She made a tuna dish which was just amazing. It was really good...we don´t eat with her. She just brings it to the house and drops it off. She is really sweet. I am not sure why we don´t eat with her...but it's ok. That only means more time to read scriptures and Liahonas. In my district I have the assistants to the president, the head finance guy and his companion, and the two sisters from Ecuador 2. In total we have, 8 (including us). It's really good to have a district like this...but kind of hard too, because they work in the office. Sister Kitto is in the sector right next ours. It's crazy, but she isn´t in my district. In my sector there is a college. Its a technology place. I did know the momita was from here...from THIS WARD! It's so funny...I like it a lot here. It's a bit differen,t because the members don´t have such a family feel to them. This is what happens outside of a branch. It's a bit lame..but maybe I can change it. Aw...the good ol´ teaching calling. That is really cool. I am glad that mom gets to teach. I like it a bit...with enough preparation it really turns out quite well. What luck that she only has to prepare it for once a month. Haha.... Sounds like things are going well back at home. Haha, it's really cool to see how well your all doing. I am glad to see that the bird fits in well with the family. It will be weird to see him when I get to skype. Is he friendly with all people? I miss Fezz...the other night I had a dream about him. He was singing in my ear and talking up a storm. I starting to laugh and it woke me up...and I was laughing outloud! He was so funny in my dream. I am glad to see all is well. Until next Saturday...haha I love you all. Ben

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