Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm going to the Ecuador...the Osorno...


DON´T PANIC I AM OK! I GOT LOST ON A MOUNTAINSIDE WITH A MEMBER AND MY COMPANION! Haha, it was really fun...but we didn´t get back in time to write...sorry.

Getting ready for our P-day hike

Lost on the mountainside with our guide

A NEW BIRD!!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! I CAN´T BELIVE IT! Haha, because I have seen these birds all around!

Wild conure in Chile

Haha....He looks so cool....Things change so much...when time flies and you're lost on a mountainside. He is the weirdest bird ever...and he doesn´t bite? I want to see more pictures of him...and Fezz (more of Fezz because he is my best friend)! Haha, I miss them so much...

So cambio time....AND....I AM GOING TO GO TO THE ECUADOR!!! Haha, the ward...and it's found in Osorno...I will be OPENING A SECTOR...and I WILL BE DISTRICT LEADER AGAIN! My tough...haha but it's going to be so cool. It's a huge ward...and President told me my companion was a bit disobedient...oops. Haha, but it's all good!

Osorno stamp

I love it so much, and no one wants me to go...I cried my eyes out in front of all the branch in my last talk...they said the spirit was so strong that everyone else started to cry. Haha...and it was amazing. Now, as you guys hoped...I am going to a much bigger city this time...and oh how great will be the time there. I love it.

A Pepsi in Pucon

Nice joke...haha MUY clever....haha. That's my father... :D

I miss you all a's been good. We have strengthened the Priesthood here...we got an Elders Quorum President, 2 counselors for him, and more men than women at the church! HAHA, we do the good things.

I know the lord will bless us all here, and there. I know the birds will be ok with Mango...Good name by the way. Time will always go on, but for me...I will always be a servant of the Lord. I hope he will have me...

I got to baptize a little girl the other day! She isn´t from Pucon, but she wanted me to perform it for her. I gave her a CTR ring, and we had the funnest baptism ever! Her parents were really grateful for it. I was's amazing.

Getting ready to baptize with the elders

The little girl the sisters were working with

Baptismal harvest

The little girl with her family & the sisters

Hey Elder are you making do or making doo?

I am excited to talk to you all in May...I will be in Osorno at that time. From what I heard I will be in the same neighborhood as the President of the Mission. Oh no....

The joys of being an Elder.

I know that this is a good work, and it's the best thing someone can do. This is His church, I know that to be true. He is with us, on the left and on the right. He will never abandon us...never! I love my Godly Parents, and I am thankful they gave me my earthly parents. You, Mom and Dad, are the best. I am thankful for your help in guiding me to be the man I am today. It's your fault I am a good person...Haha.

I love you all.

And until we meet again...Peace be unto you (I AM SUCH A COPY CAT FROM THOSE APOSTLE GUYS).

Os Amo,


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