Saturday, April 21, 2012

P-Day is now Saturday because I am the district leader for the Mission Office

Hey, so, I didn´t know that there was a change in P-Day in the new sector. The reason is that I am the district leader for the Mission Office, and the APs. So, they have their's on Saturday and so mine has to be, too. It's really a bit weird, but hey it's not too bad. It's been really kind of different living in a giant city. I am in a new sector called Ecuador. It's a ward, but it's really's about 50 active people. I have gone to visit all the members in my part of sector and it's really quite cool. They are all really nice, and have accepted us quite quickly. Where we work is the rich, new part of town...and everyone has a nanny and works all day long. It's kinda like being back at home. The cool part is that there aren´t a ton of dogs or anything like that in the streets.

My new companion Elder Vasquez is from Honduras. He's a bit strange...his mannerisms are very different. Haha, it's not easy to explain. But it's cool to be here with him and opening a sector. It was hard the first 2 days, because we didn´t know anyone really that well...and it's a bit small where we are at. But there is a Lider close to our house. Makes me feel like I am back at home shopping at Walmart.

As for me, nothing has really changed a whole lot. I feel pretty normal here. I am a bit nervous for district classes because it's with the office and the APs to the President. But, the Lord will strengthen me if I do my part and study hard. Who knows, it might be a bit hard to get used to, but maybe there is a bigger and better reason to be here.

I am sending some pictures of the food we ate from the Mamita. She lives right in front of our house. It's cool, because she is the wife of the Bishop. And, the Stake President lives in our sector. And...guess what....HE IS THE SON IN LAW OF THE MAMITA FROM PUERTO NATALES. He is the guy who helped me with my visa stuff. And, now I finally get to thank him in person. He has a great family and it makes me happy to see such a good family.

Well...that's about it...for now. It should be cool to be here.

All is well with me, and until we talk again, take care and keep praying and reading the scriptures. And, if you have anything you want to ask...let me know.



My new companion and our apartment

Eat your lunch Elder Vasquez

Someone likes the Logan Temple

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