Saturday, May 26, 2012

My New Companion is Elder Larsen

Hey family, Sorry it's a bit late for writing. Today has been a really long day. We had a zone activity today and made chicken and all kinds of good stuff...and I will have to send the pictures next week because I don´t have my cable with me. I will send them next week for sure...with pictures of my new companion. Sam seems to be living the party life while it lasts. From here on out, everyone gets boring and normal. It's very hard sometimes. But hey, the fun part is at least now you can do what you want. You can study and become successful handsome, funny, married, sexy, and awesome or you a homeless guy, who drinks, has black hands, and a dog with missing hair and fleas...SUCH GREAT CHOICES! I am sure you'll go with the for me I have the choice of...what I will eat tomorrow and who we will go visit. How cool it is that Grandma and Grandpa Burge came out. Sounds like you're all having fun! I forgot to write to Krista...she wrote me. Oops...I need to do that now.... I love lamb So, I SHOULDN´T know combios...but I found out a few things.I am staying here, and will be District leader for another combio. I will be with Elder Larsen. He was in Villarrica with me. He is the guy who posed as a pastor from another church. IT WILL BE THE will be a deep doctrine fest! I already was called to the job yesterday and I went to fix them up...the President and His wife, and well lets just say he is a very happy man right now with all his computers working. Praise be to God because I was praying the entire way there and I am sure it's thanks to him that I was able to get it all worked out. We will be having a baptism this Thursday. I will send lots of pictures! Its been so cool to prepare her. Things here are going well...I will be ok. Just gotta keep praying well, reading, and studying well...When I do anything that is slightly wrong I feel bad and have to repent. It's so hard sometimes. God wants me to be...just about perfect. He won´t let me go wrong....he will put up a fight first. Thanks for all your help...and prayers. I love you all very much and I am grateful for the family I have. I like the pictures...Sam looks really quite good in a suit. Take care for now, Love Ben

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