Saturday, May 12, 2012

I need to buy new shoes

Hey Family! Lets start with Skype...Sunday (tomorrow) at 8 pm my time I will be logged in. It will be so cool! I think that we do tract in our sleep because we have done it again! I can´t believe's so weird. I don´t know what to do about it...freaky stuff. We found out that an elder once lived here and well, he did something like that...he started hitting the walls at 1 in the morning, and his companion thought he was possessed. He freak´d out and started screaming... This week has been very...interesting. We had a girl show up and want to be baptised and now she has the date for the 26 of May...the combio is almost over and I can´t believe it. I helped President with internet and I watched him do a business deal with the company over the phone and got 15 Mbps of speed for 45 dollars a month in an area where they shouldn´t have gotten it for that was so funny! The Promethian board is so sick! I love them so much...makes teaching really easy with the computer. I am glad to see mom is the teacher 2.0. I can´t believe Sam had a concert! That is so crazy....he must be getting really good! I am sure by now he is far past my ablitily to play. What luck! Sounds like my guitar had a lot of stress on its mind. Haha, that's a bummer....oh well. Carola and her husband, His name is actually Christian (we found that out the other day...) are doing ok....they still have problems with the whole desire thing. It's a bit hard....but they´ll get there. As for Muriel, her dad has now said that he denies that this is the true church. A man, sealed...and was once Branch President, says that it's not true. It's so bad....he just likes to be a bit hardheaded sometimes. God will change that! And Cony! That miricle girl! She is doing amazing and will BE BAPTISED on the 26 of THIS MONTH! It's amazing! My Testimony is strong...just sometimes things are just hard and my faith lowers. Or, I find or read something that sends me for a loop. Then It comes all back to prayer. I pray about it...and I get my witness again. I know it's true...but like Paul says...The Spirit is willingly, but the body is weak. I am going nuts in the house...because my companion plays the same song over and over again...and I don´t have a Mp3 or anything, so I can´t change the song....I am GOING TO DIE! He has been acting really funny lately....he got his blessing right and well it talks about him needing to get stuff done now, because there won´t be much time in his life to do it. So now he is all freak´d out. Poor thing.... It's been crazy...a lot of revelation lately. I found a talk by a 70 called the Quest for Spirtual Knowledge in the 2007 June Ensign. It's really good, and has parts of my blessing in it! It's by an Elder Wood. Tell everyone Hi for me! I love them all. I love you all very much too....I will see you tomorrow. For you information I need to buy new shoes because...well both of my shoes have holes in them now. I have my boots for the rain still. So I will be buying shoes I believe. Until we see each other again! Love Ben

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